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Loader logo
Streamlines importing media into Final Cut Pro.
Platypus Downloader logo
Simple file downloader w/resumable downloads.
Beeb downloader logo
BBC iPlayer downloader alternative.
Soundcloud Downloader logo
Download any audio file from Soundcloud.
ModuleLoader logo
Load AppleScript modules by name.
ipswDownloader logo
Automatically download firmware for iOS devices.
M3 Bitlocker Loader logo
Unlock, open, and decrypt Bitlocker-encrypted drives and files.
jDownloader2 logo
Simplifies downloading files from sites (beta).
Garmin POI Loader logo
Loads custom points of interest in your Garmin device.
VLC RAR-Loader logo
Play rar-compressed movies using VLC.
iPSP Movie Loader logo
Get movies to play on your PSP.
Google Book Downloader logo
Download digital books from
DN Map Loader logo
Use 3rd party maps/total conversions with Duke Nukem 3D.
VirusTotal Uploader logo
Scan files for viruses.
StockXloader logo
Automated downloading of market quotes.
500px Uploader logo
Upload your photos to 500px.
VPNLoader logo
Maintain a permanent VPN connection.
Attachment Downloader logo
Easily save attachments from Apple Mail.
Wesabe Uploader logo
Sync your bank financial data with Wesabe online management.
FrameLoader logo
Sync digital pictureframes with Mac OS X.
RSUploaderX logo
Upload files to Rapidshare.
Product Builder logo
Create packages ready for Application Loader.
Canvas Draw logo
Loaded with tools and techniques to create creative content.
KextViewr logo
View all modules on that are loaded in the OS kernel.
Amiga Emulation Bundle logo
Helps configure Richard Drummond`s UAE port.
Power20 logo
Commodore VIC-20 emulator.
Taboo logo
Provides warning when quitting or closing Safari multi-tabbed window.
ReadOnlyMounter logo
Mount USB flash memory, USB & FireWire HD as read-only.
Twittereeze logo
SIMBL extension for Twitterific.
Laserdisc emulator for games like Dragon's Lair.
Shade 3D for Unity logo
Powerful modeling and animation tool for 3D game developers.
Sentenza Desktop  logo
Develop native OS X applications using modern web languages.
StuntMANIA Reloaded logo
Fast-paced 3D car stunt driving game.
flix|able logo
FileMaker Pro database to inventory your DVDs.
Email Cloaker for Web logo
Cloak HTML email addresses, prevent spam harvesters.
8Bit Drummer logo
Drum machine loaded with video game sounds.