Apps found for “licensing


Protection! Licensing Toolkit logo
Implement robust licensing features in applications.
iLicense logo
Organize software licensing agreements and serial numbers.
SoftwarePassport logo
Server-based licensing and activation.
TeamViewer logo
Establish remote connections with other Macs and PCs (beta).
Revolver Office logo
Ideal office solution for individuals or companies.
TuneSmith logo
Helpful songwriting assistant.
ActivePerl logo
Complete and ready-to-install Perl distribution.
Komodo IDE logo
Development environment for PHP, Python, Web, more.
ActiveTcl logo
Complete and ready-to-install Tcl distribution.
MemoryTamer logo
Automatic memory-freeing app.
ProjectForum logo
Web-based solution for project management.
Outlook Mac Archive Tool logo
Archival tool for Outlook mail and calendar items.
OpenLink Express ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL logo
OpenLink Express ODBC Driver for MySQL logo
OpenLink Express ODBC Driver for Sybase logo
OpenLink Express ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server logo
ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server.
Lasso Server logo
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
FmPro Migrator logo
Migrate FileMaker data to MySQL and other databases.
OpenLink ODBC Driver for Oracle logo
ODBC driver for Oracle.
USMLE Practice Test logo
USMLE Practice Test.
Rarify logo
GUI for RAR compressor.
iLingual logo
Localize applications.
Pixel logo
Image editor and photo retoucher.
Kremlin Encrypt logo
Cross-platform security suite.
Illumination Software Creator logo
Create software applications without coding.
JBuddy Messenger Pro logo
Java AIM, iCQ, MSN, Yahoo! chat and more.
HSTracker logo
Keep track of the hardware and software in your business.
PNGSquash logo
Reduce the size of your PNG images.
MovingPhotos3D logo
Stand alone app sends screensaver-like photos flying across the screen.
METAmachine logo
Utility for reading/wrinting metadata to images.
OligoChecker logo
Manage/utilize oligos more efficiently.
WaveJelly logo
Simple audio waveform viewer.
PubCoder logo
Interactive publishing tool for digital content.
Doppelganger logo
Create installer packages for Mac OS X.
Ambulant Player logo
SMIL 2.1 playback engine.
impOSCar logo
Emulation of the classic British synth the OSCar.
HID Wizard logo
Provides joystick and gamepad compatibility.
Download History Service logo
Automate your entire PayPal transaction history.
Farming Simulator logo
Manage your own virtual farm
IfWizard Professional logo
Easily create interactive websites and applications.
Bordeaux logo
Run Windows applications and games on Mac OS X.