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Library logo
Book collection organizer. resource locator logo
Locate text from any website in the library of babel.
Delicious Library logo
Import, browse and share your media.
iPhoto Library Manager logo
Manage multiple iPhoto libraries and find duplicate photos.
My Library logo
Simple personal-library management.
WtLibrary logo
Watchtower Library.
Library Books logo
Track your borrowed library books.
Watchtower Library for Mac logo
Run Watchtower Library.
Big Faceless Java PDF Library logo
Java class library for creating PDF documents.
Library ISBN Barcoder logo
Build a library database using ISBN numbers.
Reveal Library Folder logo
Reveals the Library folder in Finder.
ShowLionLibrary logo
Reveals the Library folder in OS X 10.7 Lion.
Remove Duplicates from Music Library logo
Find and remove duplicate songs from your iTunes library.
iTunesLibrarySwitcher logo
Create and manage several iTunes library
iPhoto Library Selector logo
Choose your iPhoto library before launching.
Apple iPhoto Library Upgrader logo
Library upgrade assistance for iPhoto 5.
MAL Library logo
Manage MyAnimeList anime and manga libraries.
multiLibrary logo
Database for organizing one or more libraries (was PicoLib).
MyLibraryMusic logo
Download the latest albums.
Final Cut Library Manager logo
Housekeeping for your Final Cut Pro libraries.
Dock Library logo
Manage your Leopard Dock styles.
Library Monkey logo
Catalog, manage, and process your audio files.
MAME Library logo
iPhoto-like front end/launcher for MAME OS X.
Library Hunter logo
Catalog movies, books, games, and music
Library Monkey Pro logo
Catalog, manage, and process your audio files.
UE Music Library logo
Listing to your music on Smart Radio.
Carbon Declare Library logo
REALbasic OSX behavior libraries.
Wondershare Media Library logo
Catalog your DVDs.
DiskLibrary logo
Remote media cataloging application.
DVD Library Database Solution logo
Organize your DVD collection.
Music Library Sync logo
Easily maintain separate iTunes Music Libraries on multiple Macs.
AA Library logo
Store your favorite ASCII artworks.
ScriptLibrary logo
AppleScript snippet organizer.
calibre logo
Complete e-book library management system.
SQLite logo
SQL database connection development library.
Cinematica logo
Manage your video library in great detail.
TunesGo logo
Transfer music and playlists from your mobile devices to your iTunes Library.
Song Sergeant logo
Whip your music library into shape in no time.
Readerware Books logo
Catalog your library.
Papers logo
Your personal library of scientific resources.
SuperSync logo
Synchronize your media library for on-the-go access.
AudioFinder logo
Manage your audio sample library.
MPCalc Plugin logo
RPN calculator library for REALbasic.
Emulsion logo
Photo library catalog.
Cellar logo
Capture and organize your library of sound effects, beats and loops.
DapSync logo
Synchronize your iTunes library with a DAP.
Filter Forge Librarian logo
Simplifies installation of the filter library backup into Filter Forge.
MakeHuman logo
Graphics library for modeling of 3D humanoid characters.
TidyMyMusic logo
Complete missing information in your music library.
Zotero logo
Maintain content in web browser in a personal library.
TuneSpan logo
Effortless iTunes media library management.
Expanse logo
Access to your iTunes video library from anywhere in the world.
PrestoBand Guitar and Piano logo
Library of chords and scales.
Tune-Instructor logo
Take control of your iTunes library.
Greenstone logo
Build and distribute digital library collections.
Books logo
Catalog your personal book library.
iCopyBot logo
Batch transfer iDevice content back to a folder or iTunes library.
OneDrive for Business logo
Sync your Office 365 My Site Documents library to your Mac (beta).
iPhoto Diet logo
Reduce iPhoto library sizes.
SANE scanner frontend logo
SANE library UMAX scanner driver.
AutoRate logo
Sets rating for all tracks in your iTunes library.
iTunify logo
Manage your iTunes library.
iPhoto Extractor logo
Extracts photos from iPhoto library.
Liberer logo
Utility to remove/add files from/to your system library.
iTunes Consolidator logo
Locate songs that have been removed from your iTunes Library.
Art Collector logo
Find and apply album art to your music library.
eManga logo
Manga-viewer and a library organizer all-in-one.
Ringtones logo
Create unlimited ringtones from your iTunes music library.
Super Analyzer logo
Shows interesting things about your music library, listening habits.
DOT.iPhone logo
Access your entire iTunes library using your iPhone from anywhere.
Goombah logo
Analyzes your iTunes library and creates personalized musical recommendations.
iTunes Connection Monitor logo
Widget monitors your iTunes shared library usage.
Everplay logo
Merges iTunes library with Last FM Web and online radio services.
Thrupp logo
Copy albums from iTunes library to MP3 player or phone.
Allegro Media Server logo
Streams music from your iTunes library.
webPhoto logo
Share your iPhoto library online.
iPod Contents to iTunes Playlist logo
Add iPod contents to the Library for enhanced copying.
Muquiz logo
Game tests how well you know your iTunes music library.
iPlaylist logo
Export iTunes Music Library to HTML file.
MusicMagic Mixer logo
Manage your digital music library.
DeliciousExporter logo
Publish your Delicious library on the web.
Adobe Revel logo
Access a shared photo library on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
Clip Manager logo
Library for FileMaker fields, tables, scripts, and layouts.
iPhoto to Disk logo
Easily retrieve photos and movies from your iPhoto library.
ServerStore logo
Shows list of iTunes 4 music library publishers.
UberUpload for Aperture logo
Export images directly from your Aperture library (was ApertureToFTP).
LibMikMod X logo
Sound library and module player.
Color Bar GUI Widget logo
Aqua GUI library adds 3D colored bar.
Xphile logo
Radiology teaching library system.
ClickBeatz Pro logo
Tag your music library with BPM values.
GmailX logo
libgmail Gmail POP email checking library.
RapidWeaver Classroom 1-yr Combo logo
Extensive library of RapidWeaver video tutorials.
RapidWeaver Classroom 6 mo Combo logo
Extensive library of RapidWeaver video tutorials.
Cosmos logo
Puts you in charge of your HD video library.
DeliciTunes logo
Export iTunes playlists to Delicious Library.
SQLTunes logo
Send iTunes library data/playlists to MySQL.
SMea Kit logo
High-level 3D graphics library.
TuneQuiz logo
Tests your musical knowledge based on the contents of your iTunes library.
Counterpoint logo
Guessing game uses your iTunes library.
Medical Research Widget for NoteTaker logo
Access the National Library of Medicine (NLM).