Apps found for “launcher


Launcher logo
Fast and light app launcher.
Launcher logo
Launches multiple apps with just one click.
iBARLauncher logo
Menu-bar app launcher.
Mini LauncherX logo
Menu-bar app launcher.
Magic Launcher logo
Minecraft mod launcher.
USB Missile Launcher NZ logo
Control USB Missile Launcher and the DreamCheeky Rocket Launcher.
MLdonkey Launcher logo
Quick launcher for mlDonkey.
Login Launcher logo
AppleScript acts like a launcher sensing when connected to the net.
Multiple Launcher X logo
Create standalone multi-item launchers.
SharkLauncher logo
App launcher for Ethereal network monitoring (was AquaEthereal).
Killer App Launcher logo
App launcher widget.
LauncherX logo
Expanded version of the familiar OS 9 launcher for OS X.
Uplink Launcher logo
Launcher for Uplink game.
AdminLauncher logo
Application launcher.
Unlauncher logo
Removes the incredibly irritating HP Launcher (release candidate).
Tab Launcher logo
Clean up and organize the Dock.
Linked Applications Launcher logo
Automatically launch, quit, or kill applications when others are launched or quit.
AmbiLauncher logo
Launch applications by moving the mouse pointer.
Favorites Launcher logo
Open all your favorites websites and Mac apps with one click.
A Better Finder Launcher logo
Open applications by typing their names.
DelayedLauncher logo
Delay the launch of specified login items.
G4M Classic Doom Launcher logo
Launches Classic Doom for Doom 3.
TelnetLauncher logo
Bookmark and launch Telnet/SSH sessions.
KDE Launcher logo
Run KDE and X11 simultaneously.
Time Machine Launcher logo
Launch Time Machine directly from Dashboard.
G4M Desert Combat Realism Launcher logo
Launches Desert Combat Realism 1.0 Mod for Battlefield 1942.
G4M Strike Force 2004 Launcher logo
Launches Strike Force 2004 3.0 Mod for UT 2004.
AppLauncher logo
Quickly launch your apps.
RDP Launcher logo
Menubar app for connection to RDP sessions.
myAppLauncher logo
Quickly launch your apps.
dockLauncher logo
Manage links to files via the Dock.
KeyBoardLauncherX logo
Assign keyboard shortcuts to tasks.
Alfred logo
Quick launcher for apps and more.
Quicksilver logo
Application launcher and much more.
LaunchBar logo
Powerful file/URL/email launcher utility.
3D fileSpace logo
Visual file system launcher with 3D drawers.
DragThing logo
Desktop launcher utility.
Butler logo
Hot key, menu, and keyword launcher.
Web Launchey logo
Menu-bar Web-app launcher.
App Pier logo
Application launcher and switcher with support for Touch Bar.
Gestr logo
Trackpad app and bookmark launcher.
Install4j logo
Generate native installers and application launchers for Java applications.
Application Wizard logo
Convenient app launcher and quitter.
Bevy logo
Application launcher shows you all apps in one window.
Zazu logo
Open-Source launcher.
Rocket logo
Quick launcher for Touch Bar (beta).
Station logo
Multilevel launcher with organization by folder.
TheAction logo
App launcher.
launch logo
Command-line launcher.
Overflow logo
Application launcher that is an alternative to the Dock.
QuickPick logo
Seamless document launcher.
aLaunch logo
Menubar accessible application launcher.
Minecraft PPC logo
Minecraft launcher for PPC Macs.
Drop Drawers X logo
Special file launcher.
Trampoline logo
Unique file launcher (was Bullseye).
Snard logo
Application launcher, creates worksets.
Yadal logo
Dock-based application launcher.
Sapiens logo
Application launcher.
NuKit logo
Multi-purpose launcher, shortcut editor, and more.
TapTap logo
App, file and URL launcher.
Berokyo logo
Desktop organizer and quick launcher application.
ParaDocks logo
Reincarnation of OS 9 Launcher for OS X.
CoooL logo
Cocoa launcher.
XBar logo
File launcher with category organization.
MAME Library logo
iPhoto-like front end/launcher for MAME OS X. logo
Alias launcher menu.
SycureShell logo
Configurator and launcher for ssh.
PocketDock logo
Launcher utility organizes apps and much more.
Run logo
Application launcher.
Chuck logo
The simple app launcher with class.
Icon Pallet logo
App launcher and more.
iMenu logo
Alternative app launcher.
AppExe logo
Application launcher.
iLifeDock logo
iLife app launcher widget.
Dofex logo
Launcher for Dofus, with key command shortcuts.
TeLaunch logo
LiveSearch logo
File launcher and finder.
Valet logo
Near zero-configuration application launcher.
StartUp logo
A menu bar-nested application launcher and shortcut menu.
App Remote logo
App launcher widget.
Running Applications logo
Menu-based app launcher.
Petit dosbox logo
DOSBox Emulator front-end launcher.
Funter logo
Show and hide hidden and system files.
Roccat Browser logo
Fast Web browser with a variety of features.
SuperTab logo
Supercharges your Mac's app switcher.
SwitchResX logo
Monitor-resolution utility.
Parallels Access logo
Remote access to your system from any desktop or mobile device.
TeXMaker logo
A developer-focused LaTeX toolkit.
Scheduler logo
An all-around scheduling utility.
Launchey logo
Set global hotkeys for launching your favorite apps.
FoxTrot Professional Search logo
Networkable search for legal, media, mobile professionals.
Simplify logo
Simple music controller for Spotify and other streaming apps.
Due logo
Set reminders in your own words.
Conjure logo
Virtual sketchbook and more.
Dropzone logo
Open, transfer, and install files by drag-and-drop.
yKey logo
Use shortcuts to automate repetitive tasks (was iKey).
MailboxManager logo
Check POP3 mail on server before downloading.
NoSleep logo
Keep your computer from going to sleep and waking at specified times.
Platypus logo
Create application wrappers for scripts.
Process Monitor logo
View info related to processes being launched.