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Apple Latest Movie Trailers logo
Quickly browse the latest movie trailers from Apple.
Latest Version Searcher logo
Search for lastest versions of software titles.
Apple iOS logo
The latest version of Apple's mobile OS.
Apple High Sierra logo
The latest OS from Apple.
WeatherMan logo
Download the latest weather info.
Apple Sierra logo
The latest OS from Apple.
News Headlines logo
Latest news updates in your menu bar.
Microsoft AutoUpdate logo
Provides latest MS Office updates to customers.
Opera Beta logo
Opera browser with latest features and refinements (was Opera Next) (beta).
Pillars of Eternity logo
The latest role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment.
OS X Yosemite logo
Apple's latest operating system for the Mac.
MyLibraryMusic logo
Download the latest albums.
RSS Follower logo
A simple and elegant way to stay up to date with the latest news.
MUMenu logo
Menu item displays latest MacUpdate releases and Promo offers.
The Sims 2 Combo Patch logo
Fully updates all expansion packs to latest version.
CaminoKnight logo
Automagically updates Camino w/latest nightly build.
MacDropUpdate logo
Automatically update Dropbox to the latest forum build.
Java Embedding Plugin logo
Allows browsers to use latest Java.
WebServerX Kit logo
Easy way to install latest versions Apache/PHP/MySQL.
Mac Tricks And Tips Widget logo
Latest tips, tricks and hacks from
OS X Yosemite - Official Icons Pack logo
Icon set containing the latest icons from OS X 10.10.
Sun Spotter logo
Grab the latest white-light image of the Sun.
SigAlert Traffic Maps Widget logo
Get the latest traffic maps for
GetDilbert logo
Widget retrieves the latest Dilbert comic.
Extended Software Updater logo
Check for the latest application version online.
iPhoneAppz Widget logo
Lists latest iPhone apps.
Movie Trailers logo
Browse the latest trailers at
UpdateMenu logo
Easily access the latest application updates for Mac OS X or iPhone your menu bar.
X-Sat logo
Download latest location-specific satellite images.
ECSatellite logo
Displays latest satellite images of North and South America.
Google Trends logo
Visualization of the latest hot searches from Google Trends.
Ding! logo
Jump on the latest Southwest Airlines sales.
Plurkid Widget logo
Get the latest timeline of PLURK.
Widsense logo
Widget displays latest Google Adsense revenue. Widget logo
See latest members.
DesktopPublisher Pro Updater logo
Updates 1.5+ to latest version.
Optical Illusion Of The Day logo
Widget displays latest optical illusion from Mighty Optical Illusions.
FLNewsBrowser logo
Access the latest broadcasts from NHK Radio Japan.
dealmac Widget logo
Get the latest deals from dealmac and more. Tracker logo
Widget to view latest RapidWeaver themes.
Hurricane Rita/Katrina News & Donate logo
Latest hurricane Rita/Katrina news, donate to Red Cross.
Lexink Widget logo
Gets latest books, tv shows and movies.
WatchX logo
View latest modifications to your Home directory.
Alomation logo
Widget shows latest/random photos from ausserlomografische photoblog.
OS X Yosemite Folder Icons logo
Folder icons from latest OS X Yosemite preview.
myTuner News Pro logo
Listen to the latest newscasts.
MLB Baseball News logo
Widget delivers all the latest MLB news.
DVD Releases Widget logo
Get up to date with the latest DVD releases.
Cheats logo
Latest game cheats, walkthroughs for Playstation, Nintendo, XBox games.
OS X Yosemite Trash Icon logo
Trash icon from latest OS X Yosemite preview.
PlayAA logo
Play the latest broadcast from in iTunes.
Chris Pirillo Podcast logo
Widget lets you watch the latest video episodes of Chris Pirillo.
PsychWidget logo
Latest psychology news from around the world, with search function.
Solar Viewer logo
Widget displays latest images of the sun.
Fantasy Football logo
Track the latest transaction trends and injuries.
LaCie Ethernet Disk logo
Get the latest functionalities and fixes.
NASA Global Climate Change Vital Signs Widget logo
Displays latest vital signs of global climate change.
MailUnreadWidget logo
Widget displays latest unread email subject.
NZ Quake Browser logo
Retrieves real-time information about the latest earthquakes in New Ze
MacInsider Feed Widget logo
Displays the latest news from MacInsider.
Science Centric Widget logo
Displays latest news from
Mac|Life Widget logo
Keep up to date with latest headlines at Mac|Life.
Metameter logo
Widget to check latest movie ratings from the Metacritic database.
NZ Earthquakes Screen Saver logo
Shows the latest earthquakes that occured in New Zealand.
iTunes Buddy logo
Widget for keeping up with the latest iTunes releases.
iTunes Checkup logo
Menu item displays latest iTunes download.
MacSanta 2007 Tracker logo
Widget displays latest MacSanta deals.
iLoveMacApps Widget logo
Latest posts and application reviews from
Drobo S Firmware logo
The latest firmware updates for Drobo storage products.
Football News logo
This widget is your source for latest world football news.
NASAEdgeWidget logo
Access all NASA Edge Vodcasts, the latest NASA Edge images and more.
Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side logo
Defeat the chickens' latest evil plan to save the day (quite literally) in this arcade game.
Faux Pas logo
Inspect Xcode projects for bugs and other issues.
PhotoNinja logo
High-quality Raw image converter.
Templates for Pages Documents logo
Collection of templates for Pages (was Document Templates for Pages).
Wired Client logo
Encrypted BBS style client for chat, messaging, and transfers.
Aquaria logo
Challenging underwater adventure fantasy game.
TranslateIt! Teacher logo
Language learning aid.
TranslateIt! Deluxe Widget logo
Fast translation of a word from one language to another.
HeckleWorks Pro logo
Virtual jokester.