Apps found for “laptop


coconutBattery logo
Displays info about your laptop battery.
Prey logo
Track your stolen laptop.
Battery Meter logo
Displays laptop battery charge and time-remaining.
Coolant logo
Save battery life and keep your laptop cool.
Footlight logo
Simple lighting console that runs from your laptop.
USB Audio Driver logo
Make your laptop a digital effects-box or synthesizer.
YaBattery logo
Monitor vital info about your laptop battery.
Lab Tick logo
Gives total control of laptop backlit keyboard.
Battorox logo
Laptop battery monitor.
MiniBatteryLogger logo
Monitors and graphs laptop battery events.
MacSaber logo
Uses Mac laptop sudden motion sensor, makes lightsaber sounds.
MultiAlarm logo
Sounds an alarm when your laptop is moved.
SeisMac logo
Turns your SMS-equipped laptop into a seismograph.
SafeSleep logo
Put your Mac laptop into safe sleep mode.
BatteryStatsX logo
View laptop battery stats.
Battery Drain logo
Charge/drain laptop batteries for long-term storage.
JackSMS logo
Alarm notification security for Mac laptops.
Tunnel logo
Arcade game for laptops with Sudden Motion Sensor.
GadgetTrak logo
Laptop anti-theft software (1-year subscription).
SmackSpaces logo
Change Spaces in Leopard by smacking your laptop.
netPong logo
Laptop tilt aware pong game.
Free Focused Scroll logo
Trackpad driver for recent Apple laptops.
XTool Computer Tracker logo
Prevent laptop theft by sending a monitor signal. (was Stealth Signal).
Low Battery Saver logo
Automatic laptop sleep when battery level is low.
Card Blues Suite logo
Enables the 3Com Bluetooth PC Card for some laptops.
Smart Sentry logo
Takes a photo when laptop motion is detected.
MacWalker Pro logo
3D spinning G4 laptops screensaver.
Charge logo
Highly visible laptop battery-level indicator.
Pa'ina logo
Toggle the tap-to-click feature on your laptop or trackpad.
Balance logo
Tilt puzzle game played by simply tilting your laptop.
GadgetTrak (Family Pack) logo
Laptop anti-theft software.
Tilt2Joystick logo
Tilt your laptop to play games, draw, scroll, or more.
ComputerGuardian logo
Security system for laptops.
TechTool Pro logo
Hard drive and system repair-and-maintenance tool.
Hotspot Shield logo
Securely browse public Wi-Fi networks.
Todoist logo
Task management tool.
EncryptMe logo
Protection on public Wi-Fi networks (was Cloak).
Get Backup Pro logo
Powerful backup, synchronization, and cloning utility.
GoodSync logo
Backup and file synchronization software.
eClicker Presenter logo
Determine audience comprehension.
Box Sync logo
Online synchronization tool for; free 10 GB account.
VelaClock Deluxe logo
Dashboard world clock widget.
FruitJuice logo
Maximize your MacBook's battery life.
Battery Monitor logo
Monitor battery health.
Minitube logo
Native YouTube client.
Watts logo
Recalibration tool for MacBook batteries.
RipIt logo
Gets your movies off DVD and onto your Mac.
MountWatcher logo
Control Windows (SMB) and Apple (AFP) volumes/shares/disks.
Espionage logo
Simple, state-of-the-art encryption and plausible deniability for your data.
Personal Backup X9 logo
Versatile backup utility.
CameraBag Photo logo
Apply filters and effects to photos.
Digital Sentry logo
Monitor your system to avoid unauthorized access and theft.
NoSleep logo
Keep your computer from going to sleep and waking at specified times.
Keeper logo
Safely store your personal information.
Ondesoft AudioBook Converter logo
Convert your audio books to MP3 or AAC.
Barsoom logo
Keep your menu bar in order.
EncryptStick logo
Quickly, easily, and permanently secure your information.
VUWER logo
Remotely track lost or stolen Macs.
Cornerstone logo
Feature-rich Subversion client.
3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver logo
3D fish screensaver.
Delicious Recipes logo
Keep all your recipes in one convenient place.
USB Network Gate logo
Share remote USB devices over the Internet.
Movavi Screen Capture logo
Record any kind of screen video.
Immortal Files logo
Make transactional copies of data.
Battery Report logo
Detailed reports about your computer's connected power sources.
Duplicate Windows logo
Mirror individual windows on your display.
Scenery logo
Showcase your designs with premium mockup templates.
Sidekick logo
Easy way to change network locations (was Network Location).
Renoise logo
Audio editor/sequencer.
DownloadStory logo
Downloads stories from fanfiction websites.
Carbonite logo
Securely and automatically back up your files.
ProPrompter logo
Teleprompter application.
1Keyboard logo
Use your Mac's keyboard on all your devices.
Satellite Eyes logo
Makes your wallpaper the satellite view of your location.
Display Maid logo
Keep your displays tidy and manage your workspaces.
Cross DJ logo
Audio mixing software with instant iTunes access.
Battery Guardian logo
Conserve energy.
Dashboard logo
Responsive RapidWeaver theme.
Passwords Plus logo
Store and protect passwords and other sensitive information.
MIO Console logo
Software and driver for Mobile I/O Digital Audio hubs.
PhotoFetch for Facebook logo
Download Facebook photos.
DisplayNote logo
Present wirelessly with an iPad or Android and mirror your screen to any other device.
Devices logo
Keep track of your devices.
Get Backup logo
Create encrypted bootable backups, syncs files/folders, clone drives.
SlimBatteryMonitor logo
Space efficient battery/UPS power menu item.
iBatt logo
Advanced MacBook battery monitor.
Absolute LoJack logo
Theft recovery solution.
Keyboard Cleaner logo
Intercepts keystrokes when cleaning your keyboard.
AirPort Location logo
Save Mac setting configurations for various locations.
ComicBookLover logo
Comic viewer, collector, organizer.
VelaClock logo
Dashboard world clock widget.
LiquidMac logo
Particle system that reacts to the Sudden Motion Sensor.
Deep Sleep logo
Widget hibernates some Macs.
ExecutiveSync logo
Advanced & accurate synchronization tool.
G4FanControl logo
Enables manual fan control on Powerbook, iBook G4.
Auto Mute logo
Automatically mutes volume at shutdown and startup.
BashFlash logo
Easily kill the Flash browser plug-in when desired.
InCrease logo
GUI to configure/control Folding@home.
Bubblegym logo
Tilt-sensitive game for MacBooks.
RaidEye logo
Tool for monitoring software RAID.