Apps found for “kai


Kaid Commander logo
Start and stop the kaid engine (from Team Xlink).
Kairon logo
Astrological package.
Kairos logo
Weather graphing and monitoring application.
Safarikai logo
Translate Japanese words in Safari.
Kaijin logo
Interstellar action game crawling with vicious mutants.
Copies logo
Clipboard in the Cloud.
GoalReminder logo
Remember your goals.
Password mini logo
Offline password generator.
Instant Resize logo
Resize images.
Pixiu logo
Inbox and notification for Gmail.
Instant Effect logo
Filter your images.
Clock mini logo
Elegant clock utility in the dock.
Ambify logo
Sync streaming music to Philips Hue light bulbs.
Safari 5 Mouse Gestures logo
Adds basic mouse gestures to Safari 5.
iPSP Movie Loader logo
Get movies to play on your PSP.
MacAdSense logo
Widget displays AdSense earnings, click count, eCPM values and more.
Paster logo
Clipboard management with cloud sync and push notification.
Particle Playground logo
Customize iOS particle emitter classes easily.
MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update logo
For the MacBook Air (Mid 2011) models.
MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update logo
For June 2012 Mac notebooks.
Zippist logo
Create .zip archives.
Amaryllis logo
Play P2, GameCube & Xbox games online without fees.
MacBook Air SMC Updater logo
Corrects MacBook Air battery issues.