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Jobs shrine logo
Your very own framed photo of Steve Jobs.
Stave Jobs logo
Create & print sheet music.
JobsWord logo
Lightweight but full-featured word processor.
JobsPainter logo
Small image creator and editor.
Silo logo
Startup communities and jobs.
InvEnd logo
Store customer jobs, print invoices and more.
Kunden logo
Track your jobs, tasks, notes and more.
FitQue logo
.pdf printspooler, scales jobs to fit page.
Steve's Clock logo
Screensaver uses Steve Jobs to show the time.
Jumping Steve logo
iTunes visualizer with an animated Steve Jobs.
timeLoop logo
Runs missed cron jobs because of sleeping Mac.
Keynote Bingo logo
Bingo game for Steve Jobs keynote speeches.
Quick Batcher logo
Create video conversion batch jobs for ffmpegX.