Apps found for “itunes


Apple iTunes logo
Play Apple Music and manage your media and iOS devices.
Export for iTunes logo
Free your music from iTunes.
InstaRate Widget for iTunes logo
Quickly rate songs playing in iTunes.
Ondesoft iTunes DRM Media Converter logo
Remove DRM from iTunes video.
iTunes Current Song Menu logo
Display the song currently played by iTunes in the menu bar.
iTunesFS logo
Copy iTunes playlists to external media.
iTunes-LAME Encoder logo
Boost iTunes' sound quality with LAME encoding.
Muzzy for iTunes logo
Sleek iTunes info and control in the menu-bar.
Jihosoft iTunes Extractor logo
Efficiently extract and recover data from iTunes backups.
MacX iTunes Video Converter logo
Convert most video formats for compatibility with iTunes.
Fetch Art for iTunes logo
Grab iTunes album cover of current song.
iTunes Alarm logo
Fully featured alarm clock for iTunes.
iTunes Dupes Barrier logo
Search for duplicate songs in iTunes/iPod.
iTunes Remote Control logo
Control iTunes from any network machine.
iTunes Statistician logo
View statistics about your iTunes listening habits.
iTunes Manager logo
iTunes controller window.
iTunes Publisher logo
Export iTunes playlists to different formats.
iTunes Music Store Player logo
Play iTunes Music Store tracks without breaks.
iTunes Music Alarm Clock logo
Use iTunes as an alarm clock.
iTunes Track logo
Floating control and display window for iTunes.
iTunes Consolidator logo
Locate songs that have been removed from your iTunes Library.
iTunes Clock X logo
Set iTunes to play MP3s at specific time.
WBC iTunes Scripts Collection logo
Scripts for iTunes, Salling Clicker, QuicKeys, more.
Aqua4iTunes logo
Restore Aqua to iTunes 7.5.
iTunesSaver logo
Screensaver displays current iTunes song.
skiTunes logo
Open-source Cocoa alternative to iTunes player.
iTunesDL logo
Download & save iTunes music streams.
Significator for iTunes logo
Control iTunes from the menu bar.
iTuneSleep logo
iTunes alarm clock and sleep timer.
iTunesController Plus logo
Advanced iTunes controller.
FLV2iTunes logo
Convert videos to iTunes and iPod supported format.
Free iTunes Downloads logo
Widget displays the free stuff in iTunes.
iTunesJoin logo
Consolidate multiple iTunes tracks into a single new track.
iTunes Connection Monitor logo
Widget monitors your iTunes shared library usage.
MultiTunes logo
iTunes plug-in to manage multiple iTunes libraries.
iTunes CD Printer logo
CD label printer for iTunes.
iTunes Switcher logo
Create multiple iTunes libraries.
iTunes-BPM logo
Widget to set BPM of iTunes tracks.
Crystal Black for iTunes logo
Glossy black interface for iTunes.
iTunes Tool logo
Tiny floating toolbar controls iTunes.
Adium iTunes Controller logo
Control iTunes from Adium IM chat app.
webRemote iTunes logo
Control iTunes remotely.
iTunes Doodad logo
Menu item views/switches iTunes playlists.
iTunes Controller logo
Adds iTunes controls to the menu bar.
Hubi`s iTunes Scripts logo
AppleScripts for iTunes.
iTunes Playlist to HTML logo
AppleScript that converts a iTunes Playlist to HTML.
MPIO iTunes Plug-in logo
iTunes plug-in for the MPIO MP3 players.
Fractogroovalicious iTunes Plugin logo
iTunes plug-in renders julia fractals to music.
Play MiniTunes logo
Small iTunes controller.
iTunesCheck logo
Hotkeys for controlling iTunes.
iTunesMenu logo
Menubar item iTunes controller.
iTunes2Web logo
Creates HTML iTunes-like playlist interfaces.
iTunes Store Link Deleter logo
Removes the iTunes Store arrow links in iTunes 8.
iTunes Adjust logo
Restore iTunes 10 to the iTunes 9 toolbar and buttons.
iTunes Menu logo
iTunes controller.
iTunes 10 Replacement Icons logo
Blue, purple, black and multicolor iTunes icons.
iTunes and Screensavers logo
Pause iTunes when screensaver activates.
iTunes Assistance logo
Control iTunes from your menubar.
iTunes Button Changer logo
Easily change the iTunes traffic light buttons.
iTunes Timer logo
Calculates your iTunes usage.
iTunes Repair logo
Repairs certain issues with iTunes 4.9
Volume for iTunes logo
Change iTunes volume with the keyboard.
iTunes Tag Sort logo
Edit metadata for multiple iTunes tracks at once.
$0.99 iTunes Movie of the Week Widget logo
Keep up-to-date on the $0.99 iTunes movie of the week.
iTunesMouseRemote logo
Turns your mouse into iTunes controller.
iTuneStats logo
AppleScript gives you additional iTunes stats.
wifiTunes logo
Control iTunes via Safari on iPhone, iPod touch, or any modern browser
NoMoreiTunes Safari Extension logo
Prevents iTunes from opening when clicking on App Store link.
DeliciTunes logo
Export iTunes playlists to Delicious Library.
iTunesXMLparser logo
Parse iTunes XML exported library and export the records as text file.
iTunesLister logo
Lists every song in your iTunes library.
iTunes2iChat logo
Displays iTunes song in iChat.
iTunes Visionator logo
Displays currently playing iTunes w/Salling Clicker.
Manage iTunes logo
Create multiple iTunes libraries & preferences.
iTunes CD Barcode logo
iTunes barcode scanner plays ITMS previews.
iTunes Links logo
Change the arrow links in iTunes to your Library.
iTunes2HTML logo
Perl script makes HTML playlists from your iTunes library.
iTunesLibrarySwitcher logo
Create and manage several iTunes library
iTunesVolumeAdjuster logo
Modify the volume of all your iTunes tracks.
iTunes interuser-Remote (iTiR) logo
Allows all users to control iTunes with Fast User Switching.
iTunes Buddy logo
Widget for keeping up with the latest iTunes releases.
iTunes Preference Pane logo
Control various aspects of iTunes.
iTunes Checkup logo
Menu item displays latest iTunes download.
iTunes MP3 Rescue logo
Searches for/repairs incorrectly identified MP3s in iTunes library.
iTunes Controller logo
AppleScript iTunes 3 controller.
iTunes to iChat & HTML logo
Upload iTunes info via FTP in HTML format.
Move to iTunes logo
Moves audio/video files dropped onto it to iTunes library.
My iTunes RSS logo
Widget displays the music of all countries available on iTunes Store.
iTunes Controller Lite logo
Adds iTunes controls to the menu bar.
iTweetMyiTunes logo
Tweet your current iTunes track to Twitter.
iTunesWriter logo
Burn many iTunes playlists to one CD.
Whatitunes logo
Widget displays what is playing in iTunes.
iTunes Countdown logo
iTunes timer widget.
Macsome iTunes Converter logo
Convert DRM protected music to unprotected formats.
NoteBurner iTunes Audio Converter logo
Convert DRM-controlled audio to MP3 or AAC.
Ondesoft iTunes Converter logo
Unlock DRM-protected music files.
Simple iTunes logo
Display current track information in the menu bar.
iTunes XHTML Playlist logo
Convert playlists into Web pages.
iTunes-BPM Inspector logo
Set a beat-per-minute value to songs.
Volcano Kit iTunes Visualizer logo
Creates visual images from iTune tracks' frequency and amplitude data.