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Find Recent Items logo
Find recently created items on your computer.
Move Items X logo
Contextual menus for file management.
Launch Items X logo
Launch files, apps and more via contextual menu.
ActionItems logo
Personal or workgroup info manager, Lite version available.
iconStiX logo
Combine and attach images to desktop items.
CopyLess logo
Store and access up to 100 clipboard items.
Graphics logo
Collection of 5 sets and more than 1000 items.
iconXprit logo
Contextual menu for adding color/icons to Finder items.
Quick Print logo
Print selected Finder items without opening native applications.
Smart Lister logo
List items swiftly into Amazon store.
MenuMate logo
Display applications menu bar items anywhere on screen.
PowerRenamer logo
Change names of selected items in Finder.
Desktop Groups logo
Organize your desktop items in helpful groups.
Outlook Mac Archive Tool logo
Archival tool for Outlook mail and calendar items.
Inventaire logo
Identify, classify, and list your items.
Hide logo
Hide and reveal items on your Desktop.
OrangeCard logo
Display the contents of dragged items.
Two Due logo
ToDo list manager handles recurring items.
PTHPasteboard Pro logo
Clipboard buffer stores multiple items.
GarageBuy logo
Client to search for and purchase items on eBay.
Diablotin logo
Manages prefpane items.
DoBeDo Widget logo
View/add/edit/delete iCal todo items.
DelayedLauncher logo
Delay the launch of specified login items.
Reader Notifier Reloaded logo
Notifies of unread items in Google Reader account.
eBay Watcher logo
Widget to monitor items on eBay.
TrashMagic logo
Recovers items from Trash after emptying.
Shortcuts logo
Assign hot keys to contextual menu items.
Clipboard History logo
Copy and paste multiple items.
PriceWatcher logo
Monitor hot items and price drops on Amazon.
Amazed logo
Collect various items in this maze game.
Menuola logo
Reveals your menu items.
Qu-s logo
Organize your temporary items on your desktop.
Desktoday logo
Organize desktop items by date.
Exhaust logo
Control the timing and sequence of login items.
BootConfig X logo
Enable/disable startup items.
My eBay Dashboard Widget logo
Quickly track won and lost eBay items.
iCopy logo
Store a list of recently copied items on your clipboard.
Little Shop of Treasures logo
Find cleverly hidden items in this puzzle game.
DropBook logo
Drag-and-drop items to post them to your Facebook feed.
Speech Toggle logo
Menubar item to toggle Apple Speakable Items.
Quick Uncache logo
Delete cached items in Jaguar.
MenuStrip logo
Create custom items in the menu bar.
FolderOrg logo
Organize new items added to a folder into sub folder.
Add Item to Dock logo
Add items to the dock via the command line.
AmCopyPathCMX logo
Copy the paths selected items with Unix/HFS/URL format.
Agent Craig logo
Monitors Ebay and Craig's List for items you want.
Fat Fingers widget logo
Find items listed with typos/spelling mistakes on eBay.
iCalCopy logo
Copies events and to-do items from one iCal calendar to another.
R2ToDo logo
Display any incomplete ToDo items from any of your iCal calendars.
homeAudit logo
Inventory items in your home.
Amazon Free Shipping Widget logo
Search all of for Prime/Free Shipping Eligible items only.
Housekeeper logo
Manage houses and the items inside.
HandyList logo
Store/organize lists of items.
Unreal Tournament Cache Secure logo
Manage UT cache items.
iChatSuite logo
Prefpane for iChat and Adium status items and more.
Nutrition Menu logo
Nutritional information for thousands of food items.
Social Clipboard logo
Copy and share items on Facebook and Twitter.
rmDrop logo
Applescript that permanently deletes items in the Finder.
Dock UnLocker logo
Prevent accidental deletion of dock items.
Armadillo logo
Create startup items.
LikeFindsLike for InDesign logo
Quickly select a bunch of similar items scattered over a page.
Lord's scripts logo
Move items from one user/local Library to another. (was Library Switch
Speakables for iTunes logo
For use with Apple Speakable Items voice recognition.
Speakables for Skype logo
Make, answer, disconnect ongoing Skype calls via Speakable Items.
TagMinder logo
Tag Finder items with words or phrases.
Auto Scheduled Tasks logo
Schedule scripts and other items to run automatically.
Tidy Up logo
Find duplicate files and tidy up your hard drive.
Delicious Library logo
Import, browse and share your media.
Librarian Pro logo
Complete personal inventory system.
BackupLoupe logo
Analyze, browse, and restore Time Machine backups.
Bartender logo
Organize your menu-bar apps.
Microsoft OneNote logo
Free digital notebook.
Quicksilver logo
Application launcher and much more.
Together logo
Store and organize all of your files.
MacPilot logo
Enable over 1,200 hidden features in OS X and other apps.
DEVONthink Personal logo
Knowledge base and information manager.
Sierra Cache Cleaner logo
Clear caches, access hidden OS X settings, and more.
A Better Finder Rename logo
File, photo, and MP3 batch renamer.
Things logo
Elegant personal task management.
Dragon Dictate logo
Premium voice-recognition solution.
HoudahSpot logo
Advanced file-search tool.
Backup and Sync logo
File backup and sharing tool; 15 GB free (was Google Drive).
FastTasks 2 logo
The troubleshooting app.
Feeder logo
Create, edit, and publish RSS feeds.
Mactracker logo
Database of all Mac models; lists specs and more.
AppDelete logo
Uninstall your unwanted apps and eliminate associated files.
XtraFinder logo
Add tabs and more to Finder.
Disk Drill logo
Data recovery and protection app.
StockSpy logo
Track stock market news.
UniPlayer logo
The look and feel of iOS in just one place.
Opus One logo
Like a paper planner but better.
ClearDisk logo
Remove unnecessary system files which clog up the disk space.
MacBooster logo
Maintains and optimizes your system (beta).
SuperTab logo
Supercharges your Mac's app switcher.
TaskTime4 logo
Track time spent on client projects.
Booxter logo
Manage your book, music, movie, and comic collections.
MacTeX logo
Reference edition of TeX distributed by TeX user groups.
The Bard's Tale logo
Adventure game with great humor based on the classic Bard's Tale.
MailRecent logo
Adds ability to copy to, move to, or go to recent Apple mailbox.
Blueprint Pro logo
One app - many organizational functions.