Apps found for “investment


Stock Investment Guide logo
Fundamental stock analysis.
Stock + Pro logo
The easiest way to watch and track your investments.
CorporateFinanceCalc logo
Calculator for financial and investment analysis.
StocksBondsCalc logo
Perform calculations for investments.
InvestorRT logo
Online investment solution.
Property Evaluator logo
Real estate investment calculator.
Allocator logo
Manage your investments.
FinancesOSX logo
Financial calculator for loans, investments, deposits and withdrawals.
Fortune logo
Investment strategy game, in the style of Monopoly.
Portfolio Analyst logo
Investment portfolio management.
Stalker logo
Manage your stock investments.
Business Valuation logo
Excel template for investment, business valuation.
Portfolio Tracking logo
Excel template for evaluating investment portfolios.
Real Options Valuation logo
Excel template to quantify investment and divestment strategies.
Quicken logo
Complete personal finance solution.
Banktivity logo
Intuitive personal finance manager; widget available (was iBank).
Money logo
Personal accounting app.
SEE Finance logo
Comprehensive personal finance manager.
StockMarketEye logo
Easy-to-use portfolio tracker and stock watcher.
StockSpy logo
Track stock market news.
Templates Design for Office logo
Comprehensive collection of templates for Office.
ProTA logo
Market analysis solution, Gold version available.
PowerTicker X logo
Place a stock ticker on your desktop.
FUNDimensions logo
Financial management tool for fundraising.
FinanceToGo logo
Easy-to-use personal finance manager.
Personal Trader logo
International stock market portfolio manager.
Roller Rush logo
Manage a drive-in diner in this game.
Portfolio Optimization logo
Excel template calculates optimal capital weightings.