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Body Mass Index Calculator logo
Computes body fat index for adults using only height and weight.
Media Indexer logo
Browse indexes of your removable media.
Body Mass Index Calculator logo
Graphically calculate your Body Mass Index.
MovieIndex logo
Generate a contact sheet from all video types.
PHP Function Index logo
Browser to lookup any PHP function.
Body Mass Index - Slim Liner logo
Measures your BMI by linking your weight & height.
US Dollar Index logo
Widget to track the US dollar.
SpotlightIndexer logo
Your Mac's Spotlight, improved and optimized.
Voice Index Maker logo
Make a vocal announcement for albums in iTunes library.
Akamai Net Usage Index for News logo
Widget to monitor global news consumption.
GCP Index logo
Global conscious checking widget.
Atlas Recall logo
Searchable index across all your devices and apps (beta).
Connect360 logo
Indexes iTunes, iPhoto libraries, shares them to Xbox 360.
Splunk logo
Indexes logs from any source.
BMI logo
Body mass index tool.
iVerbum logo
Index and search textual databases quickly.
Illumination logo
Index/search any volume.
GagaMarkets logo
Real-time visual stock market index monitor.
CalcBMI logo
Calculate your Body Mass Index.
ChemSpotlight logo
Index chemistry metadata files.
myPeers logo
Index of scientific publications, designed for researchers.
BMI-BSA-Dose-X logo
Body Mass Index and surface area calculator.
Python Metadata Importer logo
Import and index Python script source code through Spotlight.
Toucan Search logo
Fast indexed file search.
BMIcalc logo
Computes Body Mass Index.
BMI Calculator logo
Simple Body Mass Index calculator for OS X.
NeoLight logo
Allows Spotlight to index NeoOffice and OpenOffice docs.
chatSearch logo
Index & search iChat chat logs.
DivotTracker logo
Track golfing performance, calculate USGA Handicap Index.
CloneEject logo
Prevent Spotlight from indexing a drive when mounted.
MTLibrarian logo
Indexing/retrieval system for text and documents.
Quicksilver logo
Application launcher and much more.
Maintenance logo
System maintenance utility.
Tidy Up logo
Find duplicate files and tidy up your hard drive.
Studies logo
Flashcards for serious students (was Mental Case).
StockMarketEye logo
Easy-to-use portfolio tracker and stock watcher.
CleanApp logo
Application deinstaller and archiver.
iCHM logo
CHM reader.
EndNote logo
Bibliographic management app.
Reunion logo
Create a sophisticated record of your family tree.
Tembo logo
Quick and effective file search tool.
URL Manager Pro logo
Bookmark manager.
WeatherMan logo
Download the latest weather info.
SQLite logo
SQL database connection development library.
Stock + Pro logo
The easiest way to watch and track your investments.
DX ToolBox logo
Gather web-based information on solar and geomagnetic conditions.
CalcVerter logo
All-in-one unit converter, calculator, and more (was Converter).
Jutoh logo
Create e-books in formats for sale on Kindle and iBooks.
ArangoDB logo
Easy NoSQL database setup.
Subsonic logo
Web based media streamer.
AudioNote 2 logo
Combination notepad and voice recorder.
iFileX logo
Sophisticated file searching utility.
Fluctus logo
Audio file editor for the most basic audio engineering needs.
GoldSpy logo
Track precious metal spot prices.
Calories Counter logo
Personal food diary.
FolderToList logo
Turn folders into lists.
Scherlokk logo
Find and compare files.
Sitemap Automator logo
Get your website listed in all major search engines.
DB Browser for SQLite logo
Create database files compatible with SQLite (was SQLite Database Browser).
Quran Majeed logo
Complete Quran in Arabic.
DupeZap logo
Find duplicate files for syncing and deleting (was DupeZap Plus).
SQLiteManager logo
Database manager for SQLite databases.
DtSQL logo
Universal database query and editor tool.
BayCard logo
Modern-day HyperCard clone.
Discus logo
Print labels for all types of removable media.
ScaleMaster 2 logo
Scale reference and practice app.
iTunesFS logo
Copy iTunes playlists to external media.
FontNuke logo
Removes font cache files.
Procoding logo
Create HTML5 canvas sketches.
SpectraShop logo
Measure, analyze, and store visible light spectra.
InterMapper RemoteAccess logo
Network monitoring, mapping, and alerting tool.
Renamerox logo
Rename, copy and move hundreds or thousands of files or folders.
Blue Crab Lite logo
Stripped down version of Blue Crab website downloader.
GPX Reader logo
Powerful GPX file reader.
Doppel logo
High-speed duplicate detector.
StoryO logo
Organize your story before you write.
ACCDB MDB Explorer logo
Quick and easy way to view ACCDB and MDB database files.
Sequenzetto logo
Utility for reordering files in a given folder.
Arch logo
Open source extension of Apache Nutch.
Tidy Up (Five Users) logo
Find duplicate files and tidy up your hard drive.
Boolean Search logo
Add HTML searches to your website.
InvestorRT logo
Online investment solution.
macORSA logo
Scientific celestial mechanics tool.
Prime Number Generator logo
Find prime numbers.
iDocument Plus logo
Organize, tag, and search most types of data files.
Color Machine logo
Convert and explore colorspaces.
DFind logo
Fast file search.
Home Remedies logo
Treatments using home remedies.
BMI-Calculator logo
BMI calculator.
Media Catalog logo
Catalog your removable media.
YummySoup! logo
Recipe organizer complete with Web imports and custom prints.
xCHM logo
Viewer for Microsoft .chm files.
CodeBox logo
Full-featured code snippet manager.
Galerie logo
Export iPhoto selections to Web pages.
Abyss Web Server logo
Free personal Web server.
CocoaMySQL logo
Manage local and remote MySQL databases.
Corona logo
Innovative accounting solution.
SpeedMail logo
Speed up
Kanji Go logo
Lookup and review Japanese.
BetterHTMLExport logo
iPhoto HTML export plug-in.