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Finch for Inbox logo
Quickly access your email without a web browser.
Midnight Inbox logo
GTD to-do list and file manager.
Boxy logo
Desktop client for Inbox by Gmail.
MailHub for Sierra logo
Maintain a streamlined inbox in Apple Mail (was MailHub for El Capitan).
Pixiu logo
Inbox and notification for Gmail.
MailBar logo
Manage your Inbox from the menu bar.
MailHub for Mavericks logo
Maintain a streamlined inbox in Apple Mail.
Gee! logo
Menubar item checks Gmail inbox.
MailHub for Mountain Lion logo
Maintain a streamlined inbox in Apple Mail.
MailHub for Lion logo
Maintain a streamlined Inbox in Apple Mail.
Words App logo
Get all of your news and articles in one inbox.
Send To OmniFocus logo
Widget to send text to OmniFocus inbox.
Note To Self logo
Send ToDo's to your local inbox.
Mail to Quick-Entry logo
Send email directly to your OmniFocus Inbox.
EmailMyCal logo
Your calendar delivered to your inbox.
Daylite Delivery logo
Daylite add-on for scheduled email of PDF reports to your inbox.
MailTags logo
Add helpful tags and comments to your emails.
MailMate logo
Mail client designed exclusively for IMAP.
DEVONnote logo
Intelligent notepad.
VideoDrive logo
Add your video collection to iTunes with one click.
Boomerang for Gmail logo
Gmail plugin for email scheduling and reminders.
eMail Bounce Handler logo
Automatically handle bounced email.
DockStar logo
Add 5 new-mail icons to
JunkIt logo
Easy-to-use junk mail filter for Mail.
MenuTab for Facebook logo
Provides real-time Facebook access from your menu bar.
MailTab for Gmail logo
Access Gmail from the menu bar.
Mail Perspectives logo
Extends Mail user interface to tame window chaos.
Mail Pilot logo
Task-oriented email client.
PushPal logo
Mirror Android notifications and transfer files.
Pushbullet logo
Share notifications and files between OS X, iOS, and Android platforms.
CrushFTP Enterprise logo
Full-featured file server.
GmailStatus logo
Menubar item displays number of unread Gmail.
Lost Photos logo
Re-discover photos from your emails.
gCount logo
Menubar item to check Gmail.
GV Connect Widget logo
Use your Google Voice number to call and send SMS messages.
Advanced Web Ranking logo
Web search engine ranking tool.
MailEnhancer logo
Add 4 enhancements to Apple Mail client.
Mail Forward logo
Forward up to 20 email accounts to another email address.
Actiontastic logo
Plan projects and contextify your actions.
MailHub for Snow Leopard logo
Time-saving plugin for Apple Mail.
Enkoder logo
Protect email addresses posted on your website.
ShelfMenu logo
Menubar item stores all sorts of info.
POPFile logo
Automatic email classification tool.
Balzac logo
Email client with accelerated search capabilities.
Mail Checker logo
Gmail/Yahoo mail account status widget.
MailCountX logo
Displays number of new email messages on menu bar.
GrowlVoice logo
Google Voice in your menu bar.
ActionItems logo
Personal or workgroup info manager, Lite version available.
Mail Detective logo
Detect scam email by tracing their geographic origin.
myMailBoy logo
Heads-Up Display for your mailboxes.
Em@ilCRX logo
E-mail filter with helpful spam reporting functionality.
Inky logo
Pull together all your personal and work email accounts into one place.
MailPop for Gmail logo
Gmail for the desktop.
Replies logo
Manage customer support email.
FaceMenu logo
Add Facebook to your menu bar.
YAI logo
Translates Outlook Exchange meeting invites in Apple Mail for iCal.
GPeek logo
Have a peek at your Gmail with this widget.
MailPop PRO logo
Gmail for the desktop.
IMAP Idle Plugin logo
Implement support for IMAP IDLE in
BaseApp logo
Menubar application for following Basecamp account activity.
BigPhone logo
Google Voice menu bar application for your Mac.
Let.ter logo
Simple email app that is ONLY for writing emails.
DavMail logo
Use any mail/calendar client with an Exchange server.
Blunt logo
Bluetooth protocol stack for NewtonOS 2.1 devices.
SpamReporter X logo
Report & delete spam in Microsoft Entourage X.
Creo Six Degrees logo
Organize/coordinate projects efficiently.
FaceBar logo
Fast access to Facebook.
Got Mail? logo
Menu item for