Apps found for “imovie


Apple iMovie logo
Edit personal videos and share them.
iMovie SplitScreen & PiP Plugin logo
Combine multiple iMovie clips into splitscreen/PiP
Apple iMovie Plug-in Pack for OSX logo
Add effects & transitions to iMovie.
Xe847 iMovie Plugin logo
iMovie plug-in makes video more human-like.
iMovie Picture in Picture Plug-in logo
Scalable background enhancer for iMovie.
Webcam Settings iMovie Enabler  logo
Enable external USB UVC camera support in iMovie for Webcam Settings user.
iMovie Pane Reliever logo
Sort iMovie Clip Panes.
iMovie big bad box o'effects logo
Over one hundred iMovie plug-in package.
iMovie Pop Effects Plug-in logo
Visual effects collection for iMovie.
iMovie Flicker logo
iMovie plug-in adds flicker effect.
iMovieLocationEditor logo
Add new locations to iMovie 09 for use with Google Earth.
iMovie Distort and Morph logo
A selection of high-quality effects and transitions.
Tutor for iMovie '11 logo
37 how-to video tutorials.
CityListBuilder for iMovie 09 logo
Add new cities to the list of over 4,000 locations for travel maps.
Clips for iMovie logo
HD library of contemporary acronym video clips.
iVI logo
Easily convert and import video files into iTunes or iMovie.
Apple iLife logo
Everything your digital life needs: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and more.
Road Trip Effect logo
Create visual travel log movies in iMovie.
HyperEngine-AV logo
Video media tool like iMovie (was Montage).
Turn Clip logo
iMovie plug-in rotates clips.
Simple Rotate logo
iMovie plug-in for rotating clips.
Snow Flakes logo
iMovie effects plug-in.
timer logo
Advanced iMovie plug-in.
MMT-EZ logo
iMovie DVD/VideoCD encoder and burner.
crop logo
iMovie plug-in for clip cropping and alteration.
airport text logo
iMovie title plug-in.
Road Trip Effect Pro logo
Create visual travel log movies in iMovie.
Join Clips logo
Join multiple iMovie clips together.
RollingCredits logo
Make unboring credits for iMovie.
band disturbance logo
iMovie special effect.
channel control logo
RGB iMovie plug-in.
Movie Canvas logo
Turns iMovie into a drawing app.
soft wipe transitions logo
Wipe iMovie transition plug-in.
clip snapshot logo
iMovie tool for snapshots of frames.
gradual b/w logo
Create a two-color stylization for your iMovie clips.
Chromakey Movie logo
iMovie blue screening plug-in.
Minify logo
Shrinks iMovie clips.
Eliminate Borders logo
iMovie plug-in for removing borders around movie.
deDigitalEffects Vol.1 logo
Digital effects plugins for iMovie/FCP.
drop shadow logo
iMovie plug-in for floating any graphic.
Slow Motion Smoother logo
iMovie slow motion video plug-in.
deDigitalEffects Vol.4 logo
Over 450 special effects iMovie plugins.
Pixellate logo
Pixel enlargement solution for iMovie.
Jerk logo
iMovie plug-in makes motion clips jerky.
typewriter / computer logo
iMovie plug-in simulates typewriter typing effect.
Picture in Clip (static) logo
Insert static pictures into iMovie clips.
deDigitalEffects Vol.3 logo
Over 340 special effects FCP/iMovie plugins.
Motion Detect logo
iMovie plug-in highlights motion.
Roll Clip logo
iMovie plug-in rolls clip off the screen.
Shift Clip logo
iMovie plug-in rolls clip offscreen.
Hard Contrast logo
A two-tone color filter for iMovie.
darken / brighten logo
Darken or brighten sections of your iMovie clips.
Pixel-pull Transitions logo
iMovie clip-pulling transition.
lower cap logo
Color effect plugin for iMovie.
upper cap logo
Color effect plugin for iMovie.
Brightness Equalizer logo
iMovie brightness plug-in.
deDigitalEffects Vol.2 logo
A set of four eye-catching iMovie special effects.
PhoneRescue logo
iOS data recovery program.
AnyTrans logo
Complete iOS content management.
NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus logo
Remove DRM from M4V videos.
iVI Pro logo
Add videos to iTunes with a simple drag-and-drop (beta).
PhoneRescue for Samsung logo
Recover lost data from Samsung mobile devices.
PhoneClean logo
Reclaim free space on your iOS devices.
PhoneRescue for Huawei logo
Data recovery for Huawei mobile devices.
PhoneRescue for Google logo
Recover lost data from Google mobile devices.
PhoneRescue for HTC logo
Recover lost data from HTC mobile devices.
PhoneRescue for Sony logo
Recover lost data from Sony mobile devices.
PhoneRescue for LG logo
Recover lost data from Android devices.
PhoneRescue for Motorola logo
Recover lost data from Android devices.
DollyDrive logo
Cloud-based backup solution.
MacClean logo
Clean, optimize, and protect from malicious threats.
Morph Age logo
Morph faces, warp images (was Morph Age Express).
Photo to Movie logo
Create a movie by zooming/panning over a photo.
PhoneBrowse logo
iOS file browser.
Narrator logo
Text-to-speech utility.
ClipWrap logo
Convert video samples quickly and without degradation.
MovieConverter-Studio logo
Easy and advanced video converter.
PixelToy logo
Animate and distort images, create movie files, and more.
PulpMotion logo
Create animations using your own pictures, videos, music.
Animationist logo
Create beautiful title-art animations.
Voilabits DVDCreator logo
Create DVDs from your personal collection of video files.
MovieConverter-Studio Pro logo
Easy and advanced video converter.
Voilabits DVDRipper logo
Easily rip and convert DVDs.
iPhoto Buddy logo
Use multiple photo libraries with iPhoto.
DVDxDV Pro logo
Convert DVDs to a variety of formats.
Time Lapse Assembler logo
Create movies from a sequence of images.
Elasty logo
Toolbox for stabilizing and customizing videos.
FLV Crunch logo
Convert video files.
FontDoc logo
Display font previews in window.
iPSP logo
Use Sony Playstation Portable as multimedia player.
FootTrack logo
Catalog your digital video tapes.
MacVCD X logo
VCD, AVI, DIVX, MPEG video player.
Voltaic logo
Convert AVCHD movie clips into a Mac-friendly format (aka VoltaicHD).
3ivx MPEG-4 logo
MPEG-4 video compressor.
Xiph QuickTime Components logo
Use Xiph audio formats (Ogg Vorbis) in iTunes.
DropDV logo
Convert MPEG video into DV streams.
Cinematize logo
Extract movie segments from any DVD.
iVCD logo
Create VCD/SVCD/DVD from mov, avi, divx and mpeg.
Cinematize Pro logo
Use virtually any part of an existing DVD as source material.
Free MTS M2TS Converter logo
Convert videos to various formats.