Apps found for “ichat


More iChat Effects logo
Adds effects to iChat and Photo Booth (compatible up to OS X 10.7).
iChatOnLogin logo
Login to iChat accounts without launching iChat.
iChat2Cell logo
Send SMS messages through iChat.
iChatState logo
Customize iChat status message.
iChatTranscriptConvertor logo
Convert iChat transcripts to text & HTML files.
iTunes2iChat logo
Displays iTunes song in iChat.
iChatSuite logo
Prefpane for iChat and Adium status items and more.
iChatExporter logo
Export iChat chat sessions to text file.
iChatViewer logo
Navigate through iChat logs.
Apple iChat logo
Video conferencing and instant messenger.
More iChat Smileys logo
150 custom smiley faces (compatible up to OS X 10.8).
Composer FX Effects for iChat and Photo Booth logo
iChat Monitor logo
Small window to monitor buddy status.
iChatWidget logo
Displays buddy list in Dashboard.
iTunes to iChat & HTML logo
Upload iTunes info via FTP in HTML format.
iChatAnalyzer logo
View your chatting trends, and more.
iChatbox logo
Chat with your Mac.
NewsFire logo
iChat-like RSS aggregator.
Chax logo
Adds enhancements to iChat; does not support OS X 10.7 or later.
iUSBCam logo
Use a USB camera with iChat AV (supports up to OS X 10.5).
ChatFX logo
Incorporate video effects into iChat.
CatEye logo
Sets of video effects for iChat and Photo Booth.
iCAR logo
iChat auto-reply tool.
Logorrhea logo
iChat log searcher and viewer.
Apple Compatibility Update for QuickTime 7.5.5 logo
Improves QuickTime compatibility with iChat.
iModz logo
Auto change iChat status messages.
Conference Recorder logo
Record iChat AV audio/video conferences.
eMode logo
Set your iChat status to your current mood (was iMood).
Smiley logo
Add new emoticons to iChat.
Album Daemon logo
Daemon updates iChat buddy icon to iTunes artwork.
Masq logo
Meet new friends on iChat.
Status Symbol logo
Manage your iChat AV status.
iChartwork logo
Syncs avatar on iChat/Adium and iTunes artwork of current song.
ChatMaster logo
Manage iChat & Fire chat logs.
LiveIcon logo
Adds animated buddy icon support to iChat AV.
AquaChat AV logo
Replace iChat AV brushed metal with an Aqua UI.
cocoon logo
MSN plugin for iChat (beta).
Music Status Blackspot logo
Patch for iChat in 10.4
ComStats logo
Chart your usage of, iChat, or Fire.
locket logo
iChat notification app.
ChatTunes logo
Allows Jaguar/Panther users to have current track viewed as iChat status.
Chatter logo
Share parts of your screen via iChat.
ShowMacster logo
Play QuickTime movies/images during video iChats.
More Recent Icons logo
Expand your iChat Recent Icons menu.
Chaxer logo
Simultaneously change your IM status in Adium, iChat and Skype.
StatusQuo logo
Set automatic pre-defined iChat away messages.
chatSearch logo
Index & search iChat chat logs.
Buddy List logo
View iChat buddies.
Blue Series logo
Limited iChat control using Salling Clicker.
Buddy Status logo
iChat status buddy widget.
Tembo logo
Quick and effective file search tool.
Butler logo
Hot key, menu, and keyword launcher.
Domino logo
Innovative implementation of dominoes.
Ecamm Movie Tools logo
Companion app for Call Recorder for Skype or for FaceTime (was Movie Conversion Tools).
Conjure logo
Virtual sketchbook and more.
Funtastic Photos logo
Photo editor with one-click styles and effects engine and more.
iZoom logo
Photo cropping & resizing tool.
Chatology logo
Search your Messages chat history with ease.
Break Reminder logo
Set work break reminders.
iGlasses logo
Webcam effects and enhancement utility.
iBackup logo
Backup and restore tool.
Schick logo
Transfer files over Rendezvous network.
Apple Mac OS X logo
Delta update.
Scansion logo
View analog and digital simulation waveforms from VCD files and more.
BluePhoneElite logo
Bluetooth mobile phone connection utility.
CamTwist logo
Add special effects to your video chats.
Conversation logo
IRC chat app.
Concentrate logo
Eliminate distractions by blocking Web sites and apps.
Symantec Encryption Desktop logo
Quality security/encryption for email and data.
flickery logo
Desktop Flickr client.
WireTap Anywhere logo
Professional virtual audio patchbay.
Proxi logo
Gives greater degree of control over Grifffin devices and more.
DropKey logo
Simple file encryption tool.
Detour logo
Route outgoing audio to different outputs.
MegaCellX logo
Manage contacts & SMSs for your mobile phone.
fritz.mac Suite logo
Helper app for FRITZ! products.
PhotoExpress logo
Edit, convert and share digital images.
Sync Entourage-Address Book logo
Sync Address Book with Entourage.
VLC Controller logo
Salling Clicker plug-in for VLC media player.
Thinking Home logo
X-10 home automation software.
Sync Entourage-iCal logo
Sync Entourage & iCal data.
ABDialer logo
Automate phone number dialing.
Shush logo
Push-to-talk microphone management.
DoThisNow logo
Automate repetitive tasks.
I'm Away logo
Change all your IM statuses with one click.
SimiliPod logo
iPod simulator.
AOL Service Assistant logo
Enables AOL services in Apple apps.
Scenario logo
Script launching utility.
MoodBlast logo
Simultaneously post your mood to several chat services and more.
Palringo logo
Instant messaging client that supports Facebook, AIM and more.
Webcam Settings logo
Control all settings of a USB webcam.
MPlayer Controller logo
Salling Clicker plug-in for MPlayer video player.
iCamShare logo
Send video emails to friends (was Easy VMail).
Apple Keychain First Aid logo
Repair your keychain config.
Flame logo
See all the computers on your Bonjour network.
Griffin AirClick USB logo
Software for Griffin AirClick.
Strateges logo
Strategic war game.
Mercury logo
IBM Lotus Sametime messaging solution.
Feed logo
RSS newsreader.
Quiet logo
Push distractions aside and silence disruptions.