Apps found for “helper


Sheet Helper logo
Layout design positioning helper.
Pinyin Helper logo
Improve pronunciation and flow of Chinese.
Screenshot Helper logo
Gives a clean background for screenshots.
Header Helper logo
RapidWeaver stack; conveniently alter headings.
Crossword Puzzle Helper logo
Helps find words with a certain length.
NavHelper logo
RapidWeaver stack; control what navigation is shown on a webpage.
Kext Helper logo
GUI to install kernel extensions.
SSH Helper logo
Easily configure OpenSSH on your server.
plist Helper logo
Converts .plist files to XML format.
DNS Helper logo
Easily create files for BIND.
WBZ Helper logo
Use .wbz files as screensavers.
BootCamp Installer Helper logo
Install Boot Camp Assistant from Leopard install disc.
JSON Helper logo
Work with JSON using AppleScript.
Location Helper for AppleScript logo
Bring Core Location to AppleScript.
ToDo Helper logo
Organize and manage multiple projects.
Toggle SEC Helper Menu logo
AppleScript enables/disables Salling Clicker menu.
Hero Helper X logo
Aid for HeroGames role playing system.
Tony Hawk Helper logo
Tony Hawk gaming tips & codes.
iCal Helper logo
Makes Entourage-to-iCal transfer easier (was iCalAid).
Overclockers Helper logo
Displays CPU & bus clock speed.
PhotoScope Helper logo
Desktop client for PhotoScope iOS app.
RemoteHelper logo
Use your iOS device as a remote.
Musician's Little Helper logo
Create a killer riff or beautiful melody.
Safari Helper logo
Save and restore URLs.
Analog Helper logo
Provides a graphical interface for configuring stats program Analog.
Social Avatar Helper logo
Create your avatars or profile pictures for social websites.
SpriteHelper logo
Texture editor and polygon shape creator.
E-Mail Helpers logo
Contextual menu for email client file attachment.
FaxEmailHelper logo
Aids fax by email in Panther.
PasswordHelper logo
Generate and learn strong passwords.
WoW Realmhelpers logo
Simplify World of Warcraft server switching.
fritz.mac Suite logo
Helper app for FRITZ! products.
Telecomando Fastweb logo
Italian free channel Television helper.
SessionLog X logo
Music studio helper.
ServerStatus logo
Sysop helper to monitor servers.
irth logo
iTunes helper for netradio.
Hebcal Widget logo
Jewish Shabbat helper for the coming week.
WormHoleX logo
.Mac email or Instant Messenger file sender helper.
ReVision logo
Helper app for Reason or Live audio apps.
Never A Cross Word logo
A diligent helper for stumped crossword puzzle players.
Screens logo
Access your computer remotely.
Samplism logo
Audio file organizer.
ScamZapper logo
Stops bogus technical support pop-ups from locking up Safari.
Home Inventory logo
Easily inventory your possessions.
EditiX logo
Java XML editor.
TaskCard logo
Sticky note outliner and to-do's.
QIF Master logo
Simplify Quicken transaction entry.
ExpoBoard logo
Corkboard-style collection of photos, images, notes and text clippings.
CoverBuilder logo
Streamline the process of building covers in Adobe InDesign.
AudioSlicer logo
Split mp3 files.
SpeedCrunch logo
High precision and powerful desktop calculator.
launch logo
Command-line launcher.
World Time Zones logo
perfect helped in planning your next trip.
Prepo logo
Prepare icon artwork for iOS apps.
Hammer logo
Great way to build HTML websites.
Mac mini logo
Mac mini themed icon set.
PrintMe logo
RapidWeaver stack; easily control printing of a webpage.
InitialisPro logo
RapidWeaver stack; provides custom cap styles for body text.
CodeBox logo
Full-featured code snippet manager.
Frizzix logo
German Fritz!Box call monitor and call manager.
Smile logo
Scriptable AppleScript editor, PDF generator, and GUI builder.
Lights Out logo
Expands the functionality of Energy Saver.
IPNetTunerX logo
Increase your Internet performance.
ToastMount logo
Mount Toast disk images on desktop.
NetRestore logo
Master disk image software deployment for sysadmins.
CookWare Deluxe logo
Organize your cooking recipes.
MagicanPaster logo
System monitor for tracking memory, battery, and more.
MisFox logo
Access hidden Internet settings in Mac OS X.
Mobiola WebCamera for iPhone logo
Use your phone as a Web cam.
Liberer logo
Utility to remove/add files from/to your system library.
Graphing Calculator Viewer logo
Lite version of the popular Graphing Calculator.
FadingImages screensaver logo
Screensaver that fades your pictures in and out.
IC-Switch logo
Edit Internet Config settings via menu.
DiskGuardian logo
Diagnose problems and repair disks.
osXigen logo
Queue-based FTP client.
Carambola logo
Game of carom billiards.
loginwindow logo
Activate the login window without terminating session.
WuffDesktop logo
Transparent desktop clock, date and alarm.
DoublePane logo
Reposition windows effortlessly.
Small Business Tracker Deluxe logo
Time, expense, and contract tracker.
GPS-Info logo
Displays GPS coordinates of photo file, view in Google Earth and more.
Quickstyle logo
Add your own CSS rules to a Web page.
Dammit logo
The speed dial buttons to your files and folders.
Annotations logo
Simplifies adding and managing notes to text.
ComicViewer logo
Online Web comic viewer.
RSRConv logo
Poser file converter, .rsr to .png.
ImageFuser logo
GUI for command line image tools.
POP3it Pro logo
Receive email directly in FileMaker Pro.
SMTPit logo
Send outgoing email directly from FileMaker Pro.
Schubser logo
Guide for graphics artists to position lines very precisely.
FrameCalculator logo
Expression-based calculation engine for timecodes.
Farming Simulator logo
Manage your own virtual farm
Waffle logo
Easily create mosaic photos.
Hunting logo
Menubar app for tracking information on Twitter.
Backup Scheduler for Time Machine logo
Control when Time Machine backs up your data.
PDF Editor X logo
A PDF viewer and editor.
Simple Help Editor logo
Help authoring application for software developers.
Dr. Daisy Pet Vet logo
Help Dr. Daisy diagnose/heal needy animals.