Apps found for “health


SSD Health logo
Keeps you informed of your solid-state drive’s health.
Basic Health Calculators logo
Performing calculations which keep track of your health.
My Health Report logo
My Health Report is a health data manager and personal health diary software.
Public Health News Widget logo
Receive public health information from an influential institution.
Battery Health Monitor logo
Monitor battery health parameters.
Health Tracker X logo
Keep track of and graph any health related measurement.
My-Health-History logo
Personal health history tracker.
iHealth logo
Health statistic calculation widget.
Audio File Health Check logo
Scan audio files and get error reports.
Battery Health logo
Monitor Battery Stats and Usage.
SSD Health Check logo
View important insights to the state of your SSD.
Disk Health logo
Fast disk cleaner and duplicate finder.
Health Calculator logo
Body-fat and calorie calculations.
Healthy Workouts at Work logo
Helps with staying fit while working at a computer (was Fitness 4 Developers).
Healthy Food logo
Display information about food types.
Healthier logo
Remind yourself to take breaks.
Healthy Habits Tracker Gold logo
Make changes with simple actions to see your life changed.
Health Tracker logo
Track your weight losses or gains.
Baby Health Journal logo
Document and track all things "baby".
Health Calendar logo
Plan and organize every aspect of your Zone Diet.
DriveDx logo
Advanced drive-health diagnostic utility.
eWallet logo
Securely store credit card, bank, health and insurance info, and more.
SSDReporter logo
Health-check for solid-state drives.
Battery Monitor logo
Monitor battery health.
Chargeberry logo
Battery Health Monitor.
Checkmate logo
Monitor your Mac's health.
NightTone logo
Shifts display colors to promote mental health and productivity.
TinyEye logo
Monitor your Mac's behavior and health (was xScan).
Blinkk logo
Keep your eyes healthy.
Move! logo
Energizing routine to increase productivity and improve your health.
Compressor Server logo
Automate workflow, shares, health monitor, and website for Apple's Compressor.
Hematology Calculators logo
Tools for maintaining blood health.
Medical Spelling Dictionary for Pages logo
Spelling dictionary of health terms.
Optimism logo
Health diary software to monitor your mental health.
DiskRadar logo
Disk health diagnostics and more.
Maintenance logo
Helps keep your Mac healthy.
Zenoss Core logo
Manage configuration, health, performance of networks, servers, apps.
FinderClean logo
Helps your Finder stay healthy.
The Body Journal logo
Store and retrieve family health records and more.
Diabetes Pilot logo
Track all of your diabetes-related health data.
Battery Status logo
Menu bar utility that reports battery health of connected wireless devices.
Medical Records X logo
Organize your health/medical history records.
The Big Tooth logo
Web design software for dental health care professionals.
Growth Tracker logo
Track various growth/health data of your child.
SafeDog logo
Organize info regarding your dog's health.
Ideal Weight logo
Reach and maintain a healthy weight.
Nutritionist logo
Help your body stay healthy.
PostureTrack logo
Monitor your posture electronically.
Mars Rising Desktop Picture logo
Wallpaper of Mars Rising theme.
Holiday Jigsaw Valentine's Day logo
500 romantic photo puzzles.