Apps found for “harmony


Harmony logo
Music player with cloud compatibility.
Harmony logo
Dynamic lyric presentation for worship leaders and churches.
Harmony logo
Music player with cloud compatibility.
Logitech Harmony Remote Software logo
Drivers for Logitech Harmony remotes.
New Notes - Harmony logo
Learn to read and play chords on piano.
Harmony Assistant logo
Write computer-assisted musical compositions.
Harmony XCA logo
Assists in linking X-Chat Aqua and iTunes together (was iRCTunes).
A New Theory of Harmony logo
Suggests all future possibilities in the 12-tone system.
ChordLab logo
Explore chords and harmony in context.
Virtual Singer logo
Plug-in for Melody/Harmony Assistant.
Myriad Music Plug-In logo
Play Melody/Harmony assistant files via browser.
Melody Player logo
Play music files created with Harmony/Melody Assistant, more.
OMeR logo
Printed music recognition add-on for Melody/Harmony Assistant.
Mixed In Key logo
DJ software for harmonic mixing.
Break Reminder logo
Set work break reminders.
RPN Scientific logo
Calculator with many mathematical functions.
Liquid Notes logo
Intelligent songwriting assistant.
Chords X logo
Create melodic shapes and harmonies.
Liquid Notes for Live logo
Intelligent songwriting assistant for Ableton Live (release candidate).
Harmonica logo
Play a virtual harmonica.