Apps found for “groups


GroupsPro logo
Contact groups and mailing-list management.
Desktop Groups logo
Organize your desktop items in helpful groups.
MacTeX logo
Reference edition of TeX distributed by TeX user groups.
Switchem logo
Application switcher which uses groups of apps.
DropDownloadURL logo
Batch downloader groups downloads based on file extension.
BatchPhoto logo
Manipulate groups of images at the same time.
TabSnap logo
Take a snapshot of and reopen groups of tabs in Safari.
BatchPhoto Pro logo
Manipulate groups of images at the same time.
SuperNZB logo
NZB client downloads news groups.
Simple WindowSets logo
Manage groups of Finder windows.
Flirt logo
Manage your Facebook accounts, pages and groups.
Flirt Pro logo
Manage your Facebook accounts, pages and groups.
Kickoff logo
Collaboration tool designed for small groups.
SmartBook logo
Brings Smart Groups to the Apple Address Book.
E2A logo
Imports Eudora addresses & groups to
Kimbo logo
Adds 11 tools in 2 tool groups to Illustrator's tool palette.
FacebookSearch logo
Widget lets you search persons, contacts, groups, sites or apps.
eetee logo
BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, Opennap, JXTAgroups client.
WP-ProjectMaker logo
Make groups for your iApps.
PilesOTiles Mahjongg logo
Pair off groups of colorful tiles.
EzyPic Photo Organizer logo
Organize thousands of photos into folders and groups.
TwitHaven logo
Provides internal messaging for individuals or groups.
Unicode Snippets logo
Snippet groups to be used with TextExpander.
PictureSnooperPE logo
Search Usenet news groups for binary files.
Enchanted Cavern logo
Match groups of jewels in this puzzle game.
Apple Configurator logo
Configure and deploy iOS devices for organizations.
Yasu logo
System maintenance app.
Bookends logo
Reference management and bibliography software.
Ortelius logo
Vector drawing app especially for cartography work.
Contacts Sync for Google Gmail logo
Allows you to sync your Gmail and Mac contacts.
Outline logo
View OneNote notebooks.
Contexts logo
Fast window switcher.
BigHairyGoal logo
Mindmapping application.
Hider logo
Hide, encrypt, and password-protect your data.
PhotoSweeper logo
Find, sort, and eliminate similar photos.
iBackup Viewer logo
Browse and manage iOS backups.
URL Manager Pro logo
Bookmark manager.
MoneyWiz logo
Personal finance solution.
Blueprint logo
Organizational app with several functions.
Together logo
Store and organize all of your files.
Lodgit Desk logo
Booking software for small to medium-sized hotels.
aText logo
Automatically replaces abbreviations with frequently used phrases.
Ultimate Campground Project logo
Information compendium of publicly-owned campgrounds (was Ultimate Campgrounds).
CADintosh X logo
2D-CAD program for technical / architectural drawings.
CM TIFF 2 PDF logo
Batch TIFF-to-PDF converter.
jAlbum logo
Create custom photo galleries for the Web.
Clan Lord logo
Online RPG game.
Sleipnir logo
Gesture-focused Web browser.
PaintCode logo
Vector drawing app that generates Obj-C and Swift drawing code.
IP Camera Recorder logo
Video surveillance for IP cameras.
Blueprint Pro logo
One app - many organizational functions.
LogTen Pro Centurion logo
Professional logbook solution for pilots (was LogTen Pro X).
Cinematica logo
Manage your video library in great detail.
Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro logo
Search for and remove duplicate photos.
Wire logo
Beautiful cross-device messaging app.
Hue-topia logo
Manual control over Philips Hue bulbs and other security features.
Duplicate Photo Cleaner logo
Get rid of duplicate and similar photos automatically.
jAlbum Pro logo
Organize your digital images and make website albums.
LIFXstyle logo
Controller for LIFX bulbs with an emphasis on security.
Timelime logo
Track and visualize your work hours.
Bluetail logo
Easy-to-use vector drawing application.
Apple Motion logo
Create and customize Final Cut Pro titles, transitions, and effects.
DeltaCad logo
Easy-to-learn computer-aided design.
EDL-X logo
Manage video-editing information from Final Cut Pro X.
Transmission logo
Popular BitTorrent client.
iDea Invoice Classic logo
Invoicing software (was iDea Invoice).
Code Collector Pro logo
Store code snippets with ease.
MacBreakZ logo
Reminds you to take periodic breaks from your projects.
HighDesign logo
Professional CAD application.
Steam logo
Multiplayer and communications platform for gaming.
Tune Sweeper logo
Remove iTunes duplicates and fix track data.
Aquarella logo
Transform photographs into watercolors.
Mail Designer logo
Create customized mail templates and newsletters.
NoteCard logo
Visual note taking studio.
FileMaker Server logo
Database server; Advanced version also available.
ultracopier logo
Faster version of default system tools.
Growly Write logo
Simple but feature-rich word processor.
Greenfoot logo
Teach and learn Java through games and simulations.
TextExpander logo
Expand keystrokes into frequently-used text and pictures.
Bee logo
Client for tracking in FogBugz, GitHub, and JIRA.
MoneyControl logo
Income and expense tracker.
STAR Desktop Mailings logo
Easy management of e-mail campaigns.
Shrook logo
RSS newsreader.
TopXNotes logo
Versatile note organizer.
Mailings logo
Batch emailer with personalization features.
Bevy logo
Application launcher shows you all apps in one window.
Cultures Northland logo
Create a thriving settlement.
Romi logo
Play Rummy games against your Mac.
QuitsApps logo
Selectively quit applications, menubar version now available.
XML RPC Client logo
Debugger for developers setting up/accessing XML-RPC services.
Cisdem DuplicateFinder logo
Find and remove duplicate files.
BeanCounter logo
Bookkeeping, time tracking, and invoicing for small businesses.
Chroma for Hue logo
Control Philips Hue bulbs.
Teleprompter logo
Prompter for video, television, presentations and speeches.
POI Organizer logo
Collect, manage Points of Interest for download to Garmin GPS device.
Mailings Lite logo
Mass-mailing solution.
book'n'keep logo
Simple and powerful bookkeeper for small companies.
IP Camera Cloud logo
Video surveillance for home and small business.
Space Age logo
Retro-futuristic sci-fi cosmic adventure.
iVolume logo
Improves iTunes' built-in sound level.