Apps found for “gmail


Kiwi for Gmail logo
Turns Gmail into a full-powered Desktop client.
Mia for Gmail logo
Gmail without a browser (was Notifier Pro for Gmail).
Boomerang for Gmail logo
Gmail plugin for email scheduling and reminders.
Mail for Gmail logo
Desktop app for Gmail (was DeskMail).
Contacts Sync for Google Gmail logo
Allows you to sync your Gmail and Mac contacts.
BackUp Gmail logo
Create a local backup of your Gmail.
MailTab for Gmail logo
Access Gmail from the menu bar.
Go for Gmail logo
Access your Gmail account directly from your Mac's menu bar.
Attachment Downloader for Gmail logo
Download your attachments from your Gmail.
Email for Gmail logo
Desktop client for Gmail.
App for Gmail - Pro logo
Fast Gmail viewer.
Gmail Browser logo
Web browser dedicated to Gmail, Google calendar.
GmailStatus logo
Menubar item displays number of unread Gmail.
Gmail+Growl logo
Notification plugin for Gmail Notifier.
iPhoto2Gmail logo
iPhoto plugin to send photos via Gmail, Aperture version available.
Gmailto logo
Redirect mailto: Web tags to your Gmail account.
MailPop for Gmail logo
Gmail for the desktop.
Gmail on Rocket logo
Gmail notifier with full support for labels.
Gmail Counter logo
Widget for checking Gmail accounts limits.
Gmail Dock logo
Gmail dock icon with audio notifications and handling of mailto: links.
GmailX logo
libgmail Gmail POP email checking library.
Head for Gmail logo
Quick, out-of-the-way access to your Gmail accounts.
Aperture2Gmail logo
Aperture plugin to send pictures via Gmail.
Social for Gmail logo
Manage multiple Gmail accounts.
iGmail logo
Run Gmail as an application without a browser.
minimalGmail logo
Safari extension; customize the Gmail interface to your liking.
Enigmail logo
Extension for Mozilla/Thunderbird that integrates with GnuPG.
Mailplane logo
The best way to use Gmail on your Mac.
Boxy logo
Desktop client for Inbox by Gmail.
4th Office logo
Secure email app for Gmail and Outlook.
Pixiu logo
Inbox and notification for Gmail.
Google Talk Plugin logo
Video chat from Gmail.
Shift logo
Eliminates switching between Gmail accounts.
Aura logo
Smart Gmail assistant.
Mail Notifr logo
Open-Source Gmail notifier.
Apple Mail Update for Mavericks logo
Improves stability and compatibility with Gmail.
Google Notifier logo
Menu item displays Gmail/Google Calendar events (was Gmail Notifier).
gDisk logo
Gmail space becomes extra storage.
Notify Pro logo
Gmail notifier supports multiple accounts.
gCount logo
Menubar item to check Gmail.
AB2CSV logo
Export Address Book CSV files to GMail.
A to G logo
Export your OS X Address Book to Gmail.
flores logo
Flower widget displays emails waiting.
Mail Setup logo
.Mac, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, AIM, Verizon, MSN/Hotmail setup assistant.
Gee! logo
Menubar item checks Gmail inbox.
gotMailG logo
Widget displays number of unread Gmail emails.
Mail Checker logo
Gmail/Yahoo mail account status widget.
Syncman logo
Synchronizes your Address Book with your Gmail contacts.
MailPop PRO logo
Gmail for the desktop.
gNotifier logo
Notifications for multiple Gmail accounts.
ottmar logo
Widget displays emails waiting.
Mailbox logo
Gmail client in the menu bar.
coras logo
Unique Gmail notifier widget.
DashMail logo
Widget to send mail via Gmail, Yahoo, others (was SwiftMail).
GPeek logo
Have a peek at your Gmail with this widget.
Googaby logo
Utility for users of Gmail/Google apps.
Google Hosted Mail logo
A Gmail notifier for your hosted domain (beta).
Google Contact Sink logo
Menu item syncs Gmail contacts into your Apple Address Book.
Gmesk logo
Bring Gmail to your Mac's desktop.
G Bar logo
Quick access to Gmail and Google search.
Airmail logo
Powerful, minimal email client.
DejaLu logo
Minimalist, Open-Source e-mail (beta).
Exporter for Contacts logo
Export data from Apple Address Book (was Export Address Book).
Horcrux Email Backup logo
Automatically backup your IMAP email.
Fluid logo
Create site-specific browsers for your favorite Web apps.
Desktopr logo
Create dynamic desktops.
Cisdem ContactsMate logo
Manage and backup contacts in one place (was ContactManager).
Mail Call logo
Full-featured mail notifier.
Mail Mini logo
Simple email notifier.
SocialFan logo
All-in-one social media, email, and task management app.
Unibox logo
Email client with messages organized by person.
Quaik logo
Lightweight mailer for single or bulk mailing.
Outlook Mac Archive Tool logo
Archival tool for Outlook mail and calendar items.
Mail Archiver X logo
Mail archiving, cleaning, and browsing.
FonePaw iOS Transfer logo
Transfer music, photos, contacts, messages, books, and more from iDevices.
EmailMyCal logo
Your calendar delivered to your inbox.
Lost Photos logo
Re-discover photos from your emails.
iPDA logo
Transfer your PIM data to your iPod.
RaidEye logo
Tool for monitoring software RAID.
SlimBoat logo
Fast and secure web browser.
Mozilla Prism logo
Run Web-based apps locally without a browser.
Webmailer logo
Preference pane for setting mailto: parameters in OS X.
Google Apps logo
Access Google apps in a Dock-like widget.
Lightbrowser logo
Very light Web browser.
Social Pro logo
Manage all your favorite social networking services at one single application.
Archy logo
Share, edit, and preview files on Google Drive.
GCALDaemon logo
Synchronization between Google Calendar and iCal compatible apps.
EmailDisk logo
Backup to your email account.
Tabs logo
Stay in touch with your favorite online services.
ActoTracker logo
Keep track of your activities on your Mac.
Google Email Uploader logo
Upload email archives to Google Apps mailbox.
Guest List Planner logo
Easy to use event planner.
Hana logo
WebKit-based browser for working with web-based apps.
Smart Screen Capture logo
Video recording tool.
Kript logo
Triple-level network encryption ensuring your privacy (release candidate).
Login Launcher logo
AppleScript acts like a launcher sensing when connected to the net.
Anti Inline Plugin logo
Drag-and-drop images to e-mail.
Album Flow logo
Bring back Cover Flow to your Mac.
PassLocker logo
Securely store your login credentials.
BlinkMail logo
Email client focused on speed.