Apps found for “genres


iGenres logo
Easily change the musical genres images in iTunes 8 grid view.
NeoFinder logo
Catalog your external media and disks (was CDFinder).
Script Studio logo
Screenplay writing software for screenwriters (was Movie Outline).
Cubase logo
Creative musical production tool for artists, producers, and engineers.
Loop Editor logo
Audio loop editing tool.
TrackSift 2 logo
iTunes tools for creating special playlists and more.
Rhyme Genie logo
Dynamic rhyming dictionary.
Music Tag Editor Pro logo
Easily edit music tags.
Comic Collector logo
Catalog and organize comics.
multiLibrary logo
Database for organizing one or more libraries (was PicoLib).
TuneSmith logo
Helpful songwriting assistant.
MPFreaker logo
Adds relevant info/artwork to MP3 files.
iVideo logo
Powerful app for organizing and sharing movies.
Export for iTunes logo
Free your music from iTunes.
Kerbal Space Program logo
Space flight simulation game.
Gear Player logo
Music player for Google Music and YouTube.
MacOptimizer logo
Utility to help you clean, repair, and organize your Mac.
Netgear Genie logo
Manage your Netgear router.
Beatport Pro logo
Buy and organize all your music easily.
BandMaster logo
Improvisational music utility.
Connect360 logo
Indexes iTunes, iPhoto libraries, shares them to Xbox 360.
Wondershare AllMyMusic logo
High-quality recorder for streaming audio.
TidyMyMusic logo
Complete missing information in your music library.
File List Export logo
Export folder contents to a list (was File list to Excel).
Tag Editor logo
Handy spreadsheet for quick ID3 tagging.
MusiMoods logo
Create mood/activity based playlists from your own music.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! logo
Discover the story behind Handsome Jack.
DVDRemaster logo
Duplicate, burn or convert DVD movies to iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.
Civilization V logo
Epic turn-based strategy game.
Snowflake logo
Streaming Internet radio for your Desktop.
FootPlayer logo
Radio player for SHOUTcast radio directory.
Liquid Rhythm logo
MIDI sequencer and beat generator.
Artful logo
Sets your desktop wallpaper to a work of art.
Xslimmer logo
Save hard drive space by reducing the size of applications.
Dark Athena logo
First-person shooter with stealth and melee combat.
Movie Searcher logo
Find movie details, view trailers, or discover new movies.
Borderlands 2 logo
First-person shooter with RPG elements.
AOL Radio logo
AOL Radio featuring 200+ streaming radio stations.
BPMer logo
Track analyzer with BPM detection.
Share iTunes music tracks via a browser.
iTuner logo
iTunes controller in corner of screen.
Disco XT logo
Professional DJ mixing software.
iTuneMyWalkman logo
Synchronize iTunes playlist to a mobile phone.
BoXiKoN logo
Puzzle game of strategy and logic.
Play logo
Play and manage your audio files.
iTunes Statistician logo
View statistics about your iTunes listening habits.
BBC ListenAgain Widget logo
Browse/play the BBC archive of radio programs.
Notes logo
Data organization and notation.
Savage: The Battle for Newerth logo
1st person, real time strategy game.
PhotoArtist logo
Turn your photos into beautiful artwork.
iSweep logo
Find, list, delete & backup duplicate tracks in iTunes.
WordOMatic logo
Word search/puzzle game.
MyMusic Personal Music Librarian logo
Inventory & shop for music.
ampLion Free logo
Guitar amp simulation plugin (free edition).
Movie Jukebox logo
Movie organizer.
iRADIOmast logo
Plugin for iTunes finds 1,000s more radio stations.
Play MiniTunes logo
Small iTunes controller.
iFill logo
Streams mp3 files from radio stations directly to iPod.
StarLight logo
SiriusXM compatible radio player.
KavaMovies logo
Organize the movies you have seen, want to see, and own.
Tomb Raider: Anniversary logo
Updated version of the genre-defining adventure game.
Tribal Trouble 2 logo
Travel the seas pillaging enemy settlements.
SRS Audio Essentials logo
Improve and expand your Mac's audio.
PicTiles logo
Tetris-like arcade game.
iFlix logo
Does for movies what iTunes does for music.
Head Over Heels logo
Remake of the classic game.
Gears logo
3D physics-based platformer.
Rise of Nations logo
Lead your nation to global prominence.
MusicMagic Mixer logo
Manage your digital music library.
BioShock logo
First-person shooter with role-playing elements.
OnDeck logo
iTunes album artwork display, upload & sleep timer.
Plane Control Lite logo
Simple and fun line drawing game.
MyTunes logo
Get rid of iTunes Music Store links and Genre browser in iTunes 8.
Bugatron logo
3D arcade shooter game.
Kakuro Epic logo
Logic puzzle game in same genre as Sudoku.
PegIt logo
Puzzle game with unique characters.
Sid Meier's Railroads! logo
Build a railroad empire and shape a nation.
Clicktunes logo
Match your music to your workflow.
TuneTags logo
Add keywords (tunetags) to your iTunes music.
World Radio logo
Internet radio player.
Great Monster Trouble logo
A high-definition 3D take on tower defense.
Spin Music HD logo
Listen to multiple Internet radio streams.
MySpins logo
Display rankings of your most-played iTunes songs.
Cavorite logo
Original retro platform-puzzle combo game.
BGLiveRadio logo
Bulgarian online radio.
Qoobar logo
Edit tags for classical music files.
FireRocker logo
Listen to over 390 radio stations on your Mac.
Machinarium: Collector's Edition logo
Award-winning, visually stunning puzzle game.
Adanaxis logo
An action-packed space battle in spatial 4D. logo
Relive the Golden Age of Radio with this widget.
Antenna logo
Easily find online radio stations.
Arabic Genie logo
Arabic-language text converter and editor.
iTunes Music Store Charts logo
Check iTMS charts with this widget.
Moody logo
Plays a mood playlist in iTunes.
Little Gods logo
Re-invention of a classic arcade game.
X-Stream Radio Recorder logo
Stream and record online radio stations.
Illustrix Dream Pack logo
Game combines logic and action.
Illustrix: Cat Dream logo
Arcade-style gameplay combined with puzzle mystique.
Ultima III logo
Modern update of a classic fantasy role playing game.
iTMS Stats logo
Widget displays top iTMS songs, albums, etc (was iTMS RSS, was myTunes).