Apps found for “focus


Focus logo
Productivity timer.
Focus logo
Block distracting websites and apps.
Focus logo
Highlight active apps and remove clutter.
Focus logo
Add depth to your photos with tilt-shift and other effects.
Focus logo
Shows frontmost application icon.
OmniFocus logo
GTD task manager with iOS companion app.
AKVIS Refocus logo
Improve the sharpness of out-of-focus images.
Be Focused Pro logo
Focus timer and goal tracker (was Pomodoro Time Pro).
FocusList logo
Focus timer and daily planner.
Focus CK logo
Add professional lens effects without expensive gear (was Focus Pro).
Helicon Focus logo
Create one focused image from several partially focused ones.
Super Refocus logo
Super Refocus professionally adds focus and depth to your Photos.
focus booster logo
Enhance your focus and concentration.
Back In Focus logo
Refocus blurry images.
Send To OmniFocus logo
Widget to send text to OmniFocus inbox.
Where To Focus logo
Widget displays bar chart of available actions in Omnifocus contexts.
Focus Matrix logo
Task manager based on the Eisenhower Method.
1Focus logo
Block distracting apps and Web sites.
Hocus Focus logo
Hide your inactive windows.
Topaz InFocus logo
Sharpen your image by removing shake and motion blur.
Photo Focus logo
Create tilt-shift effect on images.
Focusbar logo
Simple task reminder.
FocusMask logo
A concentration aid to boost productivity.
Star Focus Assistant logo
Real time object viewer for astrophotography.
iSpeedFocus logo
Photo editor for creating blur effects.
DeepFocus logo
Sounds to eliminate distractions and improve productivity.
HazeOver logo
Get rid of interferences and focus on your current task.
Lens Blur logo
True out-of-focus bokeh lens effect.
Photo Blur FX logo
Image Blur and Focus Effects.
PMouse logo
Highlight the mouse pointer to focus audience attention.
Quickly logo
Set a time and a message, and resume your focus.
Zen Timer logo
Gorgeous Focus Timer.
Tomato Timer logo
Focus On Goals.
Hipo logo
Track expenses and focus on budget balance.
Noizio logo
Cancel out noise around you and focus on what is important.
Zen Time logo
Maximize focus.
Bokeh logo
Focus with Background Blur Photo Effects.
ViewPic logo
Image viewer emphasizing speed, focus, and viewing experience.
Cashcow logo
Personal finance app with budgeting focus.
FocalPoint logo
Photoshop plug-in; easily add selective focus to your photos.
Brain Tease II logo
Increase your focus, concentration and math skills.
Brain Tease logo
Improve your focus and concentration skills.
Pomodoro Timer logo
Focus on your productivity and beat procrastination.
OneThingToday logo
Allows you to focus on just one task each day.
Depth of Field Calculator logo
A widget for calculating depth of field focus.
Tomato Timer logo
Excellent tool to boost your focus.
libavg logo
Multimedia platform with focus on interactive installations.
Minimalwords logo
Minimalistic audio-visual experience that lets you focus on your task.
ArpGuard logo
Monitor your internet network for intrusion.
Farming Simulator 15 logo
Welcome to the new generation of farming.
Wargame: Red Dragon logo
Engage in large-scale conflict where Western forces.
iNet Guardian logo
Internet security.
iNetInfo logo
Monitors open ports on your network.
iEncode logo
Collection of useful security tools.
Eagle Eye logo
Monitor Facebook log-in activity.
The Next Big Thing logo
Funny hi-def adventure game with wacky puzzles.
Planet Horse logo
Horse-riding adventure game.
Saving Private Sheep logo
Puzzle game with 148 levels.