Apps found for “firefox


Firefox logo
Fast, safe Web browser.
Firefox Developer Edition logo
Official Firefox release channel for experimental (beta) builds (was Aurora).
Portable Firefox logo
Firefox packaged for portable devices.
Aqua Firefox Set logo
Gives your Firefox an Aqua appearance.
MultiFirefox logo
Run multiple versions of Firefox side by side.
Window Shopper for Firefox logo
Comparative shopping extension for Firefox.
Firefox Live CD logo
Open Firefox from read-only media.
PortableFirefox CX logo
Portable Firefox profile switcher.
iMacros for Firefox logo
Web automation solution.
TenFourFox logo
Harness the power of Firefox 45 on your PowerPC Mac.
Synkmark logo
Keeps Safari, Chrome, and Firefox bookmarks in sync.
BlueGriffon logo
Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox.
JonDoFox Browser logo
Protect your privacy when browsing with Firefox.
IceCat logo
Open-Source browser based on Firefox.
SlingPlayer Plugin logo
Browser plug-in for viewing Slingbox units in Safari or Firefox.
AllBookmarks logo
Quick access to Safari, Firefox and 1Password bookmarks.
AuroraFox logo
Firefox Aurora for PPC.
CoolIris logo
Full-screen photo-viewing experience for Safari and Firefox.
Madfox logo
Firefox based browser for Mac.
Surf Canyon logo
Firefox plug-in that accelerates searches on various sites.
Wyzo logo
Modified Firefox browser with Bittorrent plug-in, orange skin & more.
SpeedyFox logo
Boost Firefox with a single click
PasswordBox logo
Password manager with auto-fill for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, and Android.
Lektora logo
RSS aggregator for FireFox.
CamiNoScript logo
Prepane for Camino similar to NoScript for Firefox.
Snap Shots Add-On logo
Shows link content with mouseover, for Safari and Firefox.
DejaClick logo
Web recorder and bookmark utility for Firefox.
Tor Browser Bundle logo
Anonymize Web browsing and more.
Thunderbird logo
Email client from Mozilla.
1Password logo
Powerful password manager; integrates with Web browsers and more.
Google Chrome logo
Modern and fast Web browser.
SeaMonkey logo
Web browser with IRC chat, HTML editing, and more.
BookMacster logo
Organize and manage bookmarks, sync across browsers.
Komodo IDE logo
Development environment for PHP, Python, Web, more.
DataVault Password Manager logo
Password manager.
Privatus logo
Automated privacy protection.
Sticky Password logo
Powerful and flexible password manager.
Flareget logo
Download manager and accelerator.
Boomerang for Gmail logo
Gmail plugin for email scheduling and reminders.
BitSafe logo
Securely store logins and other secure information.
AmazingSlider logo
Create stunning jQuery slideshows.
Joomla! logo
Build professional websites and manage Web content.
JS Blocker logo
Safari extension that controls which scripts--and more--run on websites.
Pins logo
Simple and elegant bookmark manager.
HistoryHound logo
Do a fast text search of all recently visited websites.
Lightning logo
Redesign of the Mozilla Calendar (was Sunbird).
RapidCart logo
RapidWeaver plug-in; create your own e-commerce site.
iLok License Manager logo
License management app for iLok.
Phlo logo
Quick way to search the Internet.
AlphaPlugins FireFor logo
Photoshop plug-in for fire and smoke effects.
MM3-WebAssistant logo
Use the Internet more efficiently, Pro version available.
Cookie Stumbler logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
Mac Shutdown logo
Customizable unattended shutdown.
aTV Flash (silver) logo
Supercharge your first generation Apple TV.
Vault Password Manager logo
Smart password manager and key generator.
DBox logo
Lightweight download app.
Amelita logo
Includes features from a variety of contextual menus.
Webbla logo
A visual bookmark manager.
Locko logo
Password manager and file vault with browser extensions.
DoNotTrackMe logo
Protects your privacy on the Web.
Responsive Grids logo
Grid system for RapidWeaver.
SNMPSniffer logo
Sniff SNMP packets over your network.
Ultralingua Dictionaries logo
International language collegiate dictionaries.
Safari Bookmark Exporter logo
Export bookmarks from Safari to any browser.
MemoryFreer logo
Free up inactive memory.
eBaytoiCal logo
Import eBay auction info into iCal.
DjVu Browser Plug-in logo
View DjVu documents in your browser.
SnapWeb logo
Creates complete screenshots of Web pages.
Java Embedding Plugin logo
Allows browsers to use latest Java.
ToMacs logo
Copy files from one Mac to another.
Pukka logo
Multi-account posting client for
Firebox Desktop logo
Mac version of Firebox, the popular encrypted database for the iPhone.
AutonomyCentral logo
Industrial strength multilingual privacy protection.
Web Image Collector 2013 logo
Download thousands of images from the web.
SeaMonkey for PPC logo
PPC port of the popular SeaMonkey browser.
Mozilla Prism logo
Run Web-based apps locally without a browser.
Baywatch logo
Transfer eBay auctions to iCal and set auction ending alarm.
Bad Cookie! logo
Cache manager for almost any Mac Web browser.
HTML5 Video Player logo
Web video converter.
Herodotus logo
Web browser history search app.
autoID Password Manager logo
Password manager, uses strong encryption.
Backup 3 Quick Picks Pack logo
Quick Pick plug-ins for Apple Backup 3.
VidBas logo
Easily capture almost any video from your web browser.
MacLibre logo
Open source software distribution.
Shiori logo
Pinboard and Delicious client.
Cookie Stumbler (5 Macs) logo
Scan for ad and tracking cookies.
Switch logo
Easily switch between Safari and Chrome.
LinCastor logo
Create and use your own URL scheme for scripting.
Downloads logo
Comprehensive folder for downloaded files.
nexTab logo
Quickly switch tabs with magic trackpad.
smbMount logo
smb:// url scheme handler for Mac OS X.
Stellar Wipe logo
Data erasure tool for permanent erasure.
Revolve logo
Visually appealing RapidWeaver theme.
Time Track Pro logo
Track time spent on your Mac.
Google Update Uninstaller logo
Keep Google Chrome from updating automatically.
Calillona logo
Browse Amazon's catalog without a browser.
cubeSQLAdmin logo
Full-featured and high performing database management system.
Gallant logo
Responsive, feature-rich RapidWeaver theme.
The Tracktor Safari Extension logo
Price tracking alerts for
Sync2It's BookmarkSync logo
Real-time automatic synchronization service.