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Path Finder logo
Powerful, award-winning Finder alternative.
EasyFind logo
File, folder, and text contents search tool.
FinderPop logo
Adds enhanced contextual menu features to folders in OS X.
Duplicate File Finder logo
Find duplicate files.
Easy Duplicate Finder logo
Find and remove duplicate files, photos, songs, and emails.
XtraFinder logo
Add tabs and more to Finder.
NotesFinder logo
Find the notes on any string instrument and in any notation.
Cisdem DuplicateFinder logo
Find and remove duplicate files.
Find & Replace It! logo
Find and replace text strings in multiple files, with or without regex.
Solution Finder logo
Find solutions for quadratic equations.
FinderPath logo
Finder addition displays a small address bar on top of Finder windows.
Fireebok Duplicates Finder logo
Find and remove duplicate files from your Mac fast and accurately.
Araxis Find Duplicate Files logo
Find, manage duplicates on the basis of content.
Find File logo
System search tool like System 7 Find File.
Duplicate Finder logo
Find and remove duplicate files.
Find Empty Folders logo
Find and delete empty folders, even with .DS_Store files inside.
Can You Find It? logo
Game where you find mistakes in two similar pictures.
Finder Size & Position Scripts logo
Have your Finder windows placed and sized as you like.
FinderClean logo
Helps your Finder stay healthy.
Finder Browser logo
Speedy preview of images directly in the Finder.
NameFind logo
GUI for the Unix find command-line tool.
Duplicate Finder logo
Easily find and remove duplicate files from your hard drive.
Find Recent Items logo
Find recently created items on your computer.
Findy logo
Find your files.
Griffin iTrip Station Finder logo
Helps iTrip users find radio stations.
Stellar Smart Finder logo
Find and sort files.
findPrimeFactors logo
Easily find the prime factors of an integer.
Big Files Finder logo
Find the largest files on your computer.
FinderFileSizes logo
Displays size of selected files/folders in Finder in menubar.
Duplifinder logo
Find duplicate photos and videos in iPhoto.
FinderSync logo
Updates Finder windows.
FinderView logo
Finder controlled slideshow player.
FinderTool logo
Shortcuts for Finder navigation.
Simply Find It Seasons logo
Find differences in two similar pictures.
ScaleFinder logo
Allows musicians to find the scale being played.
IP Finder logo
Find your public IP.
Clean the Finder Preferences logo
Restore the Finder in case of errors.
Birthstone Finder logo
Find birthstones quickly.
Finder Must Die logo
Quit the Finder to squeeze system performance.
FinderWindow logo
Addition to the Finder window toolbar.
Finder Refresher logo
Updates Finder windows.
FinderTop logo
Click the menu bar to move the Finder to the front.
Finder Color logo
Change/restore Finder color with gamma.
Finderella logo
Desktop Finder replacement for children.
FinderPal logo
Control the Finder, iTunes, and more.
Finder Activator logo
Easily activate the Finder via Spotlight.
NameFinder logo
Find a name for your baby.
Fashion Finder logo
Find the hottest fashion trends puzzle game.
Any Duplicate Finder logo
Powerful duplicate file finder.
Find Any File logo
Search your disks for files using various criteria.
Findings logo
Lab notebook app for scientists.
Find my Font logo
Identify fonts in your digital images.
MediaHuman Lyrics Finder logo
Search and add lyrics for all your music files automatically.
Viewfinder logo
Desktop client for Flickr.
Find A Word logo
Word game.
Find your Mac logo
Track the location of your Mac.
FinderIconCM logo
Copy/paste/clear/view icons without opening Get Info.
Simple Find & Replace logo
Run search and replace operations.
Find and Play logo
AppleScript shortcut to play music from iTunes.
Finding Nemo logo
Icons from the popular movie.
Finder Window Manager logo
Create Window Sets to remember window size, placement, view options.
Boingo Wi-Finder logo
Access Boingo hotspots in hotels, airports, convention centers, etc. (was GoBoingo!).
Multi-Find/Change logo
Extension for Adobe InDesign and InCopy CC.
FinderScape logo
Scan & preview media files on your Mac.
Find The Rabbit logo
A cartoon rabbit says hello in various languages.
FindIt logo
Desktop tab pops up for Web searches.
FinderMinder logo
Make new windows appear at a specific location and size on the screen.
RelaunchFinder logo
Launch the sidebar you want in OS X 10.7.
Font Finder logo widget for free and commercial fonts.
Subversion Scripts for Finder logo
Make frequent operations on Subversion repositories easier.
Finder Bookmarks logo
Editor for Web Location Files.
FindFilesX logo
Gather lists of files and folders on any drive.
File Finder logo
Search files on any mounted volume over any protocol.
CoverArtFinder logo
Automatically add artwork and lyrics to your iTunes library.
SockhoEasyFind logo
Search 6 search engines simultaneously.
Origin logo
Find, download, and buy games from EA.
Tidy Up logo
Find duplicate files and tidy up your hard drive.
TG Pro logo
Control fan speeds, monitor temperatures, and find faulty sensors.
PowerPhotos logo
Manage and find duplicates in multiple Photos libraries.
WhatSize logo
Find out what files are taking up all your HD space.
RightFont logo
Manage and find fonts quickly; integrates with Photoshop and Sketch.
WiFi Explorer logo
Scan, find, and troubleshoot wireless networks.
iStumbler logo
Find local wireless networks.
PhotoSweeper logo
Find, sort, and eliminate similar photos.
DupeZap logo
Find duplicate files for syncing and deleting (was DupeZap Plus).
Reference Miner logo
Find reference information on the Internet.
FoxTrot Personal Search logo
Focused, precise way to find data in files.
TextBatchConv logo
Batch re-encoder for text files and find/replace text.
iPhoto Library Manager logo
Manage multiple iPhoto libraries and find duplicate photos.
SpotFiles logo
Find files without Spotlight.
Disk Clean Pro logo
Find and remove space-wasting files.
Caption logo
Find subtitles.
Duplicate Manager Pro logo
Auto find and delete duplicate and large files.
Open Any File logo
Find apps which can open a file type.
Duplicate Annihilator logo
Find and delete duplicates in iPhoto.
Duplicate File Doctor logo
Find and remove duplicates.
Show Hidden Files logo
Find hidden files and folders with one click (was Find Files).
Suggester logo
Find musical chords that work together.
Duplicate Photos Detective logo
Find duplicate images.
Trackhunter logo
Find upfront electronic dance music very quickly and easily.