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Feed logo
RSS newsreader.
Feeder logo
Create, edit, and publish RSS feeds.
Feed Reader logo
Read RSS news feeds in one place.
Fresh Feed Pro logo
Simple and effective feed aggregator.
Smashing Feeds Icons logo
Flashy RSS feed icons.
Eyehome Customization RSS/XML feed logo
Change news feeds.
FeedForAll logo
Create, edit, and publish RSS feeds and podcasts.
iFeedPod logo
Copy RSS feeds to your iPod.
FeedMe logo
Manage collection of RSS feeds (was Relatively Simple Syndication).
Atom Feed Builder logo
Build Atom valid feeds in a few clicks.
QFeed logo
Accessible RSS feed reader.
RSS Dreamfeeder logo
RSS feeds generated from Dreamweaver.
EtreFeed logo
Notification Center alerts for your favorite RSS feeds.
Feedy logo
RSS Client.
Feeds logo
Monitor Dribbble, Basecamp, and other Web services.
InstaFeed logo
Desktop Instagram viewer.
Feeding Frenzy logo
Vibrant aquatic action game.
One Objective Feed logo
Lightweight RSS reader.
Subscribe to Feed Safari Extension logo
Adds an RSS button to Safari 6's toolbar.
BottomFeeder logo
News aggregator, RSS and Atom.
The Hand That Feeds GarageBand Song logo
Nine Inch Nails GarageBand editable tracks.
Real Mac Genius RSS Feed logo
RSS reader widget.
Safari Feed to OPML logo
Convert a set of Safari.
Feed Me Oil logo
Physics-based puzzle game.
PoddumFeeder logo
Subscribe/download podcasts.
SoundFeed logo
Keep track of SoundCloud in your menu bar.
MacInsider Feed Widget logo
Displays the latest news from MacInsider.
FeedMailer logo
AppleScript auto places NetNewsWire URLs in
FeedBank logo
Customizable news widget.
NewsBar logo
Display RSS news feeds on your desktop.
Automatic logo
Download content and files from RSS feeds automatically.
RSS Menu Extension for Safari logo
Discover RSS feeds in Safari 6.
Catch logo
Automatically download new torrents from a ShowRSS feed.
Whisperings logo
Listen to Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio feeds.
Bottomless Fish Pond logo
Screen-saver which allows you to feed the fish.
BBC Radio Widget logo
Widget for BBC radio feeds.
Miro logo
Video RSS feed downloader/player.
PulpFiction Lite logo
RSS/Atom feed reader.
PulpFiction logo
RSS/Atom feed reader.
Juice logo
Download podcasts via RSS feed. (was iPodder)
Monotony logo
RSS feed reader.
GROSX logo
Google Reader feed subscriber.
RSSOwl logo
Java newsreader for RSS feeds.
DeskLapz logo
Live image feed desktop picture tool.
iPodderX logo
Podcast RSS newsfeed tool.
AG RSS Reader logo
Multiple feed RSS reader widget.
Dodge That Anvil! logo
See if one brave bunny can feed the entire warren.
DropBook logo
Drag-and-drop items to post them to your Facebook feed.
BlogBridge logo
News feed and blog aggregation system.
RSS Notifier logo
Easily read RSS feeds in the Notification Center and menu bar.
OnlyNewYork RSS Widget logo
RSS feed from
RSS Upper logo
RSS feed reader.
Dave Matthews Band Set List Widget logo
RSS feed from the fan club.
Mac-Forums RSSaver logo RSS feed based screen saver.
SquareCaster logo
Podcast RSS feed manager.
AppleInsider Widget logo
Displays the RSS feed for (unofficial).
TwitterTicker  logo
View your twitter feed in your screensaver.
SafariDockStatus logo
Displays number of unread RSS feeds in Safari.
BBC News client logo
Access the BBC RSS feeds.
Horus News Reader logo
RSS feed reader.
Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Village logo
Feed hungry astronauts in this adventure game.
Dragon Keeper logo
Breed, feed, and take care of your dragons.
iPodderX Lite logo
Podcast RSS newsfeed tool.
Global Consciousness Widget logo
Live text feed from Global Consciousness Website.
News Anchor logo
News reader for RSS and ATOM feeds. Widget logo
Subscribe to a bookmark feed, browse your bookmarks.
Top 300 App Store Apps logo
Widget that displays RSS feed of The Top 300 App Store Apps.
SANS Internet Storm Center Widget logo
Displays the RSS feed from SANS Internet Storm Center.
NMEA2GE logo
Real-time position updates for NMEA feed (alpha).
NSF Information logo
Widget for viewing RSS feed updates from the National Science Foundation.
Different District Widget logo
RSS feed from Different District.
iPhonenews Widget logo
Displays RSS feed for
Glance news logo
Turns your news feeds into an interactive mosaic.
RSSManagerX logo
Manage your Safari RSS feeds.
Clickwheel logo
RSS comic feed for the color iPod.
Safari2OPML logo
Export Safari RSS feeds as OPML.
Al Jazeera News logo
Widget displays the Al Jazeera RSS feed.
ESL Podcast logo
RSS feed of the ESLPodcast.
TUAW RSS Widget logo
Retrieves The Unofficial Apple Weblog RSS feed. NewsSkimmer logo
A screensaver that draws from over 100 RSS news feeds.
SafariGrowler logo
Growl notification for new RSS feeds.
Add to Google Reader logo
Safari extension adds RSS feeds directly to Google Reader.
News Explorer logo
RSS newsreader with cloud-based sync.
NetNewsWire logo
RSS and Atom news reader.
Vienna logo
RSS and Atom newsreader.
BusyCal logo
Powerful calendar app with multiple syncing options.
StockSpy logo
Track stock market news.
Downcast logo
Download, play, and sync your podcasts.
DEVONagent Pro logo
Maximize Web-search efficiency.
gPodder logo
Manages your podcasts.
GoldSpy logo
Track precious metal spot prices.
Universal Ticker logo
Scrolling ticker in the menubar (was Tigger).
SpiderOak logo
Secure cloud backup, storage, and sharing; 2GB free.
Vuze logo
BitTorrent client with wide-ranging features.
Wirecast logo
Stream live from the desktop.
aTV Flash (black) logo
Supercharge your second-generation Apple TV.
HistoryHound logo
Do a fast text search of all recently visited websites.
Redmine logo
Distribution of the Redmine project management software (was BitNami Redmine Stack).
PSTextMerge logo
Open-Source app to merge data and create a webpage.
Goldfish Standard logo
Web design for all devices in a few easy steps.