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More System Events logo
In the same lines as System Events.
EventSync logo
Sync your Facebook Events with iCal.
Entourage Events2Web logo
Export Entourage calendar events for Web use.
EventScripts logo
Trigger AppleScripts based on specific activities.
Events Maker logo
Restores add-name-of-Event feature to
Calendar Events logo
See what happened on this day in history.
Fantastical logo
Create calendar events and reminders using natural language.
Event Admin logo
Track and organize events.
Countdowns logo
Widget for counting days left to events.
JotTheDate logo
Draw out your calendar events.
Boom Recorder Pro logo
Audio recorder for live events, film.
Sport at Maps logo
Explore the history or sports events.
Calendar 366 Plus logo
Complete menu-bar calendar for events and reminders.
TimeWorks logo
View iCal events in a window or as screensaver (was iCalViewer).
oneIopen logo
Logging events that you chose to monitor.
MemoVault logo
Record birthdays, anniversaries, and family events (was Majordomo4U).
Google Calendar Widget logo
Keep an eye on your Google Calendar events.
MergeX logo
Merge two Final Cut Pro X events.
PhoneCopy logo
Backup and sync contacts, events, and more.
Security Growler logo
Menu bar notifier for SSH, FTP, VNC, AFP, or sudo events.
Power Manager Professional logo
Create and schedule sophisticated energy-saving events.
Smart Reminder logo
Reminds special and daily events.
Countdown Timer Plus logo
Get reminders about important dates and events.
Days Left logo
Count down your important events.
SetDate logo
Create Calendar events for a specific future date.
GCal for Google Calendar logo
Keep track of life's important events.
Event Manager logo
Foundation for planning and organizing your events and functions.
When logo
Keep a list of events and due dates or history.
Elyoum logo
Islamic Calendar that shows historical events and sunnah fasting.
Caliander logo
Create calendar events quickly and easily.
Apple Event logo
Watch Apple Events live in your Dashboard.
Big Event Reminder logo
Don't miss your important events.
Crumb logo
A simple CRM-like app that uses your existing Contacts and Events (beta).
Mapped logo
Visualize your events and assets.
Jet calendar logo
Easily schedule events across time zones.
Google Notifier logo
Menu item displays Gmail/Google Calendar events (was Gmail Notifier).
Schedule logo
Manage your events or tasks all in one place.
QuickCal logo
Create iCal events and to-dos with natural language.
iCal Dupe Deleter logo
Aids removal of duplicate timed events in iCal.
Calendar logo
Track events on your desktop.
FMenu logo
Menubar item provides Growl notifications of Facebook events.
Event Reminder logo
Reminds you of recurring events like birthdays.
MiniBatteryLogger logo
Monitors and graphs laptop battery events.
Splendid City logo
Organize team sports or game events.
D::Light logo
Lightboard software for live events.
Diabetes Logbook X logo
Track and report diabetes related events (beta).
CaliBrate logo
Create and batch process iCal events.
Sounds4Fun logo
Assign any sound to any of up to 70 events.
iDeskCal logo
Allows quick access to your iCal calendar events.
VoiceNotes logo
Widget to record lectures, shopping lists, musical events, more.
iCal Birthday Shifter logo
Auto-make birthday events in iCal.
CalendarCreator.service logo
Add events to iCal with ease.
MooSB logo
Assign various sounds to different system events.
Mail2iCal logo
Export messages to iCal events or to-dos.
This Day in History logo
Show significant historical events on current, or selected day.
SoundNote logo
Create sounds for system events.
Remind Me Later logo
Quickly add events to iCal.
Event Planner logo
Prepare your parties and events with ease.
Calendar Countdown logo
Widget shows upcoming events from Google Calendar.
CalendarBar logo
Events from iCal, Facebook and Google Calendar in a single view (reduced price).
AweCal logo
Manage and organize tasks, events, and notes.
Birthday Bar logo
Lists upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other events.
iCal-Alarmist logo
Batch edit iCal events/alarms, set attendees, notes, and more.
Time Out Chicago Widget logo
Widget displays fun events in Chicago.
Days Away logo
Discreetly reminds you of upcoming events.
red Curtain logo
Create cues for theatre and live events.
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard logo
MIDI events generator and receiver.
RaceRender logo
Create data overlays on your videos of many types of sports events.
Text2cal logo
OS X Service to create iCal events from email.
Fit Text Stack logo
RapidWeaver stack; resize your text with browser events.
Seth's Autofollow Timer logo
Lighting programmer for discos and live events.
iCalCopy logo
Copies events and to-do items from one iCal calendar to another.
iCal Agenda logo
Simple app that displays your upcoming events.
NetGrowler logo
Pop-up notifications on network events through Growl.
RemindMe logo
Create iCal events for birthdays, anniversaries for iPhone/iPod touch.
Gigometer logo
Widget lists upcoming gigs and events either by location or artist.
Mindful logo
Your daily events directly on the desktop.
iCal Archiver logo
Increase iCal search accuracy by archiving old events.
Do-It logo
Makes it easier to add events to iCal.
iShowCal logo
The shortcut to your iCal events.
Multi Event Filter logo
Translate text into Calendar events.
ReMindMe logo
Menubar item to remember important events.
Energy Schedule logo
Widget reveals computer queued power events.
OddCal logo
Easily enter non-repeating multiple events in Calendar.
my-e-Ob logo
Calendar of events for pregnant women.
Week Event logo
Display iCal events in the System status bar.
NUD to iCal logo
Copy events from Now Up-to-Date to iCal.
iCal Services Pack logo
Copy iTunes, weather, and more to your iCal events.
Binocular logo
Track and log system events.
Calendario logo
View your events today and in the future.
Meton logo
Status item menu displays iCal events.
RoomDex X logo
Scheduling solution for meetings and other events.
Appointments logo
Keep track of customers, contacts, and important events related to them.
NetSyncX logo
Synchronize Netsuite events/contacts with Apple iCal, Address Book.
TimeLeft4 logo
Create timers to remind you of upcoming events.
Event Taps Testbench logo
Explore Quartz event taps.
Event Horizon logo
3D game based on EscapeVelocity.
Event Manager X logo
In-depth project and event management for Final Cut Pro X.