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Eudora logo
Email client now based on Thunderbird.
Spamnix for Eudora logo
Block spam email in Eudora 5.
Eudora Conduit logo
Transfer mail from Eudora to a Palm.
Eudora Internet Mail Server Admin X logo
Connect to Eudora Internet Mail server in OS X.
Eudora vCard Export logo
One-step conversion of Eudora nicknames to vCard files.
Eudora Junk Mail Scripts logo
AppleScript helps remove spam from Eudora 6.
iCal2Eudora X logo
Hacked AppleScript for Eudora w/iCal.
Eudora Mailbox Cleaner logo
Fixes date issues with imported emails.
Eudora Internet Mail Server logo
Internet email server software.
Eudora Internet Mail Server Light logo
Internet email server software.
Eudora Notifier logo
Tells you when you have new messages through Growl.
E2A logo
Imports Eudora addresses & groups to
MailSteward logo
Archive your email text in databases; three versions available.
Emailchemy logo
Convert email to a standard portable format.
Passenger logo
Server password generator.
4getMeNot logo
Electronic agenda.
MailboxManager logo
Check POP3 mail on server before downloading.
Mail Archiver X logo
Mail archiving, cleaning, and browsing.
Excalibur logo
Multi-document spelling checker, LaTeX-aware.
MacFreePOPs logo
Downloads Web-based mail to a POP client.
SmartWrap logo
Clean e-mail and text in and many other programs.
Email Archiver logo
Keep your mailboxes to a reasonable size.
Email Effects X logo
Create text-based drawings to transfer through email messages.
Apple Mail Import Script for OSX logo
Imports email messages to OSX
PocketDock logo
Launcher utility organizes apps and much more.
SpiralBound Pro logo
Enhanced version of SpiralBound, popular Stickies replacement.
Google Email Uploader logo
Upload email archives to Google Apps mailbox.
SMTPit logo
Send outgoing email directly from FileMaker Pro.