Apps found for “eject


DiscEject logo
Helps eject stuck CDs and DVDs.
Ejector logo
Eject your iPod via the menu bar (iPodEject).
Ejection Seat logo
Eject a troublesome disk.
ForcEject Tool logo
Force-ejects discs stuck inside SuperDrive.
Eject Everything logo
Ejects every mounted volume.
Disk Ejector logo
Eject a removable disk with ease.
autoEJECT logo
Auto-eject mounted disks upon sleep.
EjectBuddy logo
Eject removable media quickly from status bar menu item.
ForceEjectVolume logo
Unmount problematic volumes.
CloneEject logo
Prevent Spotlight from indexing a drive when mounted.
CleanMyDrive 2: Manage and Clean External Drives logo
Clean and eject external drives.
Jettison logo
Ejects external disks when you put your Mac to sleep.
unDock logo
Menu item for ejecting all mounted disks.
Unmount Disk logo
Unmount and eject your flash and hard drives in one click.
ReDiscMove logo
Force-eject discs from your CD/DVD drive.
DocJector logo
Eject volumes via the Dock or menubar.
Quick Disk logo
Eject and unmount external hard drives.
Dockables logo
Empty the trash, restart, eject and more using dock icons.
CleanGenius logo
Clean up junk files and monitor disk space.
OptimUSB logo
Remove temporary files from flash drives and memory cards.
Dropzone logo
Open, transfer, and install files by drag-and-drop.
mp3 DJ logo
Sequence audio files from various sources (was Capriccio).
Semulov logo
Lists all mounted volumes in your menubar.
Application Wizard logo
Convenient app launcher and quitter.
USBclean logo
Keep your thumb drives free from annoying junk files.
Mountain logo
Manage mounted storage drives from the menu bar.
Awaken logo
Digital alarm clock uses iTunes to wake you.
Backup To Go logo
Keep your important data with you.
FreeSpace logo
Manage all your connected drives from the menu bar.
HiM logo
Cleans hidden files from MP3 players, USB sticks, and local folders.
Drive logo
Keep an eye on your free space.
What's Keeping Me logo
Identify what is keeping you from emptying Trash.
WhatsOpen logo
Tells you which app has a volume open.
Hidden Cleaner logo
Cleans hidden files from MP3 players, USB sticks.
Bin-it logo
Desktop trash can with trash level indication.
ToolBar Extras logo
Adds more functionality to Finder windows.
Do Something When logo
Pref pane allows actions when mounting/unmounting drives.
SizeWell logo
Better window resize and zoom options.
youPod logo
iPod sync for iCal/AddressBook/Keychain and more.
Disk Recall logo
Disk cataloging utility.
MacVCD logo
Play VCD video from CDs.
Second Life Notifier logo
Check online/offline status of Second Life players.
FreeSpace TAB logo
Check your available drive space with a single click.
Fast Toggles logo
Add system toggles to your Dock or Launchpad.
PowerBlock logo
Run an AppleScript when the power button is pressed.
Volumes Menu logo
Menu item to access storage volumes.
MediaKeys logo
Remap keys to media keys.
CCDP logo
Resource-savvy audio CD and streaming music player.
Task3 logo
Automate almost anything on your Mac.
Apple iMac SuperDrive Updater X logo
Fixes 15-inch iMac superdrive problems.
Apple G4 SuperDrive Updater logo
Fixes media problems with G4 SuperDrive.
Magic Script Creator logo
Build fully functional AppleScripts.