Apps found for “editor


CarrierEditor logo
Customize the carrier logo on your iOS device.
HTML5 Editor logo
HTML source code editor.
CotEditor logo
Plain text editor.
MovieMator Video Editor Pro logo
Full-featured video editor.
Refly Editor logo
Smart-editor for content editors.
JSON Editor logo
Flexible visual editor for JSON data.
Polarr Photo Editor logo
Lightweight and professional photo editor (was Polarr).
Lyrics Editor logo
LRC editor, audio editor, and converter.
Power JSON Editor logo
Powerful JSON editor for developers.
Easy CSV Editor logo
Editor for CSV and TSV data files.
CSVEditorPro2 logo
CSV editor and exporter.
PhysicsEditor logo
Editor for Box2D and Chipmunk collision shapes.
wxHexEditor logo
Hex editor for huge files (beta).
PL2 Editor logo
Software editor for πλ² hardware synthesisers.
Proview PDF Editor logo
PDF Editor for Mac OS X.
Sdef Editor logo
Scripting definition file editor.
Morphon XML-Editor logo
Civilization 3 MapEditor logo
Civ3 game editor.
Web Editor logo
Clever and flexible web editor.
PhotoGPSEditor logo
Meta-data and GPS editor for jpeg/RAW/tiff files.
PhotoInfoEditor logo
An easy-to-use metadata editor for various image files.
Helen's Website Editor logo
Simple WYSIWYG Web page editor (beta).
Serna Free XML Editor logo
WYSIWYG XML editor for non-commercial uses.
PDF Editor X logo
A PDF viewer and editor.
KidzEditor logo
Simple text editor for kids.
SCEditor logo
Editor for Roland SoundCanvas.
TabEditor logo
Plain and rich text editor.
Serna XML Editor logo
Collaborative WYSIWYG XML editor, free version available.
GI20Editor logo
Software editor for the Roland GI-20 GK-MIDI guitar interface.
Loop Editor logo
Audio loop editing tool.
AdWords Editor logo
Create and upload your Google AdWords campaigns.
GPX Editor logo
Edit GPS eXchange (GPX) files.
Music Tag Editor Pro logo
Easily edit music tags.
vCard Editor logo
Create and edit vCards directly.
Xliff Editor logo
Xcode localization made easy.
SSH Config Editor logo
Manage SSH client-configuration files.
Image Exif Editor logo
View and edit your images' metadata.
Photos Exif Editor logo
Edit EXIF, IPTC & XMP data.
Text Editor logo
Wordprocessor that matches the printout.
Smart JSON Editor logo
Powerful JSON Tree tool.
PDF Editor Pro logo
Edit PDF content.
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors logo
Edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations offline.
PixelStyle Photo Editor logo
Design alternative to PhotoShop.
PDF Editor logo
Edit PDF documents.
Wondershare PDF Editor logo
Edit and enhance your PDFs.
SQLEditor logo
Create SQL databases graphically.
Prefs Editor logo
GUI replacement for the defaults command.
Audio Editor logo
Merge, split, and edit audio files.
Plain Text Editor logo
Edit plain text files with many options.
File Properties Editor logo
Edit file type, creator, mod date, and more.
LayoutEditor logo
Design and edit layouts for MEMS/IC fabrication.
Video Editor Robot logo
Video editing in just three steps.
Juno Editor logo
Roland Juno 106 and MKS7 Librarian.
Tag Editor logo
Handy spreadsheet for quick ID3 tagging.
Music Tag Editor logo
Organize your music collection.
Hemingway Editor logo
Word processor supporting markdown.
Oxygen XML Editor logo
Compare and merge XML files.
PUB Editor Pro logo
View, edit, convert Microsoft Publisher files.
CSV Editor Pro logo
Edit CVS and TXT files.
Offline Editor logo
Configure the console before a show.
GitBook Editor logo
A Modern publishing toolchain.
Question Tools Editor logo
Create online lessons and tests.
Scan Code Editor for Messenger Codes logo
Edit the look of a Facebook Messenger code (beta).
Document Editor logo
Useful Word Processor.
PDF Editor Pro logo
A tool for editing PDF files.
010 Editor logo
Professional text and hex editing.
BOOM Level Editor logo
Create and install new levels for the popular puzzle game.
Controller Editor logo
Map your Native Instrument controllers.
Snapshot Editor logo
Capture and edit screenshots.
ID3 Editor logo
Create or edit MP3 tag information.
Launchd Editor logo
GUI for editing application property lists.
ZS4 Video Editor logo
Video editing and compositing software.
XML Editor logo
Extensive DTD validating XML Builder.
Macsome Audio Editor logo
Easily and quickly edit MP3 or AAC files.
GEDCOM Editor logo
Inspect, create, modify genealogy data.
Simple Help Editor logo
Help authoring application for software developers.
PDF Editor logo
View and edit PDF files.
Arensus Crossword Puzzle Editor logo
Create custom crossword puzzles.
ePub Metadata Editor logo
Edit e-book metadata.
OPML Editor logo
Development platform and outlining tool.
Oni Savegame Editor logo
Edit Oni saved games.
Blog.Mac Template Editor logo
Customize your blog with easy editing, live previews.
Cocoa JSON Editor logo
Edit JSON strings and connect to API services.
HexEditor logo
View & edit raw binary files.
Map Editor logo
Simple map-creation tool.
Core Data Editor logo
Provides easy access to application data.
Crossword Editor logo
Allows you to create square crosswords in sizes from 7 x 7 to 33 x 33.
A2 Flash php Photo-Gallery Editor logo
Design, organize, display, upload Flash photo galleries.
JSTalk Editor logo
Scripting language built on top of JavaScript.
Subtitles theEditor logo
Subtitle synchronization, editing and translation tool.
DNS BIND Editor logo
Maintain your BIND Named and Zone files.
Tab Notes Theme Editor logo
Create themes for Tab Notes.
Voilabits VideoEditor logo
Edit and make stunning videos on the fly.
FXWitz SWF Editor logo
Flash photo gallery builder.
XBolo Map Editor logo
Create and edit maps for XBolo, nuBolo and WinBolo.
PAD Editor logo
Create Portable Application Description (PAD) XML files.
iPodEditor logo
Edit text and images.
CudaText logo
Code editor with syntax highlight for lot of languages.
Fission logo
Streamlined audio editor.
Poedit logo
Cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor.