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ClamXav logo
Virus checker based on ClamAV.
Cyberduck logo
FTP and SFTP browser.
coconutBattery logo
Displays info about your laptop battery.
TrailRunner logo
Route planning for hiking, biking, and more.
Herald logo
Notification plugin for
Keka logo
File archiver.
BackupList+ logo
File copy and backup application.
XnConvert logo
Easy image converter.
BirdFont logo
Font editor.
CPUSetter logo
Adjust the number of active CPU cores.
ViMediaManager logo
Media manager for information, art, trailers, and television tunes (alpha).
Universal Mailer logo
Modify outgoing email (beta).
dupeGuru logo
A tool to find duplicate files on your computer.
SolEol logo
Search for movie subtitles.
Doxygen logo
Generate documentation from source code.
Aquamacs logo
Emacs editor.
BatteryLevel logo
Dashboard widget that displays battery level of wireless input devices.
Quaik logo
Lightweight mailer for single or bulk mailing.
SyncFF logo
Sets modified date of folders to match new files within.
Xiafunge logo
Batch change the suffix of files.
AddPDF logo
Combine several PDF files into a single PDF.
mDNSBrowser logo
Modern version of Bonjour Browser.
Boolean Search logo
Add HTML searches to your website.
Twotade logo
Batch edit file modification and creation dates.
AudioBook Binder logo
Convert MP3 audio files to M4B format for iPod compatibility.
YouView logo
Watch YouTube videos without a browser.
Go2Shell logo
Opens a terminal window to the current directory in Finder.
DT4 logo
Artware with visual feedback and sound synthesis (was DT4 Identity-sa).
Songsheet Generator logo
Prints songsheets and songbooks.
Miro logo
Video RSS feed downloader/player.
MacPAR deLuxe logo
Manage and decode .par/.par2 files from newsgroups.
DiscEject logo
Helps eject stuck CDs and DVDs.
gfxCardStatus logo
Keeps track of which graphics card your MacBook Pro is using.
iLocalize logo
Aids developers in creating localizations (beta).
MiniUsage logo
Menubar CPU, network, battery monitor.
Lion Tweaks logo
Tweak certain features in OS X 10.7 and 10.8.
Lion Designer logo
Change the design of Launchpad, Dashboard, and Mission Control.
SMBUp logo
Reinstate and manage Samba on OS X 10.7 Lion.
iCal Dupe Deleter logo
Aids removal of duplicate timed events in iCal.
PleaseSleep logo
Forces your Mac to sleep if something keeps it awake.
Google Maps Plugin logo
Plugin for Address Book looks up Google Maps of addresses.
Warp logo
Use mouse to switch between Spaces in Leopard.
IceFloor logo
Front-end for the built-in PF firewall in OS X 10.7 or later.
Anti Flashback Trojan logo
Checks for the Flashback Trojan.
WaterRoof logo
Firewall management front end.
iAlarm logo
Alarm clock with 5 modes of wake-up.
Invisibility Toggler logo
Invisibility Toggler enables you to view invisible files.
Clover Diary logo
Simple diary software.
myDVDEdit logo
DVD-based spec editor.
NCbackgrounder logo
Customize Notification Center's background.
MassiveLyrics logo
Get lyrics for your iTunes music collection.
NoobProof logo
Basic firewall configuration tool.
jCodeCollector logo
Manage your code snippets.
VLC RAR-Loader logo
Play rar-compressed movies using VLC.
Finder Browser logo
Speedy preview of images directly in the Finder.
FLV2iTunes logo
Convert videos to iTunes and iPod supported format.
Lion FTPD Enable logo
Enable and disable ftpd on OS X 10.7 Lion.
Easy PDF logo
Batch create PDF files.
Bubblegym logo
Tilt-sensitive game for MacBooks.
ftp-config logo
GUI for FTP server.
Safari Toolkit logo
Unlock hidden Web browsing features in Safari.
Backup Disabler logo
Easily sync iPhone without waiting for backups.
River logo
Search for torrent files.
QTCoffee logo
Manipulate QuickTime media via command line.
Chroma Key Live logo
Generate a live green screen composite.
WeatherOffice logo
Widget that displays reports from Weather Canada.
Diabetes Logbook X logo
Track and report diabetes related events (beta).
Sweet16 logo
Apple IIgs emulator.
TitleExchange logo
Fast, easy transfer or conversion of subtitles.
SafeSleepOnce logo
Puts your Mac into safe sleep.
Synergy logo
Share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers.
Launch! TPG logo
TGP ADSL broadband meter.
Bellhop logo
Build OS X system services. (was Concierge, iConcierge)
Chalaut logo
Drag & drop app for launching programs as root.
FreeMat logo
Rapid engineering and scientific prototyping, similar to MATLAB.
Movie Trailers logo
Browse the latest trailers at
iPlace logo
Contextual menu plug-in for Safari for managing image downloads.
iTunesMenu logo
Menubar item iTunes controller.
AdiumList logo
Widget displays contact list for Adium.
Virtual Magnifying Glass logo
Screen magnification tool.
j2chess logo
Chess program written in Java.
Illumination Software Creator logo
Create software applications without coding.
iTunes Tool logo
Tiny floating toolbar controls iTunes.
Midnight logo
Widget puts your Mac in safe sleep or deep sleep.
Font Renamer logo
Rename original font names.
Kimdom Come logo
Politicial missle command center game.
iPhotoToGoogleEarth logo
View iPhoto GPS-tagged photos within Google Earth.
Jasper's Phototools logo
A bundle of essential photography tools.
Quit All Apps logo
Quit all running apps running in the Dock.
ECSatellite logo
Displays latest satellite images of North and South America.
TIPP10 logo
Free touch-typing tutor.
Volume Scroll logo
Control system volume by scrolling over the menu bar.
iMaps logo
MapKit-based access to Google Maps.
World IP logo
Displays 3D world model of IP address locations.
EPSQLPlugIn logo
Extend QuickLook functionality to display previews of EPS files.
EasySpeak logo
Convert text from Web page or document to audio.
iChartwork logo
Syncs avatar on iChat/Adium and iTunes artwork of current song.
Aqueiss logo
Contextual menu checks spelling and more.
Asthma Logbook X logo
For tracking, reporting asthma related information.
Church Membership Keeper logo
FileMaker database to keep records of most church functions.