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Hurricane Rita/Katrina News & Donate logo
Latest hurricane Rita/Katrina news, donate to Red Cross.
BOINC logo
Donate your idle computer time to research.
TM Error Logger logo
Time Machine error-reporting program.
mDNSBrowser logo
Modern version of Bonjour Browser.
ROMlaunch logo
Launch ROMs with their respective emulators directly from Finder.
Eudora logo
Email client now based on Thunderbird.
Time Lapse Assembler logo
Create movies from a sequence of images.
HandBrakeBatch logo
Batch convert files with HandBrake.
Mountain Tweaks logo
Tool for tweaking OS X 10.8.
PleaseSleep logo
Forces your Mac to sleep if something keeps it awake.
MenuCal logo
Simple drop-down calendar menu.
Lion FTPD Enable logo
Enable and disable ftpd on OS X 10.7 Lion.
Bubblegym logo
Tilt-sensitive game for MacBooks.
Safari Toolkit logo
Unlock hidden Web browsing features in Safari.
DriveGauge logo
Gives your HD icons a fullness indicator.
Diabetes Logbook X logo
Track and report diabetes related events (beta).
iTweak logo
Adds functionality to iWeb.
Freezer logo
Freeze processor intensive applications.
DeskLapz logo
Live image feed desktop picture tool.
MagicDesktopSwitch logo
Play screen saver as desktop image.
GCStatistic logo
Generate geocaching statistics.
LiveScores logo
Live updates of European soccer games.
VPN Router logo
Define a list of remote IPs routed through VPN tunnel.
SoCal logo
GTD app extends iCal functionality.
iMaps logo
MapKit-based access to Google Maps.
UploadMe logo
Simple but mighty image editor.
DeskTrade logo
Live-desktop stock quotes.
Asthma Logbook X logo
For tracking, reporting asthma related information.
Dashflix logo
Widget to check your Netflix queue, Dashflix mini also available.
AirFlick logo
Serve files and URL
PlaneShift logo
Virtual fantasy world; start as peasant and become a hero.