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DEVONthink Pro logo
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Java SE Development Kit 9 logo
Java development kit from Oracle.
Devawriter Pro logo
Teach and study Devanagari.
Java SE Development Kit 7 logo
The Java Development Kit (JDK).
Devices logo
Keep track of your devices.
Safari WebDevAdditions logo
Adds menu to Safari for developers.
JBoost - Developer Edition logo
Web dev package helps eliminate redundancy.
DevonSync logo
Synchronize DEVONThink Pro databases over a network.
Developer Color Picker logo
Custom color picker designed specifically for developers.
Device Discovery Tool logo
Ubiquiti Networks device discoverer.
Bluetooth Device Inspector logo
Displays details about Bluetooth devices near your computer.
DEVONthink Personal logo
Knowledge base and information manager.
DEVONthink Pro Office logo
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
DEVONnote logo
Intelligent notepad.
DEVONagent Pro logo
Maximize Web-search efficiency.
DEVONagent Express logo
Web search from the menu bar.
DEVONagent Lite logo
Add search to your Mac.
DEVONsphere Express logo
Finds connections between seemingly unrelated files.
Doodle Devil logo
Unique world-building puzzler.
Developing Reading Fluency logo
Reading fluency instruction for 4th-graders and older.
Oracle SQL Developer logo
GUI for Oracle database management.
Perl Dev Kit logo
Essential tools for building easily deployable executables.
Formac Devideon logo
DVD authoring software. logo
Menu extra links desktop to another folder.
Devwex logo
Java-based Web server.
Devastro logo
Save the Earth from yet another alien invasion.
FileMaker Pro Developer logo
Adds authentication features and more.
Tcl Dev Kit logo
Essential tools for Tcl programmers.
GNU Development Environment logo
Suite of compilers w/CPU simulator and debugger.
Oxygen XML Developer logo
XML & Schema editor.
Slidevana Bundle for PowerPoint and Keynote logo
150+ slides for PowerPoint and Keynote.
redsn0w logo
iOS jailbreaking device.
redsn0w logo
Tool for jailbreaking and modifying iOS devices.
Provisioning Profiles logo
List and organize iOS dev provisioning profiles.
EGD logo
Uncompiled source pkg for /dev/random random number improvements.
GBA-SDK logo
Unofficial Gameboy development kit.
Unretina logo
Image resizer for iOS devs for testings on non-retina devices.
MajicRank logo
For iPhone and Mac app devs to see how popular their apps are.
Atom logo
A hackable text editor.
Translate Bot logo
Easy app localization.
Icon Bot logo
Hassle-free icon converter.
Laverna logo
Secure note-taking.
Portraits logo
Turn simple snapshots into beautiful portrait photos.
Absinthe logo
Untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1.
PwnageTool logo
iPhone jailbreaking tool.
Freedroid logo
Classic c64 Paradroid arcade game.
Frogatto logo
2D action game starring a quixotic frog.
SpeedTask logo
Manage your everyday tasks from desktop to mobile.
Warp Rogue logo
Gothic science fantasy rogue-like game.
Filterator logo
Create, edit, and share your pictures.
Microcone Recorder logo
Record meetings with ease.
Airlook logo
Widget displays Airport Express Basestation info.
Monochromist logo
Create great black and white photography.
Posterator logo
Quickly and easily create collages and posters.
DePN Manager logo
View and download tracks from PN-40.
Colorator logo
Removes specific colors from your images.
FotoFind logo
Lets you add location information from a GPX file directly to iPhoto.
Social Avatar Helper logo
Create your avatars or profile pictures for social websites.
Cave Quest logo
Match the objects and save the trapped travellers.
FTP Client Uploader Creator logo
Upload files and folders to FTP servers.
Minimalwords logo
Minimalistic audio-visual experience that lets you focus on your task.
RadPicView logo
Pic viewer for REALbasic.
RadColorBar logo
Customizable progress-bar style control for REALbasic.
RadAutoComplete logo
Provides popup-list style autocomplete for REALbasic.
RadThumbnailView logo
Customizable picture thumbnail views.
MooSB logo
Assign various sounds to different system events.
Xbox One Controller Enabler logo
Use your Xbox One controller on OS X.
HexToaster logo
Numerical base converter.
Unlockupd logo
Works around a bug in lookupd.
Dialog Maker logo
Quickly build AppleScripts.
Duo logo
Dual-paned web browser to display 'desktop' and 'mobile' view.