Apps found for “dashboard


Dashboard logo
Responsive RapidWeaver theme.
Dashboard KickStart logo
Eliminates long Dashboard startup sequence (was Dashboard Start).
DashboardKiller logo
Switch Dashboard on/off.
Dashboard Widget Xcode Template logo
Develop Dashboard widgets.
DashboardDock logo
Launch applications from your Dashboard.
Dashboard de Aquarium logo
A little aquarium for your Dashboard.
Kill Dashboard logo
Automator action for shutting down Dashboard after use.
DashboardClock logo
A Dashboard Clock widget.
DashboardStarter logo
Brings up Dashboard and closes it right away.
Dashboard on Fire logo
Displays flickering flames in your Dashboard.
DisableDashboard Utility logo
Removes it from memory, disables F12 and the Dashboard icon.
Drobo Dashboard logo
Software and firmware for Drobo Data Storage Robots.
Outline Dashboard logo
Remote use with Outline Processors.
My eBay Dashboard Widget logo
Quickly track won and lost eBay items.
Azureus Dashboard Widget logo
Interface for monitoring/managing BitTorrent downloads.
MVV Dashboard Widget logo
Access public transport timetables for Munich, Germany.
Dashboard Dialer logo
Widget initiates Vonage phone calls.
Dashboard Gauges Widgets logo
Automobile gauges display the status of your computer.
iLounge Dashboard Widget logo
Access the iLounge.
VGN Dashboard Widget logo
Access public transport timetables for Nuremberg, Germany. Dashboard Widget logo
Keep an eye on your userpage.
VelaClock Deluxe logo
Dashboard world clock widget.
BatteryLevel logo
Dashboard widget that displays battery level of wireless input devices.
MailWidget logo
Be notified of new email every time you open Dashboard.
Apple Event logo
Watch Apple Events live in your Dashboard.
Superfighters logo
Play Superfighters right in your OS X Dashboard.
Classic Lava Lamp logo
Classic Lava Lamp lends drama and excitement to your dashboard.
Matrix logo
Play a pentatonic step sequencer in your Dashboard.
909 logo
Roland TR 909 Drum Machine clone for the dashboard.
piZap logo
Photo editor for the dashboard.
Otomata logo
Generative sequencer for the Dashboard.
StickGmer 2 logo
Play Stick Games right in your Dashboard.
SoundObject logo
Get an sound sequencer for the Dashboard.
Circuli logo
Generative sound generator for your dashboard.
StickGmer 1 logo
Play Stick Games right in your Dashboard.
FM Synthesizer logo
Frequency-modulation synthesizer for Dashboard.
Audiotool Radio logo
Listen to Audiotool artists right in the Dashboard.
Tales of Essentia logo
Retro strategic thinking game for the Dashboard.
Mr. Neondy logo
Funny Unity skill game for the Dashboard.
Ridiculous Glitching logo
Retro multiplayer game for the OS X Dashboard.
Widget Code logo
Application for developing Dashboard widgets.
SlothCam logo
Dashboard webcam viewer.
Widget Manager logo
Prefpane for Dashboard.
Lion Designer logo
Change the design of Launchpad, Dashboard, and Mission Control.
Send SMS Widget logo
Dashboard widget sends SMS text messages.
VelaClock logo
Dashboard world clock widget.
DisableTigerFeatures logo
Disable Spotlight and Dashboard.
DonkeyKong logo
Play Donkey Kong in your Dashboard.
Dasher logo
Pref pane for Dashboard.
Festive Lights logo
Widget to decorate your Dashboard with animated lights.
Dash Monitors logo
Graphical Dashboard system resource usage widget.
iBooksPreview logo
Access the iBooks store from your dashboard (was iBookstore).
Sudoku Widget logo
Play Sudoku in your Dashboard.
Shredder Widget logo
Document shredder for your Dashboard.
A New Mac Tip Every Day logo
Mac tips on your Dashboard.
iPhone Widget logo
Access Apple Hot News and more on your Dashboard.
Decor logo
Widget to decorate Dashboard with images.
DashQuit logo
Free RAM by quitting Dashboard.
SuperMario Widget logo
Play SuperMario right from your Dashboard.
Safari Light logo
Web browser for your Dashboard.
Twidget logo
Update your Twitter status from the Dashboard.
New Sticky logo
Create new Dashboard stickies from the Dock.
WidgetRunner logo
Run Dashboard Widgets on your desktop.
Color Schemer Galleria logo
Access over 1,000 color schemes from your Dashboard.
Widgets Preference Pane logo
Control Dashboard and Widgets.
RSSBean logo
Dashboard widget RSS reader.
iChatWidget logo
Displays buddy list in Dashboard.
DashSaver logo
Dashboard screensaver widget.
Ski, Freeski and Snowboard logo
Play Ski, Freeski and Snowboard in your dashboard.
Übertragen logo
Brings FTP and Bonjour file transfer to your Dashboard.
Space Invaders Retro logo
Play Space Invaders right in your Dashboard.
DashOff logo
Toggle Dashboard on and off.
Sudoku Fun logo
Widget allows playing Sudoku on Dashboard.
XwordLookup logo
Dashboard widget helps solve crosswords.
Mars Explorer Widget logo
Dashboard widget where you race friends on the net around Mars.
dashLicious logo account Dashboard widget.
Wiktionary Widget logo
Wikipedia dashboard widget.
Amnesty Screen Saver logo
Makes Dashboard widgets bounce around your screen.
Hollywood Widget logo
Bring to your Dashboard.
Rubik Widget logo
Rubik`s Cube for your Dashboard.
Widget Creator logo
Helps create beginner Dashboard widgets.
FOX News Widget logo
Dashboard widget for the cable news channel.
MiniTV logo
Dashboard widget.
Dash Sign logo
Customizable Dashboard sign.
DashNote logo
Access your Simplenote account from the Dashboard.
Intic Lock logo
Lock your Mac from the Dashboard.
Chroma logo
Dashboard color converter for HSV, RGB, and HEX formats.
ToggleDash logo
Enable and disable Dashboard.
inGrid logo
Aligns your Dashboard widgets to a grid.
Chirp logo
Read and post to multiple micro-blogging services from your Dashboard.
AppleClock logo
Dashboard clock in the shape of the Apple logo.
WidgetTV logo
Watch TV right from your Mac OS X Dashboard.
RetroGmer logo
Classic arcade gaming Dashboard widget.
tailDash logo
Dashboard front end for the UNIX command tail.
DashOpener logo
Alternative to Dashboard's Widget Bar.
Reasonic logo
Dashboard resource for Reason users.
BlackClock logo
Clock widget for Dashboard.
Master Chief logo
Play Master Chief right in your Dashboard.
Lite Brite Widget logo
Put Lite-Brite on Dashboard.
Drag logo
Floating dashboard widgets for your desktop.