Apps found for “daily


Daily logo
Time tracking for professionals.
Daily Ab Workout logo
Provides daily abdominal workout routines.
Daily Workouts logo
10 to 30 minute daily workout routines.
Daily Dilbert logo
Wdget that fetches the Dilbert comic strip daily.
DailyVerse logo
Daily Bible verse widget. Daily Special CANADA logo
Widget displays the Apple Daily Special Canada.
Daily Butt Workout logo
Contains two 5-minute daily butt and leg routines.
Youtube Daily Top Favorites logo
Widget showing daily updates for the top videos.
Daily Leg Workout logo
5 to 10 minute daily leg routines.
Daily Tasker logo
Customer schedule planner.
Daily Expenses logo
Track spending habits.
Daily Schedule logo
Powerful task manager with a simple interface.
DailySales logo
Displays iTC sales reports in Notification Center.
Daily 2 logo
Minimal RSS Reader.
Daily Planet Interactive Screensaver logo
DC Comics news delivered to your desktop.
INtex Daily vX logo
Professional journal and note taking software.
Daily Cardio Workout logo
Collection of cardio routines.
Daily Jotter logo
Notepad that automatically provides a new page every day.
Connect Daily logo
Web-based calendaring system for multiple users.
Daily Bible logo
Read through the Bible in a year.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Official Daily News logo
Read the top story from
Daily Guitar Jam Widget logo
Widget displays a new guitar riff every new day.
Melissa Mercier Daily logo
Picture of the day from
aMac Island Daily Mood (Bonus Pack) logo
Stationary Pack for aMac Island.
Day One logo
Maintain a daily journal.
NotePlan logo
Daily planning for professionals.
Liquid logo
Integrated shortcuts for common daily tasks (was Liquid Flow).
Capture 365 Journal logo
Daily journal with photo support and iCloud syncing.
iPaste logo
Powerful clipboard utility (was Daily Clipboard).
Haste logo
Accelerate daily web searches (beta).
Inkdrop logo
Jot down your daily hacking endeavors.
InspireMe logo
Daily inspiration.
SmartBackup logo
Daily backups with Spotlight integration.
Wallcat logo
Daily Desktop wallpapers, selected from themed channels.
Smart Reminder logo
Reminds special and daily events.
FitDay logo
Check your Fitbit daily stats from the menu bar.
Tasks logo
Manage your daily tasks.
FocusList logo
Focus timer and daily planner.
Tasky logo
Task management tool for organizing your daily tasks.
Onlytasks logo
Manage your daily tasks in an easy and comfortable way.
Perl Runner logo
Learn Perl and run Perl scripts for daily tasks.
Planner logo
Daily Calendar and Personal Organizer.
Tasks logo
Manage all your daily tasks.
DEAViewer logo
SBArt4 daily evolved animation viewer.
Memoires logo
Daily journal with style.
Instant logo
Track daily computer usage.
iBeeZz logo
Schedules daily sleep and wake times for your Mac.
Bible Verse logo
Perfect way to get God’s daily word in your busy schedule.
Chronories logo
Personal daily diary application.
Body Fat Calculator logo
Quickly calculate percentage of body fat, BMR, BMI, and daily caloric intake.
Calorie Calculator logo
Determine your daily calorie requirements.
Calories logo
Record and analyze your daily nutrition.
Diet Sleuth logo
Track the foods you eat on a daily basis.
Wimic logo
Widget streams popular daily comics.
ACMEreader logo
Daily comic reader.
quExp logo
Widget helps you manage your daily expenses.
SwapTop logo
Download random daily desktop pictures.
Teacher Studio logo
Set of tools to help teachers with their daily tasks.
Ticky logo
Manage daily tasks.
Kuvva Wallpapers logo
Daily curated art for your desktop.
FRS Story Starters logo
Idea ignition for daily writing practice.
Dilbert Express logo
Pick up Daily Dilbert episodes.
ColorBurn logo
Color-palette resource for designers, updated daily.
Wallpaper of the Day logo
Grab a daily photo for your desktop background.
Don`s Calorie Tracker logo
Daily total calorie counter.
PostPlus logo
Daily post-it memos with transparency options.
Moodstats X logo
Record and graph your daily moods.
eScope logo
Auto-download your daily horoscope from the net.
Brain Challenge logo
Fun daily brain exercises.
iPhone Tip logo
Receive daily tips and tricks for your iPhone.
Activity logo
Track your daily to do lists.
Listen logo
Add sounds to your daily life.
Mindful logo
Your daily events directly on the desktop.
iReminisce logo
Journaling with daily photos and minimal distractions.
Tip of the Day logo
Get a daily tip on making the most of your Mac.
Zodiac Widget logo
Dashboard widget for your daily horoscope.
Limits (Goal Tracker) logo
Record data from your daily life: weight, expenses and more.
Prophecy logo
Personality describer with weekly and daily horoscope
365tomorrows RSS reader logo
Widget presents daily new piece of short speculative fiction.
Countabout logo
Widget tracks daily tallies simply and conveniently.
The Day logo
Daily calendar widget.
Calindock logo
Daily or monthly calendar for your Dock.
Horoscope Widget logo
Displays your daily horoscope.
All Hands on Deck logo
Keep your kids on track with their household chores and daily schedule.
Pro Media Tools logo
Workflow tools for processing and managing media.
Warspear Online logo
Fantasy 2D MMORPG.
CinePlay logo
Professional media player.
DeIMG logo
Converts images to HTML tables.
HeckleWorks Pro logo
Virtual jokester.
MacATM logo
Virtual ATM gets play money for you.
Tank Repairman 1942 logo
Strategy game explores logistic challenges of wartime vehicle repair.
VideoStorageCalculator logo
Estimate size of storage for several video formats.