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Current logo
Puzzle game.
iTunes Current Song Menu logo
Display the song currently played by iTunes in the menu bar.
Pistis logo
Current exchange rates.
MyAddress logo
Display your current WAN and LAN IP.
DesktopLyrics logo
Displays current iTunes song lyrics on desktop.
WeatherRadar logo
Live radar, current weather, and forecasts.
NC World Clocks logo
Display current time in Notification Center.
HazeOver logo
Get rid of interferences and focus on your current task.
Mr. Tides logo
Shows tide and current stations from around the world.
Remove Duplicate Messages logo
Removes duplicate messages from the current view in Mail.
jwzlyrics logo
Display lyrics for current song in iTunes or Spotify.
IP Address Menu logo
Display your current IP address in the menu bar.
Network Inspector logo
Displays current network traffic.
ShowyEdge logo
Easily identify current input source.
Trminal logo
Quickly open a Terminal window, or tab, for the current Finder directory.
MenuPop logo
Access the menubar at current mouse location.
reBOOK logo
Edit current metadata from selected books.
WhatsOn logo
Have the current song title in your menu bar.
New Terminal Here logo
Open terminal window from current Finder window.
iTab logo
Displays guitar tabs for the current iTunes song on desktop.
Easy Currencies logo
Displays current exchange rates and conversions.
Product Hunt logo
Stay current on Product Hunt news in the menu bar.
Heads On Display logo
Your current git branch at a glance.
Orbis logo
Find out the weather at your current location (was MenuWeather).
AutoLyrica logo
MusixMatch Lyrics for the current song playing in iTunes.
ClockX logo
Simple and elegant way to show current time.
Go2Shell logo
Opens a terminal window to the current directory in Finder.
OS X Lion logo
Current update for Apple's Mac operating system.
Performance Probe logo
Monitor various aspects of the current effective loading of their systems easily and quickly.
Simple iTunes logo
Display current track information in the menu bar.
Fetch Art for iTunes logo
Grab iTunes album cover of current song.
DockArt logo
Displays cover art from current iTunes track in Dock.
cd to logo
Opens Terminal window set to the current path.
Sing That iTune! logo
Widget displays lyrics for iTunes current track along with artwork. Widget logo
View current promotions from
MoonMenu logo
Adds current lunar phase moon to menubar.
iTunesSaver logo
Screensaver displays current iTunes song.
iConiCal logo
Set iCal icon/dock icon to show the current date in colors.
nLyrics logo
iTunes controller displays current song lyrics.
iBar logo
Shows iTunes current track in menubar.
Now Playing logo
Publish your current iTunes song to your blog.
Scoreboard Widget logo
Widget displays current Major League baseball scores.
SpeedStat logo
View your current upload and download speeds.
Moon Phase logo
Widget shows the current phase of the moon on a field of stars.
This Day in History logo
Show significant historical events on current, or selected day.
Lyrics logo
Shows you the current iTunes lyrics.
Finanze logo
Control credit cards, current accounts, bank deposits.
Tide Widget logo
Displays current tide or current for locations worldwide.
LunaMenu logo
Menubar item displays current moon phase.
IPMenulet logo
Displays current external IP address in the menubar.
bpmWidget logo
Estimates/sets bpm meta-tags of current iTunes track.
Kung-Tunes logo
Display current iTunes track info on a Web page.
SCExplorer logo
Browse current network state of your system.
eMode logo
Set your iChat status to your current mood (was iMood).
IP Reporter logo
Simple program displays your current IP address.
ShowCDCover logo
Displays CD cover of current iTunes album.
High Voltage 2 logo
Become an electrical current in this arcade game.
Terror Alert logo
Checks the current U.S. Terror Alert level.
NationalDebt logo
Shows estimated current U.S. national debt in the menubar.
iRate logo
Widget for rating current song in iTunes.
TickerMenu logo
Keep an eye on current stock prices in your menubar.
Lounge logo
Shows current iTunes song on screen saver.
SampleDecks logo
Sample all current audio formats (release candidate).
Lyrikos logo
Display lyrics of current iTunes track.
TimeFlow logo
CoreAnimation screensaver displays current time.
Steep and Cheap Widget logo
Displays the current product on Steep and Cheap.
Universal Time logo
Scan cities around the world for current time.
Get File Path logo
Automator action to get the current filepath.
iChartwork logo
Syncs avatar on iChat/Adium and iTunes artwork of current song.
Monthly logo
Widget displays current date as analog ring.
Clone & Back Safari Extension logo
Duplicates current tab and returns to original.
Disktivity logo
Displays the current status of your hard drive.
iTWeetMyTunes logo
Post current iTunes track name to Twitter.
iChooser logo
Provides information on every current Apple product.
AutoAway logo
Alternate AIM away messages, include iTunes current track in profile.
JoT Coffee logo
Widget displays current Joy of Tech comic.
BluIP X logo
Displays your current IP address.
pongClock logo
Widget plays pong against itself, displays current time.
TwitTunes logo
Menubar item to post your current iTunes song to Twitter.
Twunes logo
Send a tweet of your current iTunes track, title, and artist.
YStatus logo
Set Yahoo! Messenger status of current iTunes song.
LSDate logo
Menubar item copies current date and time to clipboard.
WeatherBug Hurricane Watcher logo
Widget displays satellite images of current/developing storms.
Tune Buddy logo
Shows current iTunes song in menu bar.
ChatTunes logo
Allows Jaguar/Panther users to have current track viewed as iChat status.
iWeek Number logo
Display the current week number in the menu bar.
ShareMusic logo
Share your current iTunes song on Facebook.
ShellTo logo
Opens a terminal window to the current Finder directory.
The Weather Channel Screensaver logo
Displays current weather conditions for the USA and Canada.
Euro Rates logo
Widget that shows current Euro exchange rates.
DateServices logo
OS X Services plugin for inserting the current date or time.
ClipDate logo
Widget generates string of current date/time on your clipboard. logo
Menubar item shows current date in BCD notation.
SwissRadar logo
Widget shows current animated radar image of Switzerland.
NowPlaying logo
Displays iTunes' current playing track in your menu bar.
iTweetMyiTunes logo
Tweet your current iTunes track to Twitter.
Altimeter Digital GPS logo
FInd your current altitude with ease.
IP Sender logo
Emails recipient current IP address.
heads up 'tunes logo
Heads up-style display of current and queued tracks in iTunes.
ISS Locator Widget logo
Displays current location of the International Space Station.