Apps found for “copyright


Icemark logo
Watermark your digital images with copyright ownership proof.
Apple iBooks Author logo
Create and publish iBooks for iPad.
MacTeX logo
Reference edition of TeX distributed by TeX user groups.
MacStitch logo
Create cross-stitch, tapestry, beadwork, and knitting designs.
TuneSmith logo
Helpful songwriting assistant.
Snap Converter logo
Image and icon conversion tool.
SetEXIFData logo
Sets (not edits) most wanted EXIF data in an image.
Music Tag Editor Pro logo
Easily edit music tags.
WatermarkSpell logo
Batch watermark images without losing metadata.
Star PDF Watermark logo
Batch watermark PDF files.
Wondershare AllMyMusic logo
High-quality recorder for streaming audio.
PhotoMill logo
Multi-functional batch photo converter (was PhotoMill).
Watermark Plus logo
Bulk photo converter and watermark processor.
Quick Word logo
Quick and easy word processing.
EasyBatchPhoto logo
Batch compress, resize and convert photos.
OpenSong logo
Manage lyrics, overheads, computer projection, and more.
Ingestamatic logo
Image management tool.
Navaja Secure Email logo
Encrypt important notes, messages, and more.
Macrotune logo
Music Macro Language (MML) editor.
PDF Creator logo
Create PDFs from images and text.
CHV QC Integration FX logo
Build your own Final Cut and Motion plugins.
uMark logo
Watermarking for digital photos.
ID3 Editor logo
Create or edit MP3 tag information.
Share iTunes music tracks via a browser.
Mac Mini Icons Pack logo
Exclusive Mac Mini Icon Pack
myDVDEdit logo
DVD-based spec editor.
podUp logo
Copies all your music files from your iPod to a folder.
Zippist logo
Create .zip archives.
Screenography logo
Capture screen to movie or Flash formats.
Podcaster logo
Creates podcasts and enhanced podcasts.
3D Image Commander logo
Create advanced thumbnails with cool 3D styles and effects.
Image Commander logo
Add text or watermark to any picture.
BookTracker logo
Track books you own.
Araxis Replace In Files logo
Find and replace text, even in source code, HTML, and more.
VisDoc logo
Create HTML docs from ActionScript class files.
WorshipLeader X logo
Worship service organization tool.
Flex2D logo
Makes 2D flexural modeling easy (was OSXFlex2D).
DOT-POD logo
Share iPod tracks via Web browser.
ThoughtOffice logo
Brainstorming, presentation, productivity software and more.
IMT Image Converter logo
Convert image formats and resize photos.
Wondershare Media Library logo
Catalog your DVDs.
METAmachine logo
Utility for reading/wrinting metadata to images.
Qoobar logo
Edit tags for classical music files.
Voilabits PhotoWatermark logo
Batch-watermark and protect your photos.
SimpleThumbs X logo
Simple webpage thumbnail generator.
MuchoThumbs Pro logo
Create thumbnails of webpages for easy organization.
Image Info Toolkit logo
Modify text info hidden within JPEG/TIFF images.
SimpleThumbs logo
Simple webpage tumbnail generator.
FurthurNet logo
Share legal-live music.
iScratch logo
Scratching without records.
Clear Sky Clock logo
Widget to predict astronomical viewing conditions.
iWrite logo
Lightweight, full-featured word processor.
LeWitt Cubes logo
Screensaver inspired by LeWitt's incomplete cubes.