Apps found for “composer


Composer logo
Point-and-click through the package creation process.
RapidComposer logo
Music prototyping software.
Symbolic Composer logo
Music composition tool.
Business Card Composer logo
Create and print business cards.
MultiMarkdown Composer logo
Text editor built around the MultiMarkdown syntax.
MotionComposer logo
Create animated and interactive Web content.
Noatikl Generative Music Composer logo
Generative MIDI music engine.
Visual Composer – Bootstrap 3 logo
Fully WYSIWYG Web-page builder.
Virtual Composer logo
Music composition software.
HVC Color Composer Pro logo
Photoshop plugin for contrast/proportion of color compositions.
SimLab Composer logo
Import 3D models from many standard file formats.
Composer FX Effects for iChat and Photo Booth logo
HVC Color Composer Pro for InDesign for CS4 logo
Plugin for contrast/proportion of color compositions.
Mandelbrot Quartz Composer Plugin logo
Generates an image of the Mandelbrot or Julia sets.
SnippetComposer logo
Quickly compose HTML snippets.
deepTIFF logo
Multi-page TIFF-image merging and extraction (was TIFF Composer).
NASequencer logo
Text-based MIDI composer.
SAN Fusion logo
Easily connect Avid Media Composer to an Xsan volume.
Quaver logo
Musical calculator and look-up tool for recording engineers and composers.
Mr. Sparkle Screen Saver logo
Quartz Composer screensaver.
Picture Play logo
Image composer.
Matrix Maker X logo
12-tone music composer and analyzer.
BlueNotes logo
Note composer for Bluetooth-enabled T68 or T68i phones.
timeline logo
Clock screen saver created with Quartz Composer.
Combustion logo
Paint, animation, and 3D composer.
Dragon logo
Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes.
Stream logo
Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes.
Figure logo
Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes.
Minim logo
Helps composers keep track of their music creations.
Kover Phlose logo
Quartz Composer iTunes music visualizer.
tron logo
A science-fiction-themed Quartz Composer screensaver.
Sunset ScreenSaver logo
Quartz Composer screensaver of a sunset.
Snow logo
Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes.
Time Out of Mind Particles logo
Some example Quartz Composer files.
Rose Quartz logo
Offline renderer for Quartz Composer compositions.
Infinite Smiles logo
Quartz Composer screensaver.
LED Flow logo
Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes.
AquaFlow logo
Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes.
One day logo
Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes.
Kineme3D logo
Import 3D Models into Quartz Composer and more.
Album Art iMagethon logo
Quartz Composer screensaver displays iTunes album art.
Time Out Of Mind Tumbling Myths logo
Quartz Composer screensaver.
NeoFinder logo
Catalog your external media and disks (was CDFinder).
LaunchBar logo
Powerful file/URL/email launcher utility.
Alarm Clock Pro logo
Multi-featured alarm clock system.
DM1 logo
Advanced drum machine.
Twitterrific logo
Effortlessly read and compose tweets.
Cubase logo
Creative musical production tool for artists, producers, and engineers.
ProtoPie logo
Compose interactions and animations easily.
MailFollowUp logo
Adds a follow up item to emails and contextual menus in Apple Mail.
Twitter logo
Official Twitter client for Mac (was Tweetie).
CoGe VJ logo
VJ application for real-time mixing.
Pro Media Tools logo
Workflow tools for processing and managing media.
Racket logo
Popular variant of the Scheme programming language.
multiLibrary logo
Database for organizing one or more libraries (was PicoLib).
Reflow logo
Music-notation app reads Guitar Pro and PowerTab files.
xScope logo
Onscreen graphic measurement tools.
Max logo
Graphical programming environment for music, audio, multimedia.
Preference Manager logo
Manage Final Cut Studio preference files.
Pro Maintenance Tools logo
Keep your video production apps running at optimal performance.
Automatic algorithmic music generator.
Mail Call logo
Full-featured mail notifier.
Battle for Wesnoth logo
Fantasy-themed strategy game.
Hangman Pro logo
Hangman game.
Phenomena logo
Better playback for Quartz Compositions.
Broken Age logo
Adventure game designed by Tim Schafer staring Elijah Wood.
Unibox logo
Email client with messages organized by person.
Squeeze logo
Extensive video-compression toolkit.
MovieBriefs logo
Creates an image contact sheet from your movies.
Icon Slate logo
Easily compose, import, or export icons in multiple formats.
Liquid Notes logo
Intelligent songwriting assistant.
Liquid Notes for Live logo
Intelligent songwriting assistant for Ableton Live (release candidate).
Lasso Server logo
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
Mail Perspectives logo
Extends Mail user interface to tame window chaos.
Composure logo
Get creative with frames and stickers for your pictures.
NewsLife logo
Streamline your RSS viewing.
Themes Box for Keynote logo
Collection of static and animated Keynote themes.
Absolute Pitch Trainer logo
Develop the skill of absolute pitch.
Templates Box for Pages logo
Large collection of Pages templates.
Email for Gmail logo
Desktop client for Gmail.
Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate logo
Read, edit, and convert PDF files.
TexToPix logo
Convert your pictures into pictures made from text.
ClipWrap logo
Convert video samples quickly and without degradation.
MediaMaster Pro logo
Media server for lighting designers & video artists.
Jack logo
iTunes Connect app manager.
Erato logo
Markdown text editor.
Apple Logic Express logo
Music creation and audio production tool.
CHV QC Integration FX logo
Build your own Final Cut and Motion plugins.
Phile Audio logo
Audio ripping and encoding application.
Apple iWork logo
Productivity software suite.
AliasManager logo
Manage your terminal aliases with ease.
WebernUhrWerk logo
Generative music generator - a virtual carillon for Anton Webern.
Webstractor logo
Browser that captures, edits, composes Web content.
DVDxDV Pro logo
Convert DVDs to a variety of formats.
MovieGate logo
Create DVD/miniDVDs with chapter support.
Harmony Assistant logo
Write computer-assisted musical compositions.
Elasty logo
Toolbox for stabilizing and customizing videos.
Share iTunes music tracks via a browser.
xBack logo
View screensavers as your desktop picture.
ChatFX logo
Incorporate video effects into iChat.