Apps found for “command-t


Command-Tab Plus logo
Quick, convenient, keyboard-centric application switcher.
PullTab logo
Reclaim the Command-Tab app switching keys.
SpamSieve logo
Robust spam filter for major email clients.
Dragon Dictate logo
Premium voice-recognition solution.
xACT logo
Audio compression toolkit.
Smultron logo
Easy-to-use, powerful text editor.
Yasu logo
System maintenance app.
Default Folder X logo
Enhances Open and Save dialogs.
GeoGebra Math Apps logo
Interactive mathematic software (was GeoGebra).
KeyCue logo
Displays all menu shortcut commands.
PortAuthority logo
GUI for MacPorts package-management system.
DropDMG logo
Quickly create disk image (dmg) archives.
EagleFiler logo
Archive and search documents of various formats.
ImageMagick logo
Convert, resize, and redraw images via command line.
TeXMaker logo
A developer-focused LaTeX toolkit.
Hammerspoon logo
Powerful automation tool using the Lua scripting engine.
Beyond Compare logo
Visually compare and merge files and folders.
SmartGit logo
Graphical front-end for Git, the distributed version control system.
Jitouch logo
Expands the gestures for Multi-Touch trackpad and Magic Mouse (beta).
TaskInsight logo
Task management with speech commands and AppleScript support.
MacSpice logo
Electronic circuit simulator.
Folder Sync logo
Keep multiple pairs of folders in sync.
QuickLinks logo
Shortcut commands for any file.
Texpad logo
LaTeX editor.
Wizard Pro logo
Tool for data analysis and exploration.
Copyem Paste logo
Powerful clipboard menulet for copy and paste.
Dru logo
Create PDFs containing images, text, vector shapes, more.
Willing Webcam logo
Webcam image-capture software.
Screenflick logo
Capture screen movement to video.
Logitech Control Center logo
Keyboard, mouse, and trackball control utility.
TeX Live Utility logo
GUI for the TeX Live Manager command-line tool.
Sync Folders Free logo
Folder synchronization for beginners and the most exacting professionals.
terminal-notifier logo
Send User Notifications from the command-line.
QuickDrawLib logo
REALbasic plug-in creates QuickDraw commands.
Prefs Editor logo
GUI replacement for the defaults command.
DB Browser for SQLite logo
Create database files compatible with SQLite (was SQLite Database Browser).
Command-C logo
Clipboard sharing tool for iOS and OS X.
Mira logo
Control any app with the Apple Remote.
HandbrakePM logo
Convert video files via Handbrake Command Line Interface.
Command Center logo
Minimalist multi-utility app.
FastFox logo
Utility for text expansion via key commands.
gnuplot logo
Visualize mathematical functions and data.
GeekTool logo
Display log files, UNIX command output, and more.
AutoCrypt logo
Save encryption settings in a document.
4D logo
Relational database software.
Growly Write logo
Simple but feature-rich word processor.
Coherent PDF Command Line Tools logo
For merging, splitting, encrypting, stamping, and bookmarking PDFs.
Function Keys Mapper logo
Open any application, file, or folder with function keys.
RAR logo
Command line RAR archive utility (beta).
Double Commander logo
Dual-pane file manager inspired by Total Commander (beta).
Equation Maker logo
Typeset resolution-independent mathematics.
Man Reader logo
Utility for reading OS X’s man pages.
Captur logo
OS X interface for screen-capture command.
BBAutoComplete logo
Auto-complete partially typed words in BBEdit.
Panorama logo
Create high-resolution panoramas.
Git-it logo
Teaches you how to use Git and GitHub on the command line.
Boxer logo
MS-DOS game emulation based on DOSBox.
Launcher logo
Fast and light app launcher.
VUWER logo
Remotely track lost or stolen Macs.
Command & Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition logo
Expanded edition of classic Command & Conquer game.
jEdit logo
Java based text editor.
RBrowser logo
FTP/SFTP/SSH file transfer program.
Meetings logo
Organizer for meetings.
Sunlight logo
Manage windows using rebind-able commands.
MultiMarkdown Composer logo
Text editor built around the MultiMarkdown syntax.
GoodbyeHello logo
Make files and folders invisible or visible.
fish logo
User-friendly command-line shell.
SimpleEdit logo
Clean, easy, and customizable text editor.
Passwords logo
Safely store and easily retrieve passwords.
OnMyCommand logo
Execute command line via contextual menu.
HyperTerm logo
A beautiful and extensible experience for command-line interface users.
Archimedes logo
Markdown and LaTeX editor.
Secure Pipes logo
Easily manage SSH tunnels (release candidate).
Smart Home logo
Home automation with speech recognition.
Cronette logo
Launch tasks automatically.
Datum Free logo
Fast modern database viewer.
MacDraft Personal Edition logo
Drawing tools and more for CAD users.
launch logo
Command-line launcher.
Optimal Layout logo
Move, resize, and reorganize windows.
MPlayer OSX Extended logo
Multimedia player; extended version of MPlayer.
Carousel logo
Experience Instagram on your Mac.
AutoSave for Logic and Soundtrack Pro logo
Adds autosaving to Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro.
More System Events logo
In the same lines as System Events.
KeyCue Family Pack logo
Displays all menu shortcut commands.
The Few logo
Take command over RAF during WW2.
Go4Launch logo
Easily add startup tasks to OS X using launchd services.
AliasManager logo
Manage your terminal aliases with ease.
SCPluginUIDaemon logo
Contextual menu displays Subversion commands.
Command & Conquer Generals logo
Real-time-strategy war game.
SleepWatcher logo
Execute commands when sleeping or awakening.
Virtual PC logo
Run Windows on your PPC Mac.
File Buddy logo
File management utility.
Print Selection Service logo
Add a "Print Selection" command to the Services menu.
ImageBurner logo
GUI for hdiutil command to burn CDs.
Super Get Info logo
Replaces the OS X Finder Show Info command.
WakeOnLan command line logo
Command line utility, wakes computers over a network.
ICeCoffEE logo
Command-click URLs in Cocoa applications to launch them.
unRAR logo
Command line unRAR utility.
TestDisk logo
Command line utilities for data recovery
KavaServices logo
Adds commands to the Services menu.