Apps found for “code


CODE logo
Mastermind type of game for iPhone, iPod touch and Mac OS X.
Visual Studio Code logo
Cross-platform code editor and debugger for web apps.
PaintCode logo
Vector drawing app that generates Obj-C and Swift drawing code.
iBarcoder logo
Versatile barcode creator.
QuartzCode logo
Turn vector drawing and animation into Objective-C and Swift code.
Scorpion BarCode logo
Create and print all major barcode symbologies.
Barcode Basics logo
Generate a range of barcode types in vector or bitmap format.
Code Collector Pro logo
Store code snippets with ease.
CodeRunner logo
Easy way to write and run code.
Barcode X for FileMaker Pro logo
Create accurate, standards-based barcodes.
Barcode Generator logo
Easy barcode and QR code generator.
CodeCows logo
Add hundreds of ASCII cows to your source code.
Scan Code Editor for Messenger Codes logo
Edit the look of a Facebook Messenger code (beta).
Key Codes logo
Displays unicode values.
Morse Decoder logo
Decodes Morse Code tones; displays results in text form.
CodePiece logo
Upload a code piece to Gists and share the link by Twitter.
Codepoints logo
Provides rapid access to 24,428 records in the Unicode 6.1 database.
WebCode logo
Drawing app which generates HTML5 code.
Code Snippet logo
Code-snippet organizer.
Vector Code logo
Generates executable native code from your drawings and designs.
Yanobox Barcode logo
Free plug-in that simulates EAN-13 barcodes.
CodeBox logo
Full-featured code snippet manager.
Code Barre X logo
Create customized barcodes.
Code Collector logo
Store code snippets with ease.
jCodeCollector logo
Manage your code snippets.
Bar Code Pro logo
Bar codes for hundreds of industrial applications.
Adobe Edge Code CC logo
Lightweight HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editors.
QREncoder logo
Encode information into scannable matrix barcodes.
QLColorCode logo
Syntax highlighting Quick Look plugin for source code files.
Morse Code Translator logo
Widget converts text to Morse code and vice versa.
QR Code Safari Extension logo
Create QR codes from a Safari URL.
Barcode Producer logo
Create high resolution bar codes.
PHP Code Tester logo
Simple PHP code testing app.
Professor Code logo
Puzzle game (was Crack The Code).
Code Postaux Français logo
Find French postal codes.
EvoBarcode logo
Use iSight camera as a barcode scanner.
Code Pilot for Xcode logo
Extends Xcode by adding snappy navigation through files and more.
DaVinci Encoded 3D Screen Saver logo
Swirling 3D code screensaver.
xvidEncoder logo
Xvid and libavcodec based QuickTime media compressor component.
InstaCode logo
Quick and efficient code-snippet testing.
StrictCode logo
Source code formatter for Objective-C developers.
BarcodeLabel logo
Print barcode labels.
G-Code Viewer 3D logo
Professional 3D G-Code data file viewer.
Web Coder logo
IDE to help code Web pages.
iDeveloper - Color Code Converter logo
iOS developer tool for converting hex color codes.
Apps Source Code logo
Xcode templates for iOS apps.
Hash Code Cracker logo
Recover lost passwords from hash codes.
DatamatrixEncoder logo
Data-matrix code generator.
Barcode logo
Professional barcode generation software (beta).
CodeCleaner logo
Clean up REALbasic programming code.
LaunchCodes logo
Restores creator code functionality.
CodeSnippet  logo
Build a code library. (beta)
Code Postaux Suisse logo
Find the names and postal codes of Swiss cities.
Snip2Code Plugin for Eclipse logo
Web platform to manage code snippets directly in Eclipse.
Code Postaux Belge logo
Find Belgian postal codes.
GrowlCode logo
Growl plugin for Apple Xcode development environment.
Calibrated{Q} IMX Decode logo
Multi-threaded IMX QuickTime Code, view IMX Movies.
QR Encode logo
Scan QR Codes on your Mac.
FileMaker Barcode Generator Plugin logo
Create bar code images in FileMaker.
Lookup Postcode logo
AppleScript looks up postcodes in Australia.
iQR codes logo
Create custom QR codes.
Bar Code Clock logo
Barcode clock widget.
iWinSoft Barcode Maker logo
Professional barcode software.
OnScreen Barcode Scanner logo
Scan barcodes directly from your Mac's screen.
Zerius Vocoder logo
Vocoder sound speech/music combiner.
Barcode Blitz logo
Create ISBN, EAN barcodes as EPS/TIFF files.
24U SimpleCode Plug-In logo
FileMaker plug-in converts hexadecimal codes.
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 logo
Included with Adobe Premier CC 2018.
CodeKit logo
Build websites faster and better.
AppCode logo
Objective-C IDE for developers.
LiveCode Community Edition logo
Cross-platform, open-source development environment (was Revolution Media).
LiveCode Indy logo
Create iOS applications quickly and easily.
Timecode Calculator logo
Perform operations on video timings in many formats.
Code Story logo
Project documentation, simplified.
Code::Blocks logo
Develop your C++ in this free IDE.
Trapcode Suite logo
Industry standard for broadcast & 3D design.
Code Cookbook for Swift logo
Cookbook for the Swift programming language.
Widget Code logo
Application for developing Dashboard widgets.
SCC Caption Decoder logo
Translate SCC caption files into text transcriptions and more.
3D Matrix Code Screen Saver logo
OpenGL 3D screensaver.
x264Encoder logo
QuickTime media compressor.
iTunes-LAME Encoder logo
Boost iTunes' sound quality with LAME encoding.
mp4vEncoder logo
QuickTime media compressor.
DHCP Option Code Utility logo
Easily set up DHCP server configurations.
Code Complete Plugin logo
RapidWeaver plugin; advanced text editor for RapidWeaver.
Robocode logo
Practice your programming skills robot game.
Dashboard Widget Xcode Template logo
Develop Dashboard widgets.
BitVice G3 MPEG2 Encoder logo
Optimized for the G3 processor.
Vvidget Code logo
Integrate graphs into your desktop applications.
The Nightshift Code logo
Search for hidden objects and piece together clues.
RB Code Reports logo
Provides software metrics for your REALbasic application.
viriHTMLCoder logo
Decimal character encoding for HTML.
NoteCoder logo
Helps with chord transposes.
CodeBreaker logo
Classic game of logic and deduction.
CodeWatcher logo
Web browser for developers.
CodeGofer logo
Snippet collection search tool.
Apple NVidia FCode flasher logo
For Cinema Display/G4.
Data Coder logo
Text data format converter.
iEncode logo
Collection of useful security tools.
Sublime Text logo
Sophisticated text editor for code, markup, and prose.