Apps found for “clients


Clients and Profits X logo
Agency Management Software.
Samba logo
File and print server for SMB and CIFS clients.
Plex Media Server logo
Seamlessly connect your Plex clients with your local media.
Studiometry logo
Keep track of every aspect of your clients, projects, and invoices.
SpamSieve logo
Robust spam filter for major email clients.
Howard logo
E-mail notifications for IMAP clients.
logSheet logo
Client-side solution to bill clients for printing.
MCD App Manager logo
Allows clients to easily manage the content of their mobile applications.
PeerGuardian logo
Security tool for P2P clients.
PAID logo
Track job invoices, clients, bills, and print invoices.
Instacast logo
Popular podcast clients with cloud sync.
Massage Patient Manager logo
Manage massage therapy clients.
OfficeTimer logo
Charge clients based on time of projects.
HostManager logo
Store details of hosting accounts for clients.
gpsdX logo
Reproduce GPS data for an unlimited number of clients.
SetiDockling X logo
Monitor Seti@Home clients in the Dock.
nFoldMan logo
Manage multiple folding@home CLI clients.
Tempre logo
HTML editor for clients to update websites w/o risking your design or code.
Boxee Media Manager logo
Stream media to Boxee clients.
ExpertConsultant logo
Track clients, vendors, invoicing and more.
MacArthur logo
Sets away message for IM clients and more.
SourceTree logo
Easy way to work with Git and Mercurial.
Tower logo
Version control with Git made easy.
Apple Remote Desktop Client logo
Client component for Apple Remote Desktop.
FileZilla logo
Fast and reliable FTP client.
XChat Azure logo
IRC chat client ported from UNIX (was XChat Aqua).
Thunderbird logo
Email client from Mozilla.
Transmit logo
Excellent FTP/SFTP client.
Adium logo
Popular instant messaging client supports a plethora of services.
Postbox logo
Powerful and flexible email client.
Airmail logo
Powerful, minimal email client.
sweetmail logo
Internet email client.
Twitter logo
Official Twitter client for Mac (was Tweetie).
ICQ logo
Chat client.
Fork logo
Fast and friendly git client (beta).
Retrospect Client logo
Update backup client.
Feedy logo
RSS Client.
Minitube logo
Native YouTube client.
WhatsApp logo
Desktop client for WhatsApp Messenger.
Pritunl logo
Open-Source OpenVPN client.
qBitTorrent logo
Lightweight Bittorrent client.
Mudlet logo
New MUD client.
Tweetbot logo
Popular Twitter client.
ZOC Terminal logo
Telnet/SSH/SSH2 client and terminal emulator.
CrossFTP logo
FTP client and synchronization tool.
SmartSVN logo
Client for Subversion; Pro version available.
GitFinder logo
Lightweight Git client (beta).
Musicality logo
Desktop client for Beats Music,, Pandora, and more.
Spark logo
Email client for Apple devices.
Parallels Client logo
Connect to your home or office Windows PC (was Parallels 2X RDP).
LadioCast logo
Icecast2 client to broadcast an Internet radio program.
ChatMate for WhatsApp logo
Powerful WhatsApp client.
Yahoo! Messenger logo
Popular Internet chat client.
Vuze logo
BitTorrent client with wide-ranging features.
PhotoDesk logo
Instagram client for photo sharing.
Postico logo
A modern PostgreSQL client.
Kiwi for Gmail logo
Turns Gmail into a full-powered Desktop client.
PhotoStack logo
Instagram desktop client.
GitKraken logo
Cross-platform Git client.
Paws for Trello logo
Powerful Trello client for the desktop.
SQLPro for MSSQL logo
Database management studio for Microsoft SQL Server (was SQL Client).
Viper FTP logo
Handy FTP client (was ViaFTP).
VPN Tracker logo
Professional-level VPN client with easy setup.
Shimo logo
VPN client – for everyone.
Electrum logo
Easy-to-use Bitcoin client.
Cryptomator logo
Multi-platform client-side encryption for files in the cloud.
Reolink Client logo
Easy-to-use security system.
GitX logo
Git GUI specifically for Mac OS X.
Yummy FTP Pro logo
FTP/S-SFTP-WebDAV/S client for speedy, trouble-free file transfers (was Yummy FTP).
Goofy logo
Your (unofficial) Facebook Messenger client for OS X.
SSH Config Editor logo
Manage SSH client-configuration files.
Termius logo
SSH client.
Caprine logo
Elegant Facebook-Messenger client.
Usenetic logo
Usenet client with MegaSearch (beta).
Freeze logo
Native file-transfer client for Amazon Glacier.
ChatMate for Facebook logo
Powerful client for Facebook Messenger.
Microsoft Lync logo
Mac client for Lync users.
Flock logo
Chat client for teams and small businesses.
New IRC Live Chat Client logo
IRC chat client.
Poster logo
Desktop client for Instagram uploads.
EasyPing logo
Ping client to determine host accessibility.
Rsync Client - Basic Edition logo
SSH browser and rsync transfer engine.
Gest-L logo
Simple invoice software for Italian users.
Transmission logo
Popular BitTorrent client.
Chatty for Google Hangouts logo
Desktop client for Google Hangouts (was Hangouts Plus).
SnailSVN logo
TortoiseSVN-like client, implemented as a Finder extension.
OnTheAir Manager logo
Client-Server application for OnTheAir Node and OnTheAir Server.
Google Keep for Desktop logo
Desktop client for Google Keep.
BiglyBT logo
Bittorrent client forked from Azureus.
Scuttlebutt logo
Yammer Client with multi-account support.
Melobase logo
Record and play music back from a client-server.
uTorrent logo
Lightweight BitTorrent client.
GoldenKey VPN logo
A stable VPN client.
ShadowTunnel logo
Network proxy client designed for web developers.
Flames Messenger for Tinder logo
Desktop client for Tinder.
Textual logo
Lightweight IRC client.
Fetch logo
FTP/SFTP client with Bonjour, Unicode support and more.
ownCloud Client logo
Online synchronization tool with Finder integration.
ReadKit logo
Read-later and RSS client.
Unibox logo
Email client with messages organized by person.