Apps found for “classical


myTuner Classical Pro logo
Enjoy classical music at your computer.
ClassicalGDL logo
Classical architecture CAD tool.
Color Lines logo
Classical puzzle game.
MilkSnake Torus Edition logo
A new take on the classical snake game.
Tactical Poker logo
Challenge yourself in this unique variation of the classical five-card draw Poker game.
Qoobar logo
Edit tags for classical music files.
Firetask logo
Innovative task management solution.
Spotify logo
Stream music, create playlists and more.
R logo
Statistical computing and graphics.
Band-in-a-Box logo
Type in some chords, choose a style, generate a musical arrangement (beta).
InstantShot! logo
Screen capture utility.
Mastock logo
Analyze stock performance and manage your portfolio.
LilyPond logo
Automated engraving system, formats music (beta).
DiscoBrick Public License logo
Concert-quality visualization tool.
eMedia Guitar Method logo
Guitar lessons for beginners.
VirtualC64 logo
Commodore 64 emulator.
SubnetCalculator logo
Calculator for IPv4 subnets, masks, broadcast, network addresses.
MilkSnake logo
Snake played on the surface of 3D shapes.
TFM logo
Search and view Mac OS X source code.
DiscoBrick logo
Concert-quality visualization tool.
Yanobox Barcode logo
Free plug-in that simulates EAN-13 barcodes.
Classic Lava Lamp logo
Classic Lava Lamp lends drama and excitement to your dashboard.
Elements logo
Periodic table of elements.
MySokoban logo
Sokoban puzzle game.
Serial Cloner logo
Analyze and manipulate DNA sequences.
Picnic logo
Server-less file synchronization, via Bonjour.
Photosounder logo
Turns sounds into images and images into sounds.
Carambola logo
Game of carom billiards.
Rubik Widget logo
Rubik`s Cube for your Dashboard.
MusicMagic Mixer logo
Manage your digital music library.
Bubble Pop logo
Colorful bubble-popping puzzle game.
Duck logo
Novelty quacking duck icon.
Finale PrintMusic logo
Compose and print publisher-quality sheet music.
Quadra Blocks logo
Puzzle game in the style of Tetris.
DJ Kit logo
1,200 high-definition audio files available as in-app purchase packs.
Supernova 2: Spacewar logo
Expand and defend your space empire.
Chords X logo
Create melodic shapes and harmonies.
Silverjuke logo
Skinnable music jukebox with kiosk mode.
Tile Tailor logo
Design rosettes for musical instruments.
Arkanoid: Space Ball logo
Space shooter arcade game.
ChatBot logo
Engage in a conversation with a chatter bot.
Phelix logo
Finds duplicate and similar-sounding songs in your mp3 library.
Civilization V: Cradle of Civilization Maps Bundle logo
Machinarium: Collector's Edition logo
Award-winning, visually stunning puzzle game.