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Band-in-a-Box logo
Type in some chords, choose a style, generate a musical arrangement (beta).
Bumpr logo
Choose the app to open various Web links.
Buffet logo
Choose the right browser each time.
Flowstate logo
Choose how long you want to write for.
Browser Fairy logo
Choose which browser to launch for individual links.
Energy.saver logo
Choose what screensaver runs on your Mac during charging and when on battery.
MenuAndDockless logo
Choose whether or not Cocoa apps show dock or menu bar (alpha).
Monocle logo
Search tool, choose from a number of engines.
BootPicker logo
Startup OS chooser for your Intel Mac.
Safari-Display or Download PDF files logo
Choose whether Safari will display or download PDF
Aerocut Pro logo
Draws every possible clipping path, then you choose the one you want.
Can I Keep It? logo
Helps choose fish for your aquarium.
Ashed logo
Choose pics to display with this widget.
ColorPaj logo
Choose ideal color palettes for projects.
iPhoto Library Selector logo
Choose your iPhoto library before launching.
DownloadMonitor logo
Choose how, when, and which downloads the computer ought to react to.
Bride of GOB logo
Helps you choose which episode of Arrested Development to watch.
The Game of Life logo
Spin the wheel and choose your path in the classic game of Life.
Dream Day Wedding - Married in Manhattan logo
Choose which New York wedding you\'d like for your dream come true.
ShuffleApp logo
Random application chooser.
Radiologik Scheduler logo
Schedule program blocks for Radiologik DJ.
Choosy logo
Lets you decide what browser will open when clicking on links.
MacStitch logo
Create cross-stitch, tapestry, beadwork, and knitting designs.
RuniX logo
MahJong tile-matching game.
ViMediaManager logo
Media manager for information, art, trailers, and television tunes (alpha).
Add Folder Icons logo
Add folder icons to ordinary folders.
Corporate Templates logo
Collection of professional Pages templates (was Corporate Packs for Pages, was Corporate Style Packs).
WebSentinel logo
Monitor Web pages for search terms at interval times.
Lottery logo
Simulation of a Mega Millions lottery.
Change Desktop logo
Changes desktop picture at specific intervals.
Genius logo
Helps you memorize things.
Scrambler logo
Simplified data encryption tool.
Quadra Blocks logo
Puzzle game in the style of Tetris.
AmiPhotos logo
This simple screensaver shows you photos of your Facebook friends.
Micro Amazon logo
Amazon search widget
PPFMaster logo
PlayStation Patch File file patching tool.
ViewRemote logo
View remote Mac screen via Web broswer.
Phelix logo
Finds duplicate and similar-sounding songs in your mp3 library.
Photo Samurai logo
Convert an images to a 'collage' of separate images.
Set Icon logo
Correctly set a custom icon for your hard drive.
AutoEncrypt logo
Sync encrypted versions of your files.
spooky logo
Move and resize your front window.
Illustrix Dream Pack logo
Game combines logic and action.
Illustrix: Cat Dream logo
Arcade-style gameplay combined with puzzle mystique.