Apps found for “cf


MacFamilyTree logo
Create and explore your family tree.
necflashX logo
GUI for necflash NEC DVDRW.
CFAbsoluteTimeConverter logo
Convert CFAbsoluteTime values to human-readable strings.
CF Card Recovery logo
Recover files from Compact Flash cards.
smcFanControl logo
Control Intel Mac fans to make them run cooler.
cf/x mosaic logo
Create mosaics easily.
cf/x contour collage logo
Create custom-shaped collages.
cf/x collage logo
Quickly and easily assemble pictures into collages.
PicFrame logo
Combine multiple photos into frames.
cf/x collagePRO logo
Create wonderful collages in no time.
cf/x photo crop PRO logo
Powerful image cropping utility.
MacFort logo
Encrypt application data with password protection.
cf/x alpha home logo
Assemble multiple images into new compositions.
cf/x collagePRO (upgrade) logo
Create wonderful collages in no time.
cf/x cookie cutter logo
Cut your photos into shapes.
cf/x savescreenie logo
Alter how and where your Mac saves screen captures.
cf/x convert logo
Batch processor designed specifically for creative workflows.
Sonicfire Pro logo
Create soundtracks for your videos; demo available.
MacFusion logo
Mount SSH/SFTP or FTP accounts as if they were local files.
ClassicFTP logo
Easy-to -use FTP client.
MacFUSE logo
FUSE-compliant file system implementation mechanism.
MacForensicsLab Write Controller logo
Software write-blocker.
MacFLAC logo
GUI for FLAC audio codec.
MacFonts Complete Collection logo
Includes over 2,000 commercial-use fonts.
MacFreePOPs logo
Downloads Web-based mail to a POP client.
MacForensicsLab logo
Forensics and analysis for law enforcement professionals.
Delkin 32 CF Cardbus Adapter logo
32-bit PC card driver.
MacFungus logo
Multiplayer tile-eating grid game (beta).
MacFonts Free Fonts Collection logo
Collection of cross-platform fonts.
cfxr logo
Add basic sound effects to games.
MacFreelance logo
Easy invoice and billing for Mac.
Macfilink logo
Keep your affiliate links from being hijacked.
MacFace logo
Visualize your Mac's CPU usage through facial expressions.
photo mosaic logo
Convert images into a mosaic.
watermark PRO logo
Bulk watermark, convert, resize, and rename.
Perfect Rename logo
Quickly generate file names using blocks of information.
alpha logo
Non-destructive image keying.
photo logo
User-friendly photo management.
photo crop logo
Makes cropping simple again.
Digital Media Kit logo
Test, diagnose and repair external media.
DDR - Digital Picture Recovery logo
Picture recovery from crashed disk drives or removable media.
Turn Clip logo
iMovie plug-in rotates clips.
Snow Flakes logo
iMovie effects plug-in.
Edge Detect logo
Convert films into two-color cartoons.
crop logo
iMovie plug-in for clip cropping and alteration.
timer logo
Advanced iMovie plug-in.
Simple Rotate logo
iMovie plug-in for rotating clips.
airport text logo
iMovie title plug-in.
Movie Canvas logo
Turns iMovie into a drawing app.
channel control logo
RGB iMovie plug-in.
band disturbance logo
iMovie special effect.
soft wipe transitions logo
Wipe iMovie transition plug-in.
clip snapshot logo
iMovie tool for snapshots of frames.
Crypt Sync Files logo
Syncs, encrypts, and decrypts files between local folders and USB drives.
Chromakey Movie logo
iMovie blue screening plug-in.
Minify logo
Shrinks iMovie clips.
gradual b/w logo
Create a two-color stylization for your iMovie clips.
iMovie big bad box o'effects logo
Over one hundred iMovie plug-in package.
drop shadow logo
iMovie plug-in for floating any graphic.
Eliminate Borders logo
iMovie plug-in for removing borders around movie.
Pixellate logo
Pixel enlargement solution for iMovie.
Jerk logo
iMovie plug-in makes motion clips jerky.
darken / brighten logo
Darken or brighten sections of your iMovie clips.
Picture in Clip (static) logo
Insert static pictures into iMovie clips.
typewriter / computer logo
iMovie plug-in simulates typewriter typing effect.
Hard Contrast logo
A two-tone color filter for iMovie.
lower cap logo
Color effect plugin for iMovie.
upper cap logo
Color effect plugin for iMovie.
iMovie Flicker logo
iMovie plug-in adds flicker effect.
Brightness Equalizer logo
iMovie brightness plug-in.
Roll Clip logo
iMovie plug-in rolls clip off the screen.
Shift Clip logo
iMovie plug-in rolls clip offscreen.
Mis-align RGB logo
Simulates a TV/CRT with defective horizontal/vertical beam alignment.
Motion Detect logo
iMovie plug-in highlights motion.
b/w colorizer logo
iMovie plug-in makes clips greyscale.
Pixel-pull Transitions logo
iMovie clip-pulling transition.
Simple Mask logo
iMovie plug-in for easy masking.
Quicksilver/Rainbow logo
Versatile color effects iMovie plug-in.
Photo Paper logo
iMovie plug-in for simulating black-and-white photography.
Emphasis logo
Contrast iMovie plug-in.
Gauss Blur logo
iMovie plugin, blurs footage.
Random Lines Transition logo
Fade transition iMovie plug-in.
Rectangles! Transitions logo
Advanced alpha-blend transitions for iMovie.
negate b/w logo
iMovie plug-in converts clip to black & white.
emboss logo
iMovie emboss plug-in.
Aspect Ratio logo
iMovie plug-in changes clip aspect ratio.
3D Cube logo
Wrap iMovie clip around a spinning cube.
RGB (Color Control) logo
Adds direct color-control functionality to iMovie.
frame edit logo
iMovie drawing plug-in.
Picture in Clip (Moving) logo
Insert images into your iMovie clips.
Chromakey Static logo
iMovie blue screening plug-in for static images.
HSV logo
iMovie plugin for HSV color control.
HSL logo
iMovie color/hue saturation plug-in.
CMY logo
Cyan-magenta-yellow iMovie plug-in.
Line Noise logo
iMovie effect to add noise.
Mix / Blend Movies logo
Movie mixing iMovie plug-in.
tile explosion transitions logo
iMovie transitions divide clips into animated tiles.
Multiple pictures logo
Slide show plugin for iMovie.
Advanced Crop logo
iMovie plugin.
Simple Canvas logo
iMovie plugin, paint on clips.