Apps found for “blue


BlueStacks App Player logo
Run Android applications on your Mac.
BlueSense logo
Bluetooth-device detection and AppleScript triggering.
Blue Crab Lite logo
Stripped down version of Blue Crab website downloader.
BluePhoneElite logo
Bluetooth mobile phone connection utility.
Blue Skies logo
Screensaver displays blue skies and clouds.
BlueService logo
Connects bluetooth devices with compatible software.
Bluetooth To Internet logo
Share Internet connection via bluetooth.
Bluetooth Explorer logo
Explore available bluetooth devices and show details from your menu bar.
Blues Music logo
Play electric blues guitar w/drums & bass.
Squishy Blue Bubble!! logo
Animated widget featuring a mouse-following blue bubble.
Bluetooth Texter logo
A widget for sending SMS messages via your Bluetooth phone.
BlueNotes logo
Note composer for Bluetooth-enabled T68 or T68i phones.
Black&Blue Icons logo
6 application icons in black and blue.
Bluetooth vCard Blaster logo
Send vCards from your address book to any Bluetooth device.
Bluetooth Screen Lock logo
Bluetooth-activated screen locker.
Card Blues Suite logo
Enables the 3Com Bluetooth PC Card for some laptops.
Bluetoggle logo
Toggle Bluetooth with a hotkey.
Bluetooth Proximity Tasker logo
Run an AppleScript when a Bluetooth device's range changes.
Bluecommand logo
Remote control a Mac from a bluetooth device.
Bluetooth Device Inspector logo
Displays details about Bluetooth devices near your computer.
BlueJ logo
Java environment designed for introductory teaching.
Blue SMS logo
Type SMS messages on your Mac and send them via your iPhone.
Blue Penguin Business Card Designer logo
Design and print your own business cards.
Bluetail logo
Easy-to-use vector drawing application.
Blueprint logo
Organizational app with several functions.
BluePlum Home Inventory logo
Maintain a home inventory for any property.
Blueprint Pro logo
One app - many organizational functions.
BlueHarvest logo
Disable DS_Store creation and more.
Blue Crab logo
Browse complete websites offline.
Light Blue logo
Flexible photo studio management system.
Blue Penguin eCard Templates logo
Create your own beautiful and unique eCard designs.
BlueGriffon logo
Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox.
Blue Penguin eCard Designer logo
Design and send gorgeous personalized e-cards.
BlueBox Invoices logo
Invoice printing and tracking software.
Blue Spheres logo
Arcade-style game.
blue-tec Localization Suite logo
Development solution for creating localizations.
Blue Blocks logo
Ancient block solving puzzle game.
Blue Cat MB-5 Dynamix logo
All-in-one multi-band dynamics processor.
Blue Coconut logo
Copy tracks from iTunes shared libraries to your Mac.
Blue Skies Mac Screensaver logo
Simple video of clouds moving across the Mac Desktop.
Black n Blue logo
iTunes control widget.
Blue Planet logo
Shows satellite images of earth as wallpaper.
Blue Reversi logo
Free Reversi game.
Bluebeard logo
Download from Usenet.
Bluenote logo
Easily keep track of notes, tasks, and passwords.
Deep Blue Sea logo
Find treasure and adventure in an underwater world.
Bluetooth Remote Control logo
Use Sony Ericsson phones as input devices.
Tasty Blue logo
Aquatic themed arcade game.
BlueChip logo
Monitor your stock portfolio.
Flappy Blue Bird logo
Flappy Bird clone for Mac.
BlueXFree logo
Convert videos to Quicktime.
BlueX logo
Convert Blu-ray to Quicktime.
Blue Series logo
Limited iChat control using Salling Clicker.
Deep Blue Stress Widget logo
Watch a deep sea creature struggle to survive.
Black&Blue Icons logo
Mac OS X application icons.
xmmx nimbusblue logo
Widget for XM online radio.
Bluebeard's Castle logo
Hidden object puzzle adventure game.
Proximity, Bluetooth, Screensaver security logo
Toggles your screensaver based on your proximity to your Mac.
Candlelight logo
Sleep better by reducing the amount of blue light.
Batwing Desktop Picture logo
Wallpaper of blue jewel with bat wings.
BSOD! logo
Blue Screen Of Death screensaver.
Agua logo
64 blue system replacement icons.
iTunes 10 Replacement Icons logo
Blue, purple, black and multicolor iTunes icons.
ClockBox logo
Bright blue neon clock screensaver.
Avoid The Balls logo
Don't touch those blue balls.
Chromakey Movie logo
iMovie blue screening plug-in.
iMovie Masks & Compositing Plug-in logo
Blue/green screen & compositing effects.
Snowy Night logo
Blue moon over starlit winter wonderland wallpaper.
Clarify logo
Capture multiple screenshots into a single document.
ScreenSteps logo
Create visual training lessons in PDF or HTML format.
Tracktiq logo
Easy Time Tracking.
Storme logo
Brainstorming and whiteboarding for creative professionals.
Exporter For Aperture logo
Backup your Aperture Libraries.
Wealth Tracker logo
Tool for tracking and managing your assets.
Impression logo
Add high-quality watermarks to photos.
eMedia Guitar Method logo
Guitar lessons for beginners.
Rock Guitar for Dummies logo
Quickly and easily learn to play rock guitar.
Project Calculator logo
Track the time you work on your projects.
PlaneShift logo
Virtual fantasy world; start as peasant and become a hero.
Impression for iPhoto logo
Watermark plugin for iPhoto.
Social Tab logo
Access Facebook from your desktop.
MacGDBp logo
Easily debug a running PHP application.
Tetris Zone logo
The classic game with four modes of play.
Impression for Aperture logo
Watermark plugin for Aperture.
Nifty Savings Calculator logo
Figure how much to save each month.
QTViewer logo
QuickTime movie player replacement.
Bubble Blast! logo
Bubble bursting action game.
FileBrowse logo
Easy-to-use file/media browser.
K9 Web Protection logo
Parental control of website content viewing.
Aperture2Twitter logo
Send photos to Twitter from within Aperture.
TwitExport logo
Tweet-plugin for iPhoto.
Jigsaw Blocks logo
Jigsaw puzzle game.
RGB Converter logo
Widget to preview colors, convert between Hex and RGB.
Feathered Soccer logo
3D arcade soccer game.
Desktop Consoles logo
Professionally designed wallpaper set.
Mathemagics logo
Learn to do arithmetic quickly and easily.
MiniShadow logo
Prepare screenshots for publishing.
Dialer Lite logo
Convert words to phone numbers, autodialer.
TrackRecord logo
Polar RS200 or RS200sd heart rate monitor data transferrer.
Moon Phase Calendar logo
Moon phase calendar for iCal.