Apps found for “basic


Chipmunk BASIC logo
BASIC interpreter (beta).
Objective-Basic logo
BASIC programming language.
FTP Suite for REALbasic logo
Adds FTP capability to REALbasic apps.
AlgeBasics logo
Teach or learn basic algebra.
Deliver Express Basic logo
Automated file delivery with hot folder processing.
AccountEdge Basic logo
Small-business accounting.
Rsync Client - Basic Edition logo
SSH browser and rsync transfer engine.
Rsync Server - Basic Edition logo
Enable rsync service.
Barcode Basics logo
Generate a range of barcode types in vector or bitmap format.
FutureBASIC logo
Compile Intel Mac applications.
Murus Basic logo
GUI for OS X PF firewall.
Basic Dynamics Calculator logo
5 dynamic calculators.
Basic Astrodynamics Formulas logo
Perform calculations related to astrodynamics.
Basic Geophysics Formulas logo
Perform calculations related to geophysics.
Basic Data logo
Manage your tasks, products, customers, orders and stock.
Basic Notepad logo
Plain and simple text editor.
TNT Basic logo
Develop games with this easy-to-use kit.
New Notes - Basic Reading logo
Learn to read and play music on piano.
Basic Health Calculators logo
Performing calculations which keep track of your health.
Virtual TimeClock Basic logo
Track up to 3 employees.
Basic Areas Formulas logo
Easy-to-use calculator for area calculations.
Perfect Photo Suite Basic Edition logo
onOne digital photo products as a standalone application.
Basic Thermodynamics Calculators logo
35 different calculators that will simplify calculations.
Basic Shapes Formulas logo
28 different calculators that will simplify calculations.
Contenta Converter BASIC logo
Batch convert your photos.
PDF Basics logo
Easily combine, split, and extract pages and text from PDF files.
GarageSale Basic logo
All the essential features for listing on eBay.
iHub Basic logo
Sync contacts and calendars wirelessly.
Cookie Stumbler Basic logo
Eliminates ad and tracking cookies.
Shade 3D Basic logo
Get started with 3D graphics for art, animation, and printing.
Salling's Remote Basics logo
Adds controller functions to Sony/Ericsson phones.
WORDsearch Basic logo
Bible research and study software.
TaxCut Basic Federal 2008 logo
Manage and e-file your 2008 U.S. federal taxes.
CocoaBasic logo
Development environment for using the Cocoa framework.
Basics logo
Minimal Growl style.
Purebasic logo
Programming source code compiler.
basICColor display logo
High-end monitor calibration and profiling.
Sol Basics Solitaire logo
Spider, Free Cell, Klondike solitaire.
Valentina DB ADK for REALbasic logo
Add SQL Valentina DB to applications.
Physics Calculator logo
Basic physics calculations.
Geometry Calculator logo
Simplify basic geometric calculations.
Fluctus logo
Audio file editor for the most basic audio engineering needs.
Separation Studio logo
Basic CMYK color separation.
Corel AfterShot logo
Basic image processing and management.
SimpleCAD logo
Basic 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD) program.
macro logo
Basic raster-image editor.
ESET Cyber Security logo
Basic integrated computer security.
Yummy FTP Lite logo
Basic version of the highly acclaimed Yummy FTP app.
Degrees logo
Get basic weather info in your menu bar.
Market Watch logo
View basic stock exchange figures of other companies.
Quick and Dirty logo
Basic image editor.
Paint Pad logo
Basic image creation and editing.
X Word logo
Basic-but-powerful word processor.
File View Pro logo
Get basic and advanced file information.
Phoenix logo
Create emergency boot disks, recover damaged files, and do basic cloning.
Home Designer Suite logo
Basic 3D home design.
DiscoRunner logo
Multi-dialect BASIC interpreter.
Simple Delay logo
Audio Unit for basic audio delay.
Simple NotePad logo
Basic, easy-to-use text editor.
NoobProof logo
Basic firewall configuration tool.
FTP Thingy logo
Basic FTP client.
RAAViewer logo
Basic human anatomy axial illustration viewer (beta).
sBlaster logo
Basic audio recorder.
HTMLEdit logo
Basic HTML editor.
Uno logo
Basic, lightweight text editor.
Global Hotkey logo
Run basic actions at the click of a key.
PFLists logo
Group-based basic PF firewall frontend.
cfxr logo
Add basic sound effects to games.
Safari 5 Mouse Gestures logo
Adds basic mouse gestures to Safari 5.
Math Flash Card Master X logo
Basic math flash cards.
ALAC logo
A basic ALAC decoder.
Akane logo
Basic English-Japanese dictionary.
PaintBoard logo
Basic, streamlined image editor.
Paint Canvas logo
Basic tools to draw quickly.
tms logo
Time Machine command line tool for basic cvs read/status operations.
QuickTerm logo
Basic ASCII terminal emulator.
Mac dojang logo
Learn basic martial art fundamentals.
GNU Core Utilities logo
GNU basic file, shell, and text manipulation utilities.
Signal Inspector logo
Basic audio signal generator and analysis tool.
Tutorial for Xcode logo
Learn basic programming for iPhone and iPad.
Mini FontViewer logo
Basic font viewing application.
UPS Logger logo
Adds basic logging to existing UPS support in OS X.
MopiShape logo
Basic vector drawing app.
Tetra logo
Basic personal accounting
Curve Pilot logo
Basic color correction teacher.
Cherry Red RSS logo
Basic RSS reader.
plugDaemon logo
Basic TCP/IP load balancing proxy.
Number String logo
Basic math skills app for students.
Nite Flite Script Library logo
Script libraries implement basic computer science structures.
MusicReader Solo Pro logo
Digital music stand for reading sheet music, basic version available.
MA Memo logo
Basic sort and search text editor.
H3NDO logo
Utility for getting your basic Halo 3 stats.
JayReader logo
Text reader with basic features.
AquaXSL logo
Basic XSLT authoring/debugging tool.
Linear Algebrator logo
For teaching or learning basic linear algebra.
Simple Cypher logo
Basic text encryption based on Thomas Jefferson's cypher.
Suitcase Fusion 7 logo
Font management solution combines Suitcase and Font Reserve.
Blocs logo
Visual web-design tool.
AppStudio logo
Easily create apps for iOS and Android devices.
Postico logo
A modern PostgreSQL client.