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1Password logo
Powerful password manager; integrates with Web browsers and more.
Toast Titanium logo
The ultimate media toolkit; disc burning, video conversion and more.
Fantastical logo
Create calendar events and reminders using natural language.
CrashPlan logo
Online backup service; free for personal use.
DVDRemaster logo
Duplicate, burn or convert DVD movies to iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.
Lion Recovery Disk Assistant logo
Utility to create a Lion recovery disk.
evasi0n 7 logo
Untethered jailbreak for all iOS 7 devices.
Flashback Malware Removal Tool logo
Official Apple utility.
Create cursor shortcuts to jump across large screens instantly.
Classic Snake logo
The classic arcade game.
LastPass logo
Online password manager and form filler.
Vectoraster logo
Creating vector-based raster patterns from bitmap images.
SMasterMind logo
Traditional MasterMind logic pattern game.
DataVault Password Manager logo
Password manager.
LadioCast logo
Icecast2 client to broadcast an Internet radio program.
Asset Catalog Creator logo
Creates a full set of icons and splash screens from an image.
iPastels Pro logo
Simulates soft pastels, oil pastels, and color blending.
Seasonality Core logo
Complete weather forecast application.
CoreClasses logo
REALbasic development data class structures.
Fluid Mask logo
Takes masking to the next level.
KeePassX logo
Password manager.
Labels and Databases logo
Label design with SQL database support.
ASCII Viewer logo
View the full ASCII character set.
Trash It! logo
Force-empty your trash can.
VideoCast for ChromeCast logo
Cast videos from your Mac to your TV via Chromecast.
KeyCastr logo
Display keystrokes while recording screencasts.
Copyem Paste logo
Powerful clipboard menulet for copy and paste.
DotPass logo
Create passwords using patterns.
NASA Asteroid Watch logo
Widget tracks asteroids/comets that will come close to Earth.
Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover logo
Recover and remove PDF open and owner passwords.
AstroImager logo
Easy-to-use astrophotography image capturing.
SpectraShop logo
Measure, analyze, and store visible light spectra.
MacPass logo
Native OS X port of KeePass (alpha).
DMG Master logo
Create DMG image archives with a document based approach.
Perfect Photo Suite Basic Edition logo
onOne digital photo products as a standalone application.
Trash Without logo
Delete files without using the Trash.
ClipAssist logo
Easily access your frequently used text clips.
GrassGames Cribbage logo
3D version of the classic 400 year old card game.
Vault Password Manager logo
Smart password manager and key generator.
OpenLink Express ODBC Driver for Sybase logo
FuzzMeasure Pro logo
Measure/graph frequency response of speakers and more.
ReadyNAS RAIDar logo
Discover ReadyNAS devices on a network and more.
ClassicFTP logo
Easy-to -use FTP client.
FlashFrozen logo
Menu item kills Flash plug-in in popular browsers.
Topaz ReMask logo
The quickest and easiest way to mask your photo.
QuickCast logo
Easily create and upload 3-minute screencasts.
Classic Lava Lamp logo
Classic Lava Lamp lends drama and excitement to your dashboard.
Smart Base64 logo
Convert files to base 64.
Fantastic 4 In A Row logo
Classic board game with multiple themes.
CatBase logo
Cross-media database publishing solution.
DVDbaseHTML logo
Export DVDTheque's database in HTML.
Resolve Aliases logo
Automatically locate and fix broken aliases.
dhalias logo
Widget for Dreamhosters to find/create email alias for their domains.
PDF Basics logo
Easily combine, split, and extract pages and text from PDF files.
DasBoot logo
Use iPod, flash drive, portable HD as bootable diagnostic device.
Asticones logo
Displays icons of sub-folders as albums.
Aspyr Game Agent logo
Assess your Mac's compatible with Aspyr's games.
Trash X logo
Add a desktop trash can to OS X.
Toast High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-in logo
Burn HD video to DVD and Blu-ray Disc; for Toast 11, 12, and 14.
Anti Flashback Trojan logo
Checks for the Flashback Trojan.
CocoaSlideShow logo
Fast simple image viewer.
iReadFast logo
Increase your reading speed.
ToastMount logo
Mount Toast disk images on desktop.
Gordon Flash Decompiler logo
Decompile ActionScript & Flash animation.
Flying Toasters Screen Saver logo
Screensaver featuring winged toasters.
Force Empty Trash logo
Empty the trash when the Finder cannot.
Looking Glass logo
Use webcam image as desktop picture.
Chessmaster 9000 logo
Learn to master chess with comprehensive tutorials.
Perfect Mask logo
Easily create image masks.
Podcast Maker logo
Create podcasts.
Glass Folder Icons logo
Shiny glass folder replacement icons.
TrashMagic logo
Recovers items from Trash after emptying.
Tastiera Piano Widget logo
Use your Mac as a piano.
Super Empty Trash logo
Empty Trash with root privileges.
RollerCoaster logo
Virtual roller coaster screensaver.
Marble Blast Gold logo
Roll your marble past obstacles and hazards.
Ask Jeeves logo
Widget for news/search Ask Jeeves.
FlashMount logo
Mounts disc images faster.
BashFlash logo
Easily kill the Flash browser plug-in when desired.
SplashPhoto logo
Use your PDA as a mobile digital picture frame.
SlashDock logo
RSS/Slash/Usenet headline grabber.
Color Splash Smart logo
Make your photos more dramatic with user-defined splashes of color.
Xmas Mail Stationery logo
Stationery for Leopard Mail with Christmas design.
ASFRecorderX logo
Capture ASF and MMS streams.
NoLimits Rollercoaster Sim logo
Ride existing coasters, or build a rollercoaster.
Astro IIDC logo
Grab content from FireWire cameras.
FlashFetch logo
Save flash docs from websites.
Moon Phase logo
Widget shows the current phase of the moon on a field of stars.
Cameras logo
Manage all of your cameras.
3D Weather Globe & Atlas logo
Global weather forecast tool.
AssaultCube logo
Team oriented multiplayer shooter based on Cube (beta).
Podcaster logo
Creates podcasts and enhanced podcasts.
FlashbackChecker logo
Checks for the Flashback malware.
Color Splash Pro logo
Stylize your photos with splashes of color.
Instacast logo
Popular podcast clients with cloud sync.
TrashTimer logo
Automatic and secure trash deletion.
WhoPaste logo
Creates a vCard based on info extracted from the clipboard.
WordCrasher logo
Create words as letters pile up.
Make-A-Pass logo
Widget generates passwords.
Classic Spy logo
View whether Classic is running.