Apps found for “artist


Artist's Butler Mobile logo
Studio manager for artists.
eArtist logo
Business management tool for artists.
Studio Artist logo
Create vector animations from any Quicktime video source.
PostworkShop Artist Edition logo
Transform or render photos into watercolor and more.
StoryBoard Artist logo
Storyboard software with extensive customization options.
Artisteer logo
Web design automation product.
PDF Artist logo
Read, annotate, and search PDF files.
PhotosArtist-Vertige logo
Create photomontages, photo albums, and digital scrap.
PhotoArtist logo
Turn your photos into beautiful artwork.
ArtHandler logo
Artist's record book.
Loopman logo
Become a great musical artist.
Vezér logo
Timeline and control software for audiovisual artists.
Affinity Photo logo
Digital editing for photographers and bitmap artists.
Quickfire logo
Video player with features for production and post-production artists.
Cubase logo
Creative musical production tool for artists, producers, and engineers.
Overview logo
Transform your folders into galleries for an artist view.
Galilaea logo
Organizer for professional artists.
MediaMaster Pro logo
Media server for lighting designers & video artists.
Audiotool Radio logo
Listen to Audiotool artists right in the Dashboard.
Tunatic logo
Uses microphone to listen to song and give artist information.
Art Directors Toolkit logo
Utilities geared towards graphic artists.
MusicLover logo
Artist recommendation app.
Leemsoft MP3 Downloader logo
Search for music by name, artist, and album.
MacLorem logo
Generates random filler text for artists.
SpeakMyTunes logo
Hear the name, artist and album of your iTunes songs.
Flick! logo
Database for artists and their artworks.
impromptu logo
Programming environment for sound artists, VJs, graphic artists.
Gigometer logo
Widget lists upcoming gigs and events either by location or artist.
Twunes logo
Send a tweet of your current iTunes track, title, and artist.
Dragonfly logo
Color picker especially for webdesigners and media artists.
Ontour logo
Find local concerts for the artists in your iTunes.
Song Announcer logo
Hear name and artist of track playing in iTunes.
Art Authority logo
Collection of works by over 1,000 of the western world's major artists.
newTunes logo
Widget finds new/upcoming releases by artists you like.
Argile logo
Complete 3D artist workshop.
MP3Names logo
Determines artist, album, track names using freedb database.
TuNe logo
Displays the title, artist name and artwork of current iTunes track.
WikiScoop logo
Browse Wikipedia articles on your favorite artists in iTunes.
Schubser logo
Guide for graphics artists to position lines very precisely.
Corel Painter Sketch Pad logo
Sketching software for artists and designers.
CoreMelt Complete logo
GPU accelerated tools for motion artists and editors.
eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar logo
Teaches you to play blues guitar with 10 original artists.
vBook logo
Management software for visual artists.
MeshInstall logo
Makes distributing/installing artistic content easy for artists and customers.
Spotify logo
Stream music, create playlists and more.
beaTunes logo
Organize your music collection.
Lyn logo
Lightweight image browser and viewer.
SketchBook Pro logo
Fast and intuitive paint and drawing toolset.
Renamer logo
Rename files in batches.
Max logo
Graphical programming environment for music, audio, multimedia.
Song Sergeant logo
Whip your music library into shape in no time.
LiveCode Community Edition logo
Cross-platform, open-source development environment (was Revolution Media).
Musictube logo
Stream music from YouTube.
Cinemagraph Pro logo
Create living photos.
Portrait Painter logo
Automatically turns a picture into a finely painted gallery-style portrait.
Anytune logo
Slow down music for practice.
Dapper logo
Transfer data from iTunes to your digital audio player.
iPastels Pro logo
Simulates soft pastels, oil pastels, and color blending.
Autodesk SketchBook logo
Drawing with pro-grade tools and brushes (was SketchBook Express).
MusicBrainz Picard logo
Label and tag your music with correct ID3 tags.
Processing logo
Programming language for electronic arts.
Business Card Shop logo
Easily create original business card layouts.
modo logo
3D Modeling, Paint and Render in one application.
Pixen logo
Pixel art editor.
Clip Studio Paint EX logo
All-in-one solution for ready-to-publish comics and manga (was Manga Studio EX).
AKVIS MultiBrush logo
Retouch photos and enhance portraits quickly and easily.
Vernissage logo
Mockup generator.
Hangman Pro logo
Hangman game.
eMedia Guitar Method logo
Guitar lessons for beginners.
Wallpapery logo
Hand-picked designer wallpapers.
Memory Cleaner logo
Free up wasted memory.
NepTunes logo
Music controller and scrobbler for iTunes and Spotify.
aTV Flash (silver) logo
Supercharge your first generation Apple TV.
Nodes logo
Generative motion graphics.
Whisperings logo
Listen to Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio feeds.
Poser logo
Easily create 3D character art and animation.
Vintage Scene logo
Special effects software for photography enthusiasts.
Amberlight logo
Unique fractal-flame generator.
TuneSmith logo
Helpful songwriting assistant.
Napkin - Image Annotation and Markup logo
Create visual notes and diagrams quickly and easily.
Quantum Fog logo
Quantum physics model and measurement tool.
Poser Pro logo
Easily create 3D character art and animation.
Romantic Photo logo
Create a romantic mood in your photo.
Moku Hanga logo
Make a Japanese wood-block print from any photo.
Squidoo logo
Control iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio from the menu bar (was Music Control).
Anime Studio Debut logo
Create your own cartoons and animations.
PixelToy logo
Animate and distort images, create movie files, and more.
Massive logo
Make maximum sonic impact.
Pop Dot Comics logo
Create comic-book illustrations from your photos.
Lumino City logo
Puzzle Adventure game created with hand-made pieces.
JamStation logo
Online music player app.
Tessera logo
Art gallery management system.
TuneAirPusher logo
TuneIn Playing-Now pusher (beta).
Flame Painter logo
Procedural painting program.
Motion FX logo
Create real-time video effects on your built-in camera.
ZBrush logo
3D paint, texture & sculptor.
iTuneMyWalkman logo
Synchronize iTunes playlist to a mobile phone.
MediaEdit logo
Add stunning transitions/effects to your movies.
D::Light logo
Lightboard software for live events.
Pipette logo
Grab any pixel color and convert to hexadecimal format.