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AppStudio logo
Easily create apps for iOS and Android devices.
AccessMenuBarApps logo
Gives instant access to all menubar apps by showing a reduced app menu.
Google Apps logo
Access Google apps in a Dock-like widget.
Temporary Free iPad Apps logo
Widget that advertises free iPad apps.
TopHat Apps Menu logo
Access your most-used apps from your menu bar.
Appsolete logo
Create a list of apps that will not run on OS X 10.7.
Somatic Rebirth Apps logo
More than 50 replacement icons for apps.
Top 300 App Store Apps logo
Widget that displays RSS feed of The Top 300 App Store Apps.
Appster logo
Create a list of your most-used apps and more.
iLoveMyApps logo
Create and share lists of your favorite Mac apps.
QuitsApps logo
Selectively quit applications, menubar version now available.
AppShelf logo
Keep track of your software registrations and serial numbers.
Shoo Apps logo
Hides all inactive applications at desired interval.
MacUpdate Desktop logo
Search and install Mac apps w/ 1-click and keep them updated.
VMware Fusion logo
Run Windows apps alongside Mac apps without rebooting.
Bartender logo
Organize your menu-bar apps.
MacPilot logo
Enable over 1,200 hidden features in OS X and other apps.
Adobe Creative Cloud logo
Access Adobe apps from the cloud with a monthly fee.
Parallels Desktop logo
Run Windows apps without rebooting.
CrossOver logo
Run Windows apps on your Mac.
Remote Buddy logo
Control Mac apps via a number of remotes.
Yoink logo
Simplifies drag and drop between Spaces and fullscreen apps.
PrefEdit logo
Inspect and edit all preference settings for OS X apps.
Maple logo
Solve math problems and create interactive technical apps.
AppDelete logo
Uninstall your unwanted apps and eliminate associated files.
CustomMenu logo
Quickly access your favorite apps, files, and folders.
Twixl Publisher logo
Create iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire apps from Adobe InDesign.
Icon Glue logo
Easily create Apple icon images for apps.
WireframeSketcher logo
Create prototype desktop, Web, and mobile apps.
AppCleaner logo
Uninstall your apps easily.
Mac App Blocker logo
Password-protect apps.
PlayOnMac logo
Run Windows apps on your Mac.
Simplify logo
Simple music controller for Spotify and other streaming apps.
Pro Maintenance Tools logo
Keep your video production apps running at optimal performance.
Proxifier logo
Access Internet apps via a firewalled/proxied network.
AppDelete Lite logo
Delete apps and their associated files (lite version).
Fluid logo
Create site-specific browsers for your favorite Web apps.
Squish logo
Enables testing of native Carbon and Cocoa GUI apps.
Bevy logo
Application launcher shows you all apps in one window.
cmdQuit logo
Quit all apps with a single click.
FormEntry logo
Create native form-based apps for iOS devices.
Soxy logo
Links file types to apps for quick launching.
Growl logo
Notification system for OS X apps.
MenuAndDockless logo
Choose whether or not Cocoa apps show dock or menu bar (alpha).
Prepo logo
Prepare icon artwork for iOS apps.
Apple iPhone SDK logo
Integrated process for developing, debugging, and distributing apps.
Aqua Data Server logo
Build and deploy production-ready apps.
Slicy logo
Turn PSD elements into images for the Web and apps.
Apple App Store logo
Storefront for Mac apps (included with Mac OS X 10.6.8).
XMenu logo
Menubar item lists/launches apps, and more.
A52Codec logo
Play A52 and AC-3 files in Core Audio apps.
Amnesia logo
Universal uninstaller; delete apps and all associated files.
SIMBL logo
Enabler for apps like PithHelmet.
iMedia Browser logo
Browse media files, drag and drop them into apps.
Namely logo
Launch apps by name.
Concentrate logo
Eliminate distractions by blocking Web sites and apps.
Show Desktop logo
Hide all apps and go to Finder via the Dock.
App Stop logo
Freeze apps to save CPU time.
Ctrl Alt Delete logo
Quickly terminate frozen apps with a familiar shortcut.
NimbleKit logo
Develop apps for iOS devices.
ClawMenu logo
Create custom menus for your apps (was PiquantMenu).
Rubbernet logo
Keeps an eye on your all network-enabled apps running on your Mac.
OpenLaszlo logo
Build multimedia rich Internet apps.
Guest PC logo
Install Windows and Windows-based apps on your Mac.
OverSite logo
Create wireframe mockups of webpages, apps or architectural plans.
CamCamX logo
Use all your camera apps simultaneously with iSight.
InstallerApp logo
Easily download/install apps to your iPhone.
SandboxCleaner logo
Optimize sandboxed apps.
Launch Items X logo
Launch files, apps and more via contextual menu.
iPatch logo
Produce self-applying patches for Mac apps.
Lock My Mac logo
Locks access to your Mac, keeps apps running in background.
NewtSync logo
Sync a Newton with Jaguar apps.
JarBundler logo
Create OS X apps from .jar files using ANT.
XDroplets logo
Improves integration of X11 apps into the Mac OS X environment.
X11 Extension logo
Makes it easier to launch Apple X11 apps.
Close all Open Applications logo
Closes all apps, asks to save changes.
Google Gears logo
Safari plug-in creates a richer platform for Web apps.
Appriority logo
Optimize CPU load and speed up your apps.
Mozilla Prism logo
Run Web-based apps locally without a browser.
MoofMenu logo
Menubar item, launch apps/access files.
AppKiller logo
Quickly kill running apps (beta).
Movement logo
Organize apps on jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch from your Mac.
PDF2RTFService logo
Enables Cocoa apps to read RTF text files.
Quit All logo
Quits all running applications except Finder/sys apps.
iPhoneAppz Widget logo
Lists latest iPhone apps.
AOL Service Assistant logo
Enables AOL services in Apple apps.
AppManager logo
Track rating and comments for iPod Touch/iPhone Apps.
Application State Cleaner logo
Delete save states for specific apps in Lion.
Zinc logo
Use Flash to build desktop apps.
AppyDays logo
Track discounted Mac and iOS apps.
SaveMe logo
Add auto-save functions to all apps.
RosettaTest logo
Determine whether or not your apps are dynamically translated by Rosetta.
ICEfaces logo
Framework for developing Ajax apps for Web and iPhone.
FTP Suite for REALbasic logo
Adds FTP capability to REALbasic apps.
Fidget Menu logo
Add apps, documents and Web links to a menu.
mProjector logo
Convert Flash files into Mac apps.
PowerTerm Interconnect logo
Emulator for running legacy host-based apps.
Yellow Button logo
Access your apps/docs/folders in one intuitive place.
Apple FireWire SDK X logo
Package to help create your own FireWire compatible apps.
AppLauncher logo
Quickly launch your apps.