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Apple Pro Applications Update logo
Updates for Final Cut Studio (2009).
Linked Applications Launcher logo
Automatically launch, quit, or kill applications when others are launched or quit.
Close all Open Applications logo
Closes all apps, asks to save changes.
Running Applications logo
Menu-based app launcher.
Soundflower logo
Allows applications to pass audio to other applications (beta).
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 logo
Build world-class websites and applications.
Citrix Receiver logo
Access Citrix business applications.
Adobe AIR logo
Deploy Web applications on your desktop.
RealVNC logo
Interact with desktop applications across any network.
Lingon X logo
Run applications and scripts automatically.
Uninstaller sensei logo
Completely remove applications.
LiveCode Indy logo
Create iOS applications quickly and easily.
Shortcat logo
Control your applications with a few short keystrokes (beta).
WinOnX Pro logo
Run Windows applications on OS X.
Docker logo
Automates deployment of Linux applications in containers.
Wine logo
Run Windows applications (formerly Darwine) (beta).
LiveView logo
Create graphics for mobile applications.
Install4j logo
Generate native installers and application launchers for Java applications.
RestoreMeNot logo
Disable window restoration for individual applications.
Silverlight logo
Cross-platform plug-in delivers interactive applications for the Web.
System Designer logo
IDE for designing model-driven JavaScript applications.
Burp Suite logo
Platform for performing security testing of web applications.
CudaLaunch logo
Secure remote access to your organization's applications.
Color Palette Converter logo
Import color swatches created for use in Adobe applications.
FutureBASIC logo
Compile Intel Mac applications.
Quick Print logo
Print selected Finder items without opening native applications.
Adguard logo
Ad blocking and filtering for browsers and applications.
Loopback logo
Route audio between applications.
TrashMe logo
Uninstall your applications by deleting all related files.
CPU Speed Accelerator logo
Increase the CPU allocated to your foreground applications.
Keyboard Pilot logo
Switch keyboard layout for different applications.
AmbiLauncher logo
Launch applications by moving the mouse pointer.
Neat Video OpenFX logo
Noise reduction plug-in for OFX-compatible video applications.
App Cleaner & Uninstaller logo
Preview and remove applications and their service files (was App Cleaner).
App Uninstaller logo
Uninstall applications on a Mac completely.
ManyCam logo
Use a single iSight or other webcam with multiple applications.
AppStarter logo
Collect your favourite applications to categories.
Mocks logo
Create mockups of IOS applications.
Cache Detective logo
Read and extract the cache files of browsers and chat applications.
BlueStacks App Player logo
Run Android applications on your Mac.
Crunch logo
Extract content files from iOS applications to make icons.
GhostTile logo
Hide your running applications from the dock.
AppTrap logo
Delete all files associated with trashed applications.
Quit logo
Bash script to politely quit applications using Terminal.
MenuMate logo
Display applications menu bar items anywhere on screen.
PDF Print Service Creator logo
Send PDF's to applications via the print dialog.
Lasso Server logo
Integrated language & server platform for data-driven Web applications.
QuitsApps logo
Selectively quit applications, menubar version now available.
MCD App Manager logo
Allows clients to easily manage the content of their mobile applications.
ApkInstaller logo
Install Android applications (APK) with one click (beta).
RB App Checker Lite logo
Ensure your applications are properly signed.
Handheld Designer logo
Create HTML5 mobile Web applications for iOS devices.
Linguan logo
Easily localize your Mac and iOS applications.
Ravio logo
Media hub for your iTunes, Web applications, and more.
Mac Product Key Finder logo
Recover your lost product keys for Mac applications.
Google App Engine SDK logo
Run your Web applications on Google.
SoundBunny logo
Customize volume settings for individual applications.
ProxyCap logo
Tunnel applications through proxy and SSH servers.
Xslimmer logo
Save hard drive space by reducing the size of applications.
Audio File Toolbox for Logic Pro logo
Pass audio files from Logic Pro or Logic Pro X to external applications for editing or repair.
DockView logo
View previews of applications from the Dock.
Nisus Thesaurus logo
Integrated thesaurus for a variety of applications.
Solution Menu logo
Provides access to Canon Applications and manuals.
Language Switcher logo
Open applications in other languages.
RedQuits logo
Easily quit applications.
iLingual logo
Localize applications.
ICeCoffEE logo
Command-click URLs in Cocoa applications to launch them.
Apptivate logo
Assign system wide shortcuts to applications and more.
TrimTheFat logo
Strip unwanted code from Universal applications.
Cepstral Voices logo
Voices for handheld, desktop, and server applications.
Macindows logo
Run Windows applications without an OS installation.
iShell logo
Authoring tool for creating custom Internet and CD-ROM applications.
Xkeys logo
Launch applications/open files with Fkeys.
WaveMaker logo
Build Web applications without complex coding.
A Better Finder Launcher logo
Open applications by typing their names.
Todos logo
Shows all your applications in a complete dock.
DarwiinRemote logo
Control other applications by using Nintendo Wii Remote.
AppDefender Pro logo
Control access to applications, folders and files.
Google Android SDK logo
Tools and APIs for developing Android applications.
ShapeOnYou logo
3D shapes for drag&drop use in applications.
web2py logo
Develop secure, Web-based, database-driven applications.
DashboardDock logo
Launch applications from your Dashboard.
AppTapp Installer logo
Easily install, update and uninstall native iPhone applications.
PlistEdit logo
Quickly reveals and opens the pref pane files of specified applications.
Prismo logo
Monitor purchased applications in AppStore.
Bar Code Pro logo
Bar codes for hundreds of industrial applications.
PureEdge Viewer logo
Access, complete, submit applications
Adobe ColdFusion logo
Build dynamic Web sites and Internet applications.
Freezer logo
Freeze processor intensive applications.
Padlock logo
Password protection your applications.
Creature logo
Wacky utility launches applications and more.
AutoHide logo
Hides applications when you switch out of them.
Illumination Software Creator logo
Create software applications without coding.
Quit All logo
Quits all running applications except Finder/sys apps.
Houdini logo
Hide inactive applications.
Cong logo
Utility for checking the bundle of Mac OS X applications.
SaveCircle logo
Auto-save for all applications.
Hide logo
Hide all running applications with one click.
UnCluster logo
Hide or quit your applications with a single click.
LionScrollbars logo
Adjust scrollbar behavior in specific applications.