Apps found for “applescript


Apple Safari AppleScripts logo
Set of pre-written Safari browser AppleScripts.
Stupid AppleScript Games X logo
Collection of AppleScript games.
Location Helper for AppleScript logo
Bring Core Location to AppleScript.
AppleScriptHTML logo
Turn AppleScript code into clean HTML.
AppleScript Update logo
Standalone version can now be used with OS9.x.
TaskInsight logo
Task management with speech commands and AppleScript support.
Script Debugger logo
AppleScript authoring environment.
maScriptRunner logo
Manage continuous execution of AppleScripts.
FastScripts logo
Menu item for quickly running AppleScripts.
ModuleLoader logo
Load AppleScript modules by name.
BlueSense logo
Bluetooth-device detection and AppleScript triggering.
EventScripts logo
Trigger AppleScripts based on specific activities.
Save and restore Finder windows logo
AppleScript that will save and restore open Finder windows.
Send E-Mail to Evernote logo
AppleScripts that send e-mail to Evernote.
Smile logo
Scriptable AppleScript editor, PDF generator, and GUI builder.
Mail Scripts logo
AppleScripts for through Mac OS X 10.6.8.
Serial Mail logo
AppleScript creates mailings using Apple Mail & Address Book.
DMG Tool logo
AppleScript creates .dmg archives quickly.
Show\Hide Files logo
AppleScript shows/hides hidden system files.
Quit Anything logo
AppleScript to quit processes.
iSyncIt logo
AppleScript enables Bluetooth before running iSync.
BeNicer logo
AppleScript to renice processes priority.
Search Lyrictracker logo
Applescript iTunes plug-in.
Sneak A Peek logo
AppleScript toggles file visibility.
Satimage osax logo
AppleScript scripting additions.
Appscript logo
Use Python as an alternative to AppleScript.
GrowlIt logo
Applescript displays iCal alarms via Growl.
War Extreme logo
`Stupid AppleScript Games` game.
Ollie`s Keys logo
AppleScript launches Keyboard Viewer.
Script Ex X logo
An introduction to AppleScript.
Adobe Photoshop 7 Scripting Plug-in logo
Add AppleScript support to PhotoShop 7.
KnockOutDock logo
AppleScript sets Dock preferences.
Blobby logo
AppleScript unlocks hidden expose 10.3 feature.
iTunes Playlist to HTML logo
AppleScript that converts a iTunes Playlist to HTML.
Make the Connection logo
AppleScript connects OSX to Telnet, SSH, FTP or SFTP.
Extra Suites logo
Multitude of OS X AppleScripts (was X-Commands).
24U Appearance OSAX logo
AppleScript scripting addition.
Hubi`s iTunes Scripts logo
AppleScripts for iTunes.
MacPack Toolbox logo
Collection of AppleScript functions.
iDo Script Scheduler X logo
Run AppleScripts at scheduled times.
iMagine Photo logo
Auto process image files using AppleScript.
Weather Map logo
AppleScript downloads weather maps.
JSON Helper logo
Work with JSON using AppleScript.
Hide and Seek logo
AppleScript to show or hide system files.
Drop Script Backgrounder X logo
Toggle an AppleScript into a background only app.
Mail Merge logo
AppleScript replacement for mail merge feature.
HiddenMail logo
AppleScript application launches Mail in a hidden state.
Progbar logo
Progress bar for user feedback while an AppleScript runs.
Gooey Gadgets logo
Add missing dialog functions in AppleScript and more.
PixelPeeper logo
Execute an AppleScript when a selected pixel changes.
SMS Mac Scripting logo
Send an SMS via AppleScript.
SSHFun logo
AppleScript Studio app opens secure SSH connections.
iCal Time-Recording logo
AppleScript app for time recording in iCal.
Script Backgrounder logo
Turn AppleScript apps into background apps.
Hubi's Address Book Scripts logo
AppleScript collection for your address book.
UI Actions logo
Brings universal attachability to AppleScript.
PowerBlock logo
Run an AppleScript when the power button is pressed.
Sparseimage Compactor logo
AppleScript to compress sparse disk images.
RecoverTrasher logo
AppleScript to empty trash automatically.
Find and Play logo
AppleScript shortcut to play music from iTunes.
Bluetooth Proximity Tasker logo
Run an AppleScript when a Bluetooth device's range changes.
Add Custom Date to iCal logo
AppleScript adds iCal event from within iCal.
Lookup Postcode logo
AppleScript looks up postcodes in Australia.
Typeator logo
AppleScript sets type and creator codes.
Add Birthday to iCal logo
AppleScript adds iCal event from within iCal.
iTuneStats logo
AppleScript gives you additional iTunes stats.
XSelect Similar logo
AppleScript gives you multi-window file selecting.
DisplayTester logo
Simple AppleScript display tester.
CountEverest logo
AppleScript droplet counts number of files.
Toggle SEC Helper Menu logo
AppleScript enables/disables Salling Clicker menu.
XML Tools logo
Allow AppleScript to parse XML data.
SerialPort X logo
Allows access to internal modem/serial ports from AppleScript.
SoundDog logo
AppleScript droplet that acts as a sound inspector.
FeedMailer logo
AppleScript auto places NetNewsWire URLs in
Spy Safari logo
AppleScript to activate Safari in Private Browsing mode.
iCanary logo
Find AppleScript solutions for use with Filemaker.
XMail logo
Send email messages via AppleScript without a third-party application.
Enable | Disable Mail Accounts logo
AppleScript enables/disables multiple accounts.
ResizeImage logo
AppleScript app scales image & saves to clipboard.
iCal to Sidekick logo
AppleScript for T-Mobile Sidekick Desktop Interface iCal data.
Ikonoklast logo
AppleScript removes damaged icons in Finder.
IRCmagic logo
AppleScript enhancement utility for Ircle.
OneClick logo
AppleScript checks email and reports with 1-click.
ScriptLight logo
Search and manage your AppleScripts and source code files.
Login Launcher logo
AppleScript acts like a launcher sensing when connected to the net.
iCal2blog X logo
AppleScript to publish iCal to your weblog.
Magic Script Creator logo
Build fully functional AppleScripts.
ScriptLibrary logo
AppleScript snippet organizer.
Say What logo
Remotely launch applications & AppleScripts via Web browser.
Optimizer logo
Pack of AppleScripts that optimize your Mac.
ASTwitterLibrary logo
Easily integrate Twitter actions into your AppleScripts.
Quick-Do logo
Collection of AppleScripts for performing a number of tasks.
MatchCut logo
AppleScript-able pasteboard manager.
simple sync logo
AppleScript Studio app wrapper for rsync.
Dialog Maker logo
Quickly build AppleScripts.
quick highlight logo
AppleScript apps to color your file and folder labels.
AutoCaddy logo
Quickly launch your Applescripts, Automator Apps or any file from the menubar (beta).
Automator Actions for PreFab UI Actions logo
Attach and automatically run AppleScripts to any app.
Script Bundle Tool logo
Create application bundles from AppleScript source files.
Notifications Scripting logo
Allows AppleScript scripts to display notifications.